Gocchin returns to herself

Gocchin is taking a hiatus in 2012.

All I can really say here is, “Good. It’s about time.”

It’s ironic that I had so little interest in her when she was in H!P and now I feel all kinds of affection for her. Is that because the idol persona didn’t appeal to me and I just like her better as as Goto Maki? Granted, even at Avex, she still has a public persona. It’s not like now, suddenly, we know who she really is. How could we? It sounds like she isn’t even really sure anymore. All she knows is there is a difference between this ‘real’ her and this person we’ve all come to recognize. She is grateful for everything, but she wants to find and return to her self.

I found myself feeling a bit teary while reading her letter (translated here). Having an emptiness in yourself, created by that bittersweet urge to live for the happiness of others…it would be arrogant to say that I know exactly how that feels, but I can empathize in my own small way. I’m sure many of us can.

So let’s be happy for her. I’m sure, even the new fans like myself, will all be cheering her on.


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