Pyoko Pyoko Baby Chicks!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! Harunan and Masaki center chicks!
Wave yo feathaaaaaaaaaz!

The first time I saw a preview of this, a strange simile popped into my head: this song is what Momoiro Sparkling would give birth to if it mated with a Chocobo. Every time I hear the intro, I  remember FF7 and having to breed a GOLDEN Chocobo. It took for frakkin EVER. I mean, not only does it take a million tries, but the damn things are quick and you have to feed them these special nuts and not SCARE them…ugh and after all that running around the chicks aren’t even GOLDEN until you try ANOTHER million times-

I digress. My point is, the music of Pyoko reminds me of the quirky Chocobo music in that game. It also reminded me of C-ute’s single, but I’m not sure why exactly.

Hey, Chocobos can be cuddly. They are good companions, right? Maybe one night Momoiro Sparkling was just lonely-

S: “Excuse me, can you stop being disgusting?!”

W: “You know you’re scaring all these kids, right?”

Kidz: “We thought it was cute, until you ruined it!!”

Ok, ok, fine. Let’s get back to the review…

People are already calling this the death of Momusu and other such dramatic nonsense. People are saying it’s a knock-off S/mileage single and it’s too childish. Still, others are optimistic, especially considering how creative and adorable the pv is. There are a lot of creative moments in here and a lot of cuteness.

Like giving Gaki’s shadow some cake!!
(Man Zukki was born to wear that chick costume)

Watering various members…or…the mini-chick version of them- you know what, I didn’t say I understood it exactly, it’s just cute.

And then there is this:

M: “Heads for saaaaale! Cute, kouhai chicky heaaaaads!”

E: “Oh gawd!”

W: “Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you??”

Ok, sorry. Couldn’t resist. After all the nursery rhyme cuteness that saturates this pv, you can’t blame me. I watched this quite a few times.

Honestly, I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would. My first reaction was similar to others: What is this? Why is it so much like the opening of a children’s show? Who the hell is who!? Then I watched it a few times. And I thought, “Why not?”

The problem isn’t so much that they’ve decided to go this route – Momusu has had other fare similar to this, albeit not as overtly aimed at the kidz. And Mini Moni was singing about a hamsters grand prix before we got random-gangsta ‘Crazy About You’. I think it’s just that we’re so used to it now, the Momusu that has been churning out more mature tunes, most of which sound similar and have similar structure. Ray from International Wota made an excellent point – why shouldn’t Momusu reach out to a younger generation, rather than always relying on fickle old wota (I paraphrase horribly, of course. He is much more eloquent in this adorable story here). If this sort of fare catches them, they have loads of other songs to get to know and love, while following the current line up. This would make Momusu truly a group one can grow up with.

Quote from this article that sums it up for me: “Maybe it’s just that whole negative vibe that’s floating around that’s turning people off. What with the sudden influx of new, young members, as well as the constant wondering and worrying revolving around who’s graduating next, it’s easy to lose any sense of appreciation. But before we cry over Gaki‘s upcoming graduation and complain about how childish the new members are, we need to remember that this is just part of the process. It’s about evolution and a metamorphosis if you will. Pardon my science geek coming out, but if we decide to quit now, we won’t see what will happen next. And for all we know, what happens next just might be the single most wonderful thing on the freakin’ planet, but we would never know because we chose to rage-quit the fandom because some freakin’ KFC-promoting chicken costumes turned us off. I say that’s your loss.” – Not Another K-blog!!!

That is exactly what I wanted to say and this blog says it beautifully. I love the term “rage-quit”, too. It’s tempting, but let’s not, ok guys?

The song is strange and not very catchy, but everyone sounds great. I mean, Mizuki gets a solo! FIN-ally. Each new member makes an appearance. Riho and Winky are fighting it out pretty obviously for the center, but Riho seems more comfortable than I’ve ever seen her (and that voice keeps getting better). How long has it been since we’ve had a pv with this much joy and silliness? They look like they are having so much fun…

Well…most of the time.

Cheer up Mame! You’ll be off soon enough.

M: “Ahhhh, that’s true!!”

Seriously though. During what would normally be the dance-break, they just sort of freak out. The chick costumes make it a crazy yellow mess.







…Back to the song. Whew. What the hell was that??

