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Renai Hunter – One Awesome Send-off

Be honest: you LOVE this song. Momusu not only gets to be cool again, they get to be catchy again. Everything about this pv is recycled but no one should care because…it`s just completely perfect.

Let me explain.

I know a lot of you probably have no patience for the cheapness of H!P anymore and after Pyoko-Baby-Chicks there were a lot of rage-quitters, but I told you in my previous post: they will be back with a cool single you can complain about. I called it, didn`t I? I think only the normal complaints came at this one though: costume issues, absolutely no line distribution, cheap set… I don’t care about the set, personally, although I kinda wish they’d use colours again. Who says you can’t be edgy and modern in a rainbow set of doom? And when I realized that no one in the 9th or 10th generation (aside from Riho, who I will call ‘Ace’) got any lines, even in the chorus, I was flabbergasted. I mean, what kind of crap is that? Not even the chorus!? Maybe I’m wrong. I certainly hope I am.

Ace is pretty subtle about keeping herself in the forefront, eh? Watch those hands, kid!!

I am so late with this. Now I feel almost self-conscious about the amount of capping I’ve done, since so many other sites have not only beaten me to it, but used almost the same frames that caught my eye. What else can I say? It’s just that everyone looks so good here.

There has been more than one comparison to Yossy’s flawless graduation single Kanashimi Twilight. The attitude, the confidence, the talent of Mame, finally in the center where she’s belonged since about 2009…it reminded me of Yossy more than once. I’d say the one closest to Yossy has always been Niigaki, at least in terms of her performance. I adore her in this song.

Ah! So much power for someone so very small!

Tsunku (@ Blog Project: “The level of her singing, dancing, and expressiveness is getting so high that I think, ‘Aah, I wish she’d stay for another year…’ “

That makes two of us Tsunku. I mean, LOOK at that! I admit, hair flipping action makes me way too happy, but Mame knows how to work it. She hasn’t stopped impressing me for the last three years.

It’s odd, but it’s not too often that graduation singles are epic enough to make the graduate get this into it. Mame herself has commented that she likes the ‘cool type’ songs the best, so I’m glad she got her catchy, dub-step anthem (what the hell is that exactly? All I can gather is that it refers to that squealing sound in the beginning – you know, that sound of a surprised robot?). I don’t mind the dance terribly, but I don’t really understand how Tsunku can think it “demands a lot from the new members”. To my untrained eye, it looks like a lot of posing and egg-laying.

H!P: hardcore egg-layin is just part of the dance training.

Now let’s show off those guns. Awwwwwwwww heeeeeeeeell yeah!

Do the robot-zombie-head-jiggle!

Shige, you have no guns. Put those away…

And begin chargin’ yo lazaaaa!

I love that whenever I cap a pv featuring little Ace here, there are at least four shots of her that make it look like she’s bitch-slapping someone in the background. Usually Shige, here.

I will say this: she sounds young here, but strong. And lately she seems to be a little bit less nervous and a lot more happy. She’s actually smiling, not doing the weirdo-creep smirk that makes me want to dislike her. And I refuse to. I’m not going to hate on little Ace, simply because I’d rather see the other girls get some screentime. She’s good. She’ll get better. We need a little Ace right now.

Granny, sweetie, we miss you! I can’t wait to see her dancing again, not just being adorable with the juniors. Although that is awesome too.


Eri-pon just keeps getting more gorgeous. I remember her saying that she practiced posing the mirror before photoshoots and it looks like it’s the same for pvs. I would have laughed at the image of her practicing facial expressions in the mirror, but I realized that it really is part of the job and it’s nowhere near as easy as some members make it look.

Zukki here is a good example. She really looks a lot better than she did a few pvs ago. She reminds me so much of Ogawa and not simply because their characters are similar. Ogawa is the kind of idol who can look so silly and then turn around and be so bright and beautiful, but it isn’t very consistent. The Zuk has the same problem. Her smile is fantastic, but Momusu doesn’t always call for smiles. Some times they want you to do the Nacchi:

Haruka demonstrates it alot. She’s still young, so she only almost has it…
The Nacchi = wide eyes, mouth slightly agape, demeanor of innocence and slight surprise, like your mind just went blank.

I wish we could have heard something from her. Where is this “husky” voice from the ‘boss’ of the 10th gen? Her kid fangs are actually pretty adorable. She feels like she’ll become as dangerous as little Ace if you give her some play.

