Congratulations Ai. Welcome 10th gen.

I really wish I had more to say on this right now. There will be more, but for now I’m just saying goodbye like everyone else. It’s a new world again, people. No more relying on Takahashi in every way possible. We have a lot of new blood (so to speak) so Tsunku or whomever’s in charge will have to start using it again.

It’s funny…

This morning I was listening to Honki de Atsui theme song from Ikimasshoi!, Takahashi’s first album with the group. I was thinking about how strange it is that she has graduated and how it never really sinks in that one of the girls is leaving until she is long gone. I was listening to her unpolished enthusiasm and thinking over all the different evolutions she’s lived through in this group. It became something else for awhile when she became leader. Whether that something was good or bad is really a matter of opinion.

I personally loved it. But that particular song triggered something.

I felt in that old song this strong sense of excitement and happiness that is just completely different. It wasn’t just nostalgia, but a sense that all of these singers were wishing for something, that being in this group was really fun and really important to them. They weren’t all perfect, but they all got to say something, to sing a line, to yell something, to express something. I want to hear songs like that again. They don’t necessarily have to be as polished as something like Kimagure Princess, or Lullaby Game, but as long as Momusu remembers that they love their group and that singing as this group is really fun, it will be ok. Potentially better than ok. I loved the singles from Ai’s time as leader, but I would love to see how Tsunku could integrate this sort of joy and abandon into the style he’s developed over these last three years.

With a 12 person group I don’t think you have any choice but to break out the genki again. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a few more Kimagures, but a new GoGirl would rock too.

10th gen members! Go here for Shige’s nicknames.
When I’ve watched HPT I will talk more about them.

I am going to miss Takahashi Ai and the unity of her era, but I can’t help but feel excited for the future. I love that Momusu is always caught between newness and nostalgia, the burden and blessing of years of history. A lot has been said about OGs holding them down, but that is also a matter of opinion. The fact that all these girls, from so many age groups, different places, even different countries, are connected by this one name…or dream, if you will…that is pretty amazing when you think it through.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Ai. Welcome 10th gen.

  1. Ai’s era as leader in Morning Musume really did have a unique sound. Sure, you can see it’s roots in “Kanashimi Twilight,” and the other late songs under Yossie, but like you said no one is ever going to confuse “Kimagure Princess” and something the likes of “Koko ni Iruzee!”

    As for a return back go genki, I think it has already started. “Maji Desu ka Ska!” and “Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!” are certainly quite genki. Plus with Ai gone, the sound of the group will change, there’s no doubt about that.

    I love your last paragraph. I think you’ve done a great job of capturing part of the great appeal the group has. ^^

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