Where is H!P!?

Ok, seriously, where are you H!P? You just had a graduation, you just had a play, you just got several new members, new tours, random collaborations etc – so where are you?

All I keep seeing is this Mobekimasu stuff and I just – I don’t care about that! It’s DONE. No more promotions where Momoko makes an idiot of herself trying to be Shige, no more performances where they pretend that dance isn’t completely ridiculous (stop bending over and shaking your butts when you’re wearing the huge skirts – you look silly)…

Mobekismasu will be fun at H!P concerts, but it’s DONE now. Do something else.

There is hope. I heard about a new S/mileage single. I heard and actually liked the preview of it. C-ute and Berryz are doing concerts together, I think. There was something about a movie too…

Momusu’s new single is supposedly called ‘Pyoko Pyoko Ultra’ which just sounds cracked-out and nonsensical. It’s an introduction single for the newest members, so hopefully they will get to do something. I hope it’s a little toned down from the craziness that was Ok Yeah (that was a little too much, even for me).

I don’t like doing these unfocused posts that basically list things. It doesn’t feel like me. It’s kinda funny that I couldn’t keep up last time I tried to post and now I can’t find anything to post about. Well, I can, I just don’t have any new stuff to comment on. It seems strange to me that so little seems to be happening, or rather that so much is just not even on the radar in H!P at the moment. This has been a roller-coaster year with almost constant change, but now it’s like they just need to rest for a moment. That, or Takahashi leaving has just caused some sort of panic and Mobekimasu is their way  of distracting us while they rebuild.

Dramatic, but possible if you consider how much they relied on Ai’s voice and her star power.

Found this here, but I wanted to reiterate:

Momo needs to dial it down or Shige will just keep knocking her down by her FAYCE!

Really. Enough!!

You were scary and now you’re just constantly vomit-inducing. The reason Shige is getting attention on variety shows is that she has been doing this ‘I’m the cutest’ thing for years. I don’t know if Momoko has, but I can never remember it being like this. The important difference isn’t really even the amount of years Shige has devoted to self-worship but to how she presents it. She doesn’t simper constantly and interrupt people to insert ‘yan’ into an incoherent sentence. Rather than an act she puts on, it is just a big aspect of her personality. She also has a sharp tongue, another personality trait that she just has kept quiet with until she felt comfortable enough to let it out.

Plus, she’s hawt.

Momo, you’re a good singer, a good dancer and you actually have fans who don’t consider you scary. Don’t alienate them by stealing an act and doing it wrong.

Maybe she’s going for a Yasuda Kei move. The more you embarrass yourself, the more they pick on you, the more screen-time you get. Maybe Momo is just a genius.

Still…it’s annoying.

I am dying to see the newest Momusu generation in action, especially considering that little Egg (Haruka?) and how adorably bossy she was on Hello Pro Time.

Ishida: “I’m trying to eat here!”
Kudo: “Enough of that nonsense! Introduce yourself to the people! *huff* Amateurs…”

Then there is Ikubo Haruna:

Just for your information…

Everyone’s concern with her is that she’s sixteen (or is it seventeen?), but you SO SO need that right now. They can’t all be ten years old people! Momusu has always had younger girls, it’s true, but there has always been a decent mix of older and younger performers. Besides, it’s not like Iikubo will be a lead singer, so she has loads of time to get good at that. In the auditions she really seemed keen to get better at everything. I hope she keeps that enthusiasm.

*shrugs* That’s all I got for this one.

So, is this just me, or is there a lot going on that I am just missing?


5 thoughts on “Where is H!P!?

  1. You are missing;

    – Mano Erina’s 11th single, double a-side “Dokidoki Baby” / “Tasogare Kousaten”.

    – °C-ute’s 7th album “Dai Nana Sho “Utsukushikutte Gomen ne””.

    – The TV drama series starring Sayumi and Reina (with appearances from a handful of other H!P girls).

    – Maeda Yuuka’s farewell photobook.

    – S/mileage’s 9th single “Choto Mate Kudasai!” (the one coming after “Please Miniskirt Postwoman”)

  2. There’s plenty of stuff going on in H!P.

    – Maimi just released a PB.
    – Yuuka’s 2nd PB just got announced.
    – °C-ute is getting a group PB
    – S/mileage 8th and 9th singles announced
    – Momusu’s 48th single finallly has a title and a solid release date
    -°C-ute 7th album announced
    – Mano Erina has a role in Kamen Rider and another play.
    – Gaki got a role in a play.
    – Sayu & Reina are starring in a new drama (other H!P girls guest starring)
    – 10th gen just had their first handshake event of their own.
    – Mano Erina just announced a double A-side single that will be the theme song for an anime OVA in which she will also have a part as a voice actor.
    – Mobekimasu single: yeah, you might not care but a lot of people do and this is an important release and promoting it to it’s fullest is very important.
    – Momo is getting her second E-Hello DVD
    – Buono! announced they are coming to Paris
    – Berrz Kobo announced they are going to the US again.
    – New Eggs auditions

    So when you ask “is this just me, or is there a lot going on that I am just missing?” the answer is: yes there’s a lot going on and you’re probably missing it.

  3. Yeah, it seems like Mobekismasu really threw things off a bit, huh? Well at least we have quite a few new releases to look forward to early next year, and I too am definitely looking forward to seeing how the tenth gen stack up!

    Also, while I know she isn’t technically H!P, Kikkawa You has a new single coming out before the end of the year and it’s looking really good! You can see her perform it on Coming Soon!! here.

  4. I don’t like Momo. I don’t think she’s pretty and after about three videos with that ridiculous hair style I wanted to die of bordem everytime i saw her.

    Sayumi FTW

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