In Which Isilie Explains her whole Reina thing

Yes. I’m posting about ol’ Winky here at the risk of life and limb.

Believe it or not this whole post has been brought on simply by her changing that damn hairstyle at LAST. Why do I care what her hair looks like? Well, why do any of us care what any of these girls do? Her outward image is all I will ever know of her and if that image annoys me, then it will be that much harder to win me over.

Make sense?

I think I should clarify myself a little bit here – don’t hate Reina the person. I don’t know her. Can you honestly hate someone you don’t know? What I don’t like is her concert performances or her idol persona. I don’t like the way she presents herself and I almost resent how much she takes it easy during concerts. Her voice can sound, a great deal of the time, like squirrels wrestling to get out of a bouncy-castle. Forget the side-fro, there is almost always too many accessories on this chick. Maybe that’s why she forgets to dance and spends a lot of time just pointing the mic at the audience…

Someone once accused me of hating her because she gets lots of lines. This person didn’t actually read my post. He or she just reacted to me saying that Reina needs to leave. Thing is, I never even mentioned how many lines she gets. Even I can’t dispute that she’s the strongest singer Momusu has right now. There is a reason she gets all the lines. Never gonna argue with that.

Let me explain how I feel about Winky once and for all, just to clear things up (and maybe come to some conclusions myself).

First off, please don’t tell me that by disliking one member (as in the idol persona presented to us public) I am not a real Momusu fan.
Ugh. Get over yourself dude.

If you can look at all of H!P and tell me that there is absolutely no one who maybe get on your nerves a little bit, you’re probably lying to yourself. Or you are in the delightful honeymoon phase of  fandom where you are so enchanted with everything that nothing really seems that bad.

More power to ya. Enjoy it. You don’t wanna constantly be a grumpy-pants when idols are there to make ya happy.
I can both love H!P and admit that there are some girls in there that I’m not fond of. Still a fan sucka!!

See, I like pretty much everything Momusu does, but there are a few members I haven’t been as attached to, like Koharu. It kinda baffles me that so many new fans started loving H!P because of her. I just don’t see the appeal. But then I absolutely loved Biyuuden even after they became the scary-Burlesque-circus, so what do I know? I think part of being a fan is being able to be honest with yourself and for me there has never been a member that has just straight up annoyed me since I first encountered her like Miss Winky.

My first issue with her was that she didn’t stand out to me at all but she kept popping up and confusing me. I’d see her and think, “wait, that one is still here?”

Then the winking started, hence my persisting nickname (even though I think the winking has toned down a lot). And that squirrelly tone started to grate my nerves. Then Momusu turned into the’ main singers and back-up girls’ nonsense it has been pushing since 2007. Then Winky was in the front the whole time. It was just inescapable. There are quite a few lines she’s got in songs that I just don’t think she can pull off, good voice or not.

It’s not so much that she gets all the lines, because she can actually sing. I just don’t care much for her voice. Her recorded voice is different. There are times it has been so pretty and I’ve wished she would always sound that good, but most of the time when I try to watch her perform she just reverts to squirrel. I often find her lifeless. It’s like she can’t tap into the emotions of a song, so she just tries to look cute…which is fine, if you…you know, dance or something. And did you notice you can pause a live performance at practically any line she sings and find some kind of fail-face going on?

…What? It’s actually hilarious…

OK! Put down the torches. Hear me out, ok?

I’ve explained why I don’t like her as an idol, right? There was a story or two about Winky that actually really hit me where I live. Let me explain that now.

There are some things about Winky that I can identify with, that I never would have expected: the way she behaves when she’s in a bad mood and the fact that she loves to sing.

I read or watched somewhere that when Winky is upset, she gives off a vibe that says, “leave me alone”, but she appreciates people that have the balls to come up to her anyway, no matter how angry she seems (I think it was Linlin who used to do that). I can understand that, because I am the same way. When I get angry, people avoid me and I avoid them, but if someone actually comes up to me and treats me as though everything is normal, it really endears me. It’s embarrassing to get angry, or to be in a sullen mood, and it makes you more upset that you are alienating others. It’s wonderful when someone can break through that because it’s really not something you know how to ask for.