That was all about the chick costume – it gives them a certain freedom they haven’t had in awhile. If you look silly anyway, why not act silly? Once the chasing starts, they are all pretty much laughing at each other. That is kinda the point. Maybe they don’t like this song, but they are having so much fun with it. This feels like a fun place for the kidz to get their feet wet.

Let’s check out some close ups!

Kuduu~! The bossy one. She is extremely cute. I thought she’d get more lines, actually.

Dai-ishi! Who comes up with these nicknames anyway? Ayumi has the Yasuda Kei face and I mean that as a compliment because it’s the only way I can recognize her in this pv. Again – cute.

Masaki is so happyyyyyyyyyy!

Seriously, there isn’t much I can say, but cute.

Sorry Harunan. I’m glad you got some lines and some time in the center of the dance, but right now all I can say is cute.

Like mah Zuk, here. She always gets pushed to the back, so when she gets some actual closeup time, I’m so happy. It’s sad that she being overshadowed at the moment. I hope she will keep getting better.

Relax, Mizuki. I won’t make the severed head joke again. At least not about you. You got some lines and pwned. And you look gorgeous and elegent even as the spawn of an idol-song-Chocobo union.

M: “I’m cool with that!”

Riho – ace and she knows it.

Eri-pon! She has grown so much and yet still strikes me as adorably awkward. I’m really starting to like this kid.

Poor granny. She still can’t dance, or walk very much. It must be incredibly frustrating, but you’d never know it. Granny shines in these kinds of settings. I think the genki-childlike stuff must be easier for her than the other stuff because she’s lost that bored-forced smile and looks just overjoyed in this pv. And she sounds great.

Chuuuu~ <3!

Miss Gaki sounds lovely and looks like a princess, but something tells me she is done, done, done. She has her eye on that door and is ready to bolt as soon as she can. I have no doubt she will always love Momusu, but she wants to move on.Can you imagine – the sixth gen will be ruling, until that glorious day when Winky finally leaves… I think Shige is supposed to be the new leader now. SHIGE.

Think about that for a moment.

W: “No, no, it’s me. I’m the leader for serious. Who even is this Shige?”
Granny: “WAAAAAIT-”

S: *mid cute-pose* “What??”
Shige realizes she will have to defend her position.





D: “Anybody else hear that?”

*more strange sounds*




Shige: *whistles nonchalantly*

R: “Can I still be the ace?”

S: “We can talk about that and the bunny costumes you’ll be wearing later.”

S: “For now, come here my chickies!!”

You know…I am liking this pv more and more…there is so much you can do with it.

;-P I know. I’m terrible.


7 thoughts on “Pyoko Pyoko Baby Chicks!!

  1. I always love your reviews, they make me laugh and smile a lot, and appreciate a PV a lot more~

    When I first heard this song, then again, I realised how much it would suit C-ute. Whilst everyone was flapping around about S/mileage thieves, I was like ‘nuuu C-ute :,<' but meh XD

    I love the genkiness of the song! It's extremely cuuuute ❤ and when I first saw the costumes, I thought 'CHOCOBO!' plus the music sounds a little gamey/pixely at certain points xD so I think Final Fantasy should be like 'GIVEZ PLZ WE MAKE GAMEZ <3' and endorse MoMusu instead of AKB :{D

  2. I love your caps so much, I couldn’t stop laughing! 😀

    While I admit that I personally don’t care for this single all that much (it’s not so much the childness of it, musically I just find it a little all over the place), the fickleness of the fan community always gets on my nerves a bit. Every time something happens that isn’t “best thing ever” it’s treated like an absolute disaster and the deathnail of the group. It’s one single. There will be a new one in a few months. Always. Just calm down.

    Heck, I remember when everyone was mad about songs like Shoganai Yume Oibito and calling “Emo Musume” the end of times. This is nearly the exact opposite of that and people still aren’t happy. =\

    On a more positive note, I really like Risa’s side-ponytail; it’s super cute!

  3. I can’t believe your reaction to the song was so similar to mine! 😀 I mentioned Momoiro Sparkling and video games too, it totally looks like I was copying you. XD I swear I wasn’t. LOL But I didn’t know of Chocobo. Such a funny review, I loved it.

  4. Your caps were very entertaining.
    I loved the creativity in this song.. MM has kinda been missing that and this dished.
    I love the happiness and the energy, its so much fun and its a total moodlifter!
    Im surprised you don’t find it catchy though I had it stuck in my head for ages.

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