Linlin ftw!

Remember how awesome it was when Linlin did this?:

Well, check her out in this video. She shows off some moves, talks about why she loves cosplay and shows us how she does her makeup. It’s in Japanese and it’s not subbed, but Linlin is so completely awesome and it’s lovely to hear her voice again.

I miss her so much.


3 thoughts on “Linlin ftw!

  1. When I heard that Linlin had opened up a Weibo account, I cried. I missed her like crazy, and I worried about her. She’s not the type to sit quietly and let herself grow distant from her fans, so a Weibo and a video account are perfect for her. Very Happy!

  2. I’m not into anime (or manga??) at all, so the cosplay is not interesting for me, but I was so happy to watch this… because it’s Linlin! I miss her loads too. ♥

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