Another thing that got me was the story about her going to kareoke by herself…for six hours (or was it more?). Now, kareoke is supposedly something you do with friends. It’s a social thing. I mean, what does going by yourself say to people? Oh, I don’t need YOU getting in the way of MY singing…

Yeah, thing is? I would totally do that.
Strange as it may sound, I can see myself settling into a day of food and singing all by myself. I love singing (and food) that much. I understand why she probably did it. Performing a song and singing a song are different, aren’t they? When there is no one there to judge you, or scrutinize your every expression (like us mean ol’ bloggers tend to) it must be very freeing.

Maybe everybody was busy, or maybe she just wanted to sing to her hearts content and lost track of time. Who knows?

Somehow, it didn’t seem strange to me at all.

Things like that, moments where I identify with her a little bit, make it impossible for me to hate her. But I will never be a fan of her performance.

And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Any stuff that seems mean-spirited is purely a humour thing. Making fun of the fail will just never get old. Hope all of that made sense.

I’ve always wondered what Tsunku meant when he called her the ‘perfect’ member (or close to it). Did he mean her appearance? Her confidence? Her unabashed love of singing/being in the spotlight? The fact that she auditioned twice and had the balls to lie about her age the first time?

Oh please. It wasn’t that bad.

And your shirt is lying!!

How does any of this relate to her recent hair change? Well, I think it looks much better. More mature and cuter at the same time. Every time a member makes a change like that, or starts to power up, it seems like they are very close to leaving.

Peace out, yo! I’m gonna be a ROCK staaaa

This band thing seems like her ticket out of Momusu. Not that I think she wants to escape or anything.
Not before she becomes leader anyway.

Ugh. The poor eleventh gen will be picking up her dry-cleaning and rubbing her feet in a few months…


8 thoughts on “In Which Isilie Explains her whole Reina thing

  1. I enjoyed your thoughts on Winky. I have a love/hate relationship with her, because when she first joined I thought she was the best thing ever, but as time went on I felt like her spunk and yankee style disappeared and were replaced by over idol acting (winky indeed) and then an almost apathy. I’d see her in a video, looking like she didn’t want to be there or something. But then every once in a while I get a glimpse of the personality I liked so much at first, and I like her again. I like the new cut, and I love her voice, but I feel like she would be a better fit in something other than Momusu at this point. The rock band idea is rather exciting, if it can bring out the spunky Reina instead of bored idol Reina.

  2. I feel like you and I share a brain or something. I feel the exact same way about just about everything you just said. And I am SO praying that this rock band will get her out of the group. I know it’s her life-long goal to be leader, but God help us all if that ever happens. I don’t see Sayumimi backing out annnnnyyy time soon, so hopefully Reina gets too overworked by then and decides to just focus on the band (not that I want her to be stressed and overwhelmed…. I just really want her gone).

    1. She’s called ‘Winky’ here at Itsumo Genki at least, because for a while there she would wink constantly. Almost every time the camera came near her, she’d wink. The members even started counting at one point how many times she’d wink during a live. As for ‘wonky’, I assume it’s because people started saying things like, “Why is she winking so much? Has she got a wonky eye or something?” Like I said, it’s toned down a lot, but it was an issue for a bit.

  3. Interesting post. Reina isn’t my top favourite but I still like her lots. I would rank her vocals very close to the top in my personal H!P vocals ranking. I like her new haircut too, but I didn’t see it as a hint that she would be graduating soon. I reckon she simply felt the need for a change with so many new members around. I mean… so many new faces, and she still looked the same as a few years ago. This is a fresh and cute haircut. Anyway, time will tell whether it has a meaning behind it.

  4. I actually preferred her longer hair, though I do agree with you that her new cut is more mature.

    Never a huge fan of Reina myself. I don’t dislike her per se, but I didn’t feel she had what it took to justify her front-girl status back when Risa and Eri were still in the group.

    I’m actually quite looking forward to her rock band. I think it’ll fit her image well, and it’ll be interesting to see what direction they take it.

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