In Which Isilie can’t keep up

Ok, work is getting the way of blogging time.

There are a bunch of things I haven’t commented on (yet again) that I want to talk about, but none of them warrant their own posts.

At least I don’t think so.

It’s odd, I’m still kind of stuck on the recent graduation, if only because I recently saw the actual ceremony (and I cried yet again). The poor new members…one was so nervous she couldn’t even finish her sentence.

Ahhh, so small…

The whole thing really did feel intimate, like it was done at a tiny theater or something. I loved Ai’s casual outfit, how humble and cool she was, even when she was crying too hard to sing. Niigaki’s eyes when she told her friend that she should live for herself now…*sniff*

It was a fantastic goodbye.

Anyway, here’s just a few things I wanted to talk about.

The new Momusu album, 12 Smart.

First of all: that’s a silly title. What does that even mean? What is the deal with the angel theme then?

Second: Give me Ai is a nice song, with the expected Ai-Riho-Winky vocals and the rest going ‘lalala’…I like it…but it’s not an album opener. Unless this whole album was going to have a similar atmosphere, I have no idea why they chose this one, especially when they have some pretty insanely high-energy numbers to follow. Tsunku has almost always been awesome at that first track. Genki+, Songs, Night of Tokyo City…these are amazing ways to open an album and get me excited to listen to the rest of it. This one feels like it should be track six or something…

Third: FINALLY GAKI GETS A PROPER RAP! Why I love rap moments in Momusu, I’ll never know…but this is something I’ve been waiting for. And Granny Mitsui has finally, FINALLY found the best use of the weird monotone she’s been fond of lately and that pouty, bratty vibe she’s been giving off. She and Gaki must handle all rap now and they need to do it more often! Granted, she’s entitled to be a bit off – the poor girl has been on hiatus for awhile now with yet another injury and who knows when she’ll be back. Meanwhile, Tsunku has added yet another four girls, who will no doubt further drive her into her jealous shell – unless she can get over it and be genki again. I’ve seen her be so cute and sing so well. I really want her to find an ally in this generation, so if she does get overshadowed, she will at least be friends with some of them.

Stop being jealous and threatened and show them what you’re made of!!!

Fourth: The two songs I like the best (not counting the singles) star both members of the sixth gen. Winky really toned it down for Silver no Uedokei. It’s actually rather pretty and quite a contrast to the improved, but still very young Riho. Shige’s song with Mizuki, Suki da na Kimi da, is fun too. Perfume-esque and catchy. I’m sure the lyrics are plenty cute. I can’t hear Mizuki at all, but apparently she’s in there somewhere. Everyone seems to want to see the dance to this one. I’m expecting something para-para. What do you think?

Five: Good luck doing a lot of these vocals now that Takahashi’s gone. Just sayin’.

Six: Positive S is a lot of fun. My Way = Hi there 9th gen! I knew you guys were still around. I really would have LOVED to hear more of Zukki’s lower register Gaki-esque voice! OK YEAH should have opened the album, or divided it in two the way Ikimasshoi! did with the 4th album. Also: hi there Mini Moni! Nice to see you’re sneaking in that Ai~n Dance no Uta-esque stuff!

Seven: Stop giving Granny limp, cutesy songs. She and the 9th gen deserve better than Otome no Timing. It’s not a bad song, but it’s not that good either. I keep forgetting it’s there. I know the newer members need to be broken in slowly, especially in terms of vocals, but…I don’t know. I just expected something a little more fun. And Mitsui is capable of more. Really. Give her some credit.

Eight: I can’t wait to see them pull these off in concert. Seriously. It’s gonna be nuts.


Why? There was no conceivable reason for this except a quick cash grab. It sounds like a Berryz song that they just decided to share with everyone. It’s not a bad song. I like the costumes. But the pv is completely uninspired and only four people (I don’t remember the exact number) get to do anything.

As far as the whole comparison to AllStars…I’m not making one, because there is no comparison. There was a reason for that shuffle. It celebrated everything H!P was and it was full of joy and energy. It made me so proud to be a fan.

This song has a recycled title, no attempt at any new sound and it was made for no reason.
Why should I even pay attention?

On the New Members

Don’t know them yet, but since they are all pretty young and all fairly adorable…

They’re doomed.

Shige starts early.

Also, she’s persistent until she gets what she wants.

The pic that spawned a thousand fanfics…

GOTO @ the Dream Momusu Concert!!


I was happy to see this because I’ve worried that Goto distanced herself from everyone associated with H!P. It’s just a nice bit of nostalgia to see them together and to think that even if she didn’t want to be in that world anymore, she still wanted to keep in touch with those who did.

Random: I watched the Dream Momusu concert and it pwned so hard that I nearly died from awesome.

Reborn: The new Morning Musume Play
(Can you tell I don’t know the title?)

I don’t know anything about this play or who plays whom. All I know is that I saw this on the picboard the other day:

Niigaki as a bad ass warrior assassin chick???

Ok…I think that’s it. Hoping to see more from the 10th gen. Can’t wait to hear them in action.

And I can’t wait to see the Ai Believe concert…I bet you anything I’m gonna weep again.


4 thoughts on “In Which Isilie can’t keep up

  1. That image of Niigaki is from the play Sanada Juyushi. She is the only Momusu member in that play. Reborn had her, Reina and a few others and the outfits were not that cool.

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