In which the title is as long as the pv itself

FINALLY a new Momusu pv. Not just one, mind you. TWO! Well, one really long one that incorporates two by using a dream sequen-you know what? I’m happy. Let’s not quibble about such things.

Uh oh. It’s about to get DISCO in here!

For now I’m only talking about Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo!  I do think the linking is interesting, certainly a first for H!P, but since there are just too many caps to be used, I will have mercy on myself and do one at a time. One thing: the pjs are cute. The waking-up faces are cuter. The door-to-the-disco-universe thing? Hey, whatever! It’s her dream, right?

Let’s get the obligatory belly-aching out of the way: these costumes are just like the Onna ni Sachi Are costumes, except for, as many many people have pointed out, the lack of feathers. The pv is WAY too bright and the crazy light-show going on at all times makes it really hard to see the girls (and makes capping a damn nightmare – that and I was too impatient to wait for the HD version of this pv). The glitter-fest disco-Vegas-insert-your-comparison-here costumes don’t exactly help. Is it my imagination or do the girls look especially skinny? Granted they also look gorgeous, but they just seem skinnier to me. It could just be the insane amount of golden light constantly exploding from this pv…

Why even bother going into the horror that is the excessive WINKY? She is EVERY OTHER FRAME. Why can’t she just GO AWAY!??

Her and Riho – the two new front girls. I called it and here it is!

Let’s just move on to the good.

Which is basically everything else.

I ADORE this song. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since I first heard it. I love the way they dig into the notes, I love the disco-y beat and I love that even though the chorus does that Tsunku thing where it goes in a completely different direction than I expected it still ends up catchy as all hell. I don’t even mind those ‘universe’ shots that make everyone all pink.

Riho is growing on me now and reminds me so much of Takahashi when she first joined it’s kinda spooky. You sound great, kiddo! Despite how shy she seems in all the background moments I’ve seen, she murders her every line.

Eri-pon when did you become gorgeous?!

“Ehhh, me?? Are you s-sure? I mean, I’m trying really hard…”

It’s alright.
*pats head*

Queen Sayu is here and she can’t BELIEVE how much cuter she is than you. Such riff-raff. Honestly…

“But for some reason, I didn’t get the star.”

“Nah-UH SISTA! That star is MIIIIINE!”

“Te he!”

There really doesn’t need to be this much Takahashi in this song, but at this point complaining that there is too much Takahashi in a Momusu song is like complaining that grass is always green instead of purple. Some things just are. I will have to accept that once she leaves ALL her lines are likely going to Winky, so for now I am basking in that powerhouse voice, that beautiful smile and how completely ecstatic she looks in almost every shot.

“Oh man. What did Sayu put in my drink last night?!”

There isn’t nearly enough Fuku-chan in this pv. What happened to her loveliness!?

“Well, Michishige-senpai put something in my cocoa last night…I’ve been all like, dazed and stuff…”

“Mmm, I had funny dreams where Michishige-senpai was trying to put kitty-ears on me…”

“Hai, for me it was bunny ears.”

“Ugh, so many bunnies…everything was so pink…”

“Hey, hold on, I only put something in Riida’s drink because she doesn’t remember that she’s dating me!”

“Waaaaait a minute-”

“This whole thing is Sayu’s dream after all, right?”

“Alright that’s enough!”

“There, we’re singing and walking together. Is that good enough?”

“Only for now! There’s still concert attacks to be done.”

“Uhhh, Zukki?”

“Don’t underestimate the Zukk!”

Where the hell was my little Zukki!? I know, I know. I just said it’s silly to complain about this, but it really does suck that the most loveable (arguably) is constantly absent. She doesn’t have a lot to do in this song, except look unexpectedly beautiful.

