Only You Prt3: Pic Spam

Everyone who reads this with any regularity knows that I like screencaps and pictures. More than a few of my pv reviews have degenerated into random messes of caps with a few blocks of writing thrown in. It’s not really my fault. H!P is a visual place, full of pretty idols who love to pose anyway and some of whom are just really unfortunate in terms of screenshots.

I’ve capped a lot of pvs, but I have to say, Momusu’s Only You is the first pv I’ve capped that had this many terrible shots. I don’t know what it is. Some were hilarious and some were downright awful. I don’t know what happened.

Not all the shots are bad, of course. Riida in the above shot is lovely. It’s that little smile she gives at the end of the song that makes you think everything will be alright. It’s a lovely little moment. But she has other moments too. Here are some of the leftover caps I had that were just…well, you’ll see. Starring our front girls…

Um…that’s great, Ai…but do you wanna close your mouth for me? It’s just…you look like you’re gonna vom-

ROTFLMAO – What are you DOING Winky!??

I’m pretty sure I could take you, Winky. Especially if you’re half in the bag.

What is this look on Winky’s face??
T: “Calm down, she’s just…you know…doing her thing.”
W: “This is my dancing face.”
Really? You mean it’s not your scary plastic crazy face?

W: “I will ALWAYS ‘ell for ya! With da guns!!”
T: *thinking* “I need to get out of here.”

T: “Hey! STOP giving up, dammit!”
R: “EEEK! Don’t yell at me!”

A few years experience teaches Shige to gently push people out of frame, while the still-learning Riho simply slams you disinterestedly right in da FAYCE!

Everyone’s ready for battle. I don’t know. I just love Riida’s expression here.

When subtitles are unfortunate.
Takahashi holding her chest and saying, “it’s ok, you can do it.” just…wow.

Winky: she’s ‘ellin for you! [I know, I know, it’s an accent thing, but even if they did pronounce the ‘y’, if that is in fact what they are saying, then…what does that mean?]

Maybe it means she’s gonna be sick again?

Or it means she’ll kill for you. Seriously. She’ll do it. That’s what ‘ellin’s all about.

Momusu would like to apologize for some of those previous shots. Some were a bit…well, let’s just say, next time will be better. And hey, you know they’re all ‘ellin for you.

Only you.


6 thoughts on “Only You Prt3: Pic Spam

  1. LOL I loved this post XD I love the screencaps I couldn’t stop snickering happil;y because there are soooo many unfortunate shots for this PV ❤

  2. I love these pic-spam, PV posts! I love how you think about this crap as much as the rest of us crazy ass wotas and then put it in your Blog!! Great stuff, really, keep it going!!

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