Ah pretty Harunan. I really thought she’d make more of an impact. She is gorgeous and seems like a sweet girl. I really loved that after their first concert appearance she just kept squealing that it was so much fun, even though she should have been as drained and nervous as the other girls. I guess all I can do is hope she’ll keep “putting in lots of effort”.

Like Yasuda Daishi here. I saw her a little, but not much.

I LOVE Mizuki. Love her. She still catches my eye even when she’s in the back. And she is lovely.

Everybody used this Shige cap. Why? Because it’s awesome. Her one heavily auto-tuned line and she manages to make everyone watching remember her. She knows exactly how to squeeze every bit of pwn out of her screen time. Shige continues to amaze me. Year after year both her and Tsunku agree that she is hopeless at singing and not much better at dancing and yet…look at her go. It’s not even a matter if I like her or not, I have to notice her.

No guns, super pwn. Learn from her kiddies. Learn from her.

Can we talk about Masaki???

Tsunku (@ Blog Project):Satou sometimes really acts like an alien, but she’s not quite an Iida Kaori type, she also has a reliable side so she’s like an ‘Adult-child-alien.’ She’s rapidly gotten better at dancing and singing, so I’m anticipating that she’ll grow even more.

I keep noticing her. I think she’s the Eri-pon of the 10th gen, just in that she suddenly grew into a really interesting and really cute character.

This shot made me squee:

Scrunchy nose!! This is so adorable…this is what they call a charm point, isn’t it?

And now…Winky. I left her for last because my reaction to her was really, really odd. Let me get one fail shot in before I do this:

Ahh. That’s what I’m used to noticing. Super fail. Unfortunate expressions.

What I’m not used to is…well, not minding her. Really. She sang really nicely. Not much squirrel to be heard. Her hair is down, which means she looks pretty and not…like Winky. Her ‘Takahashi’ moment at the end…well she’s the only one who could pull that off (honestly, she sounds good there, I have to admit). I’m sorry they didn’t give it to Mame, but she doesn’t really need to be singled out like that. The whole song showcases how awesome Mame is, but with the formula they’ve established, they always need a solo bit near the end. Winky needs to establish herself as the new Takahashi (love ya Ace, but you’re still nowhere near her skill level). I have never denied that she is the second best singer after Takahashi – although, I will always prefer Mame’s voice over hers. I was pretty terrified of this, but she seems to have really changed the way she sings lately.

I thought that enjoying most of her performance here would disturb me, but it kinda made me feel relieved. I knew the take over of Winky was going to happen and I still think she needs to graduate, but if she keeps performing this way, I might be able to stand it. Appreciate it, even. The juniors all have ‘idol’-ness about them, beyond the singing and dancing skills and it seems clear that they will be regulated to the back until Tsunku deems them ready for solo lines. Until then we’ll continue with two strong leads (and Shige). It’s a comfort to me that while I’ll probably never enjoy her as much as I enjoyed Takahashi in the lead, I at least won’t be alienated.

This made me squee and then wipe away a tear. I love Mame so very, very much. She loves this group, she always has and when she expresses it like this, even if it’s staged and scripted and whatever else, it makes me weep. I can’t tell you how much I will miss her. I can’t seem to picture the group without the Gokkies, but the 9th and 10th (and the lack of Winky-squirrel) fills me with anticipation.

Long live Momusu!!!! XD I am so excited for the future!

I want this single. Right now. It comes out the day before my birthday.

How perfect is that?


3 thoughts on “Renai Hunter – One Awesome Send-off”

  1. with you absolutely 100% on this. PErfect single, agree with everything you said about each member right down to winky-squirrel. Haruka is a future badass, even with more edge than “Ace”.

    Masaki, who in the beginning I thought was a mistake is suddenly very interesting. And comparing her to Eripon is a perfect analogy, although Eripon’s KY-ness appealed to me right off, Masaki’s didn’t, but now, i love her, Something very intriguing there.

    It’s Haruna who is fading a bit in interest for me, but I believe in her spirit and fight and I really think the future looks bright for Momusu right now!!

  2. I was so relieved when I listened to this song! I think it’s fantastic, and it doesn’t sound generic at all! It’s just the type of powerful idol song I really enjoy and I’m glad that they did this for Gaki. Back when I was a hardcore MM fan she was always my favorite because she’s so earnest and really gives her everything when she’s performing. I think this PV brought this back to my mind and that made me happy, I liked remembering how much I’ve loved her all these years.

  3. You’re right, I DO love this song! Sure, it isn’t perfect but I feel that any real complaint I could try to leverage against this song would just be nitpicking. It’s a great send off for Risa, quite a bit better than Pyoco Pyoco Ultra in my opinion.

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