Or a little nauseated. It’s all those lights…

Mitsui is understandably scarce because, she doesn’t get any lines (big shock) and because of her leg. I really hope she heals soon and this isn’t one of those things that will be an excuse for her to bow out. I say this a lot but I really think Mitsui has been underestimated and overshadowed since she joined. Have you noticed that in every good-bye message she’s given to departing members (the last four anyway) there’s been some variation of “I was jealous of how well you fit in” in there somewhere? Is this her fault? Is this because she just isn’t popular? I don’t see why not. I mean she’s adorable, she’s dependable, she can be as sweet as she can be bratty…

More than a few bloggers have mentioned that she’s not very photogenic and I think that might just be that she refuses to smile. She either does this odd wincing grimace, like she’s baring her teeth, or her closed-mouthed granny smile. I’ve seen genuine smiles on her and they are absolutely adorable. I think Michishige mentioned it too, that she isn’t one to smile much, but her smile can light up a room.

If it’s as simple as, she isn’t sure she looks good smiling, or she feels insecure in the group, I hope she can overcome that. She really impressed me in the most recent concert tour. She actually got some lines there and she really belted them out. I’ve not heard her be that powerful since her line in Kanashimi Twilight (why did everyone hate that line? she was squeakily awesome!).

Now let’s talk about Niigaki Risa. The gorgeous, genki, soon to be soloist Niigaki. I think it’s significant that her first line is hands-down the BEST PART OF THE SONG. It gives me goosebumps at how fierce yet playful it is. It’s so completely Mame – that attitude, that sexy, impish grin…

“Yep, Niigaki here and the only thing in my cocoa today was awesome-sauce.”

I’ve said this many times, but they need to give her more solos! This girl is TOO POWERFUL to be put in the back so much. Her voice keeps getting stronger and her confidence just explodes when she’s onscreen.

Shortly before the pv explodes from the awesome. Notice the others subtly creeping away.

I’m hoping that Tsunku will have mercy on me and give her a lot more to do, especially if he’s going to continue with this genki, disco route. Winky is fine in small doses. It’s not like she can’t sing. But look at this.

Niigaki workin’ it and then that STUPID FRO COMES IN!

“Um, exCUSE me! I haven’t been onscreen in like, a couple seconds, ya’ll.”

“It’s Winky tiiiiiiiiime!”

Too bad Michishige’s special cocoa kicked in there, huh Winky?
After all, it wouldn’t be a Momusu pv without some Winky fail.

“Wait for it, guys. When I’m leader, I will RISE from between these two and Gokkies will RULE AGAIN!”

“Uh, Mame? Shouldn’t we keep that to ourselves?”

“Not saying a word.”

I’d comment on the dance more if I could make it out over the light-show. They seem to be fond of the line formation lately. The dance break looks interesting enough. I do like how Winky appears to be tripping forward and Zukki is staring at Michishige’s armpit in this cap.

YAAAAAAAAAA-woa Fuku-chan, what’s the matter??
It’s all those lights right?

Overall, I love this song. The pv is too bright but joyous and a good excuse to have the girls parade around in the kind of glittery skimpiness that idols don’t really need to explain (even though I would have never pictured those costumes in relation to this song). I can’t wait to see the choreography in the dance-shot. There are far too many shots where either the lights are too blinding, the cuts are too quick, or the girls are so far away that you aren’t sure who is where.

I like this direction a lot. Moreso, I like how singable this song is. Only You was pretty, but it didn’t really get stuck in my head. It didn’t really stay with me. Plus all that auto-tune got distracting.

I’ll be singing this one all night.

Onto the 2nd part!


5 thoughts on “In which the title is as long as the pv itself

  1. This really is a fantastic song, and I pretty much agree with everything you said except I do think I enjoyed the lighting more than you. I found the whole spectacle of it to be impressive even if it did obscure the girls a bit.

    Also, that’s quite the fantastic collection of caps! Definitely looking forward to part 2! 😀

  2. Haha the Sayu’s dream part was so funny, love those screencaps of the kyuukies in pyjamas! 🙂 I think the song is great too, and everyone looks so beautiful in these outfits. Except for Risa, something about her looks that annoy/bother me here, maybe it’s the hairdo. I’ve yet to blog about this single myself…

  3. Sayu was STUNNING in Kono chikyuu. I mean goddess stunning. I haven’t seen someone cap beautiful pretty and cute all in one for a long time. She was just amazing to look at.

    I thought Only you was good. but then I love Autotune

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