Cha cha SING – Mini Review

I have all kinds of real-life things to do at the moment, so I can’t devote the kind of time I want to…and they haven’t released an HD version yet…this feels so cheap, but go here to watch Berryz new pv.

Honestly, you have to watch it. It’s so much fun, it kinda made my day. It’s as much of an ear-worm as NEWS’ new song Chankapana (also one you should watch: Am I plugging a NEWS song in a Berryz review, in an H!P blog? You bet I am! REBELLION ftw!!!).

In my humble not-the-biggest-Berryz-fan opinion, this is the best they’ve been in ages. I love the colour, I love the vocals and I love that it’s the kind of fun, crazy, made-for-concerts song that Berryz is so good at. It is going to be amazing live.

Loooooove it.

Everyone sounds great and it’s catchy as hell. It, of course, reminds one of the setting of Happy Summer Wedding, but with less of a budget and a Berryz twist. I really think they can pull off mature songs, but these odd, genki, fun ones just seem to come so easy to them. Now that they all have stronger voices they are all getting lines (for the most part anyway).

Just a few side notes here: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR HAIR DIAMOND SUCKER!??? She looks about fifty years old! Oh Risako…*shakes head* At least the bright colours kind of hide it in this…Maasa, I love you so so much. You are so awesome-hardcore-happy. Other than her, I think Chinami is the happiest person in the world. Miyabi…your voice. *loves it* Captain…I want to squish you, you cutie…

Going to be playing this one on repeat for sure. It’ll be just like when I’d put on Monkey Dance after work. It just made me smile and forget about the exhaustion and irritation that comes with customer service. Nowadays it varies, but I have a strong memory of that song getting me through some tough nights. Yes. The Monkey song. I never said I was cool, ok??

In Short: Sorry for the tiny, non-picspammy review, but I love it. Haven’t loved a Berryz song this much in ages. Check it out.


5 thoughts on “Cha cha SING – Mini Review

  1. You’re cool to me! ;A;

    -bows down-

    I love even your short reviews, you have a great way with words which amazes me, and honestly, I adore this song… I think it might be my favourite song from Berryz, and I don’t care for Berry D8

    I love how fun it is, they are all having fun! And I agree with you: This PV made my day~

    1. Thank you, but uwaaaa don’t bow!!! *lifts you up* You’ve got to stop being so sweet to me. *hugs*
      I know what you mean. Berryz first won me over with Madayade and I was shocked at how much I loved it. They do that now and then. >_< Why are they always such catchy ear-worms!??

  2. Agreeeeeeeeeeed! GOD THIS SONG IS AWESOME. (I’m so glad I’m not the only one that turns to the crazy Berryz songs after frustrating days of customer service)

  3. What’s weird about this song is that it grows on you very fast and in my appeal, Berryz are the only ones in H!P that can make these songs like Dschingis Khan weirdly addictive.

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