H!P, Love, Morning Musume

Mame, Granny…I’ll miss you!

This will be short, but just wanted to say bye to Mame Gaki – truly a sweet-heart and bad-ass at the same time- and Granny Aika – justly described as the most underrated, under-appreciated, and overshadowed Musume ever (but one of the most dedicated too). These two truly love(d) Momusu and I’m sad to see them go.

What is Morning Musume to you?

“Something I really liked, then grew to love.”
paraphrased from Mame’s grad dvd

Can I also say –

Best. Pic. Ever!!!!!

Mitsui looked absolutely adorable.

I’m sad, but I’m excited too. It’s strange and totally different than what I felt when Takahashi graduated.


*head spins*

More soon, after work when I have the energy to get my thoughts together. Till then go here.


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