Shamelss Plug Post.

In Which Isilie Reviews ~~~ NEW BLOG!!!

I’ve been working on this other site for awhile. Right now there is only four or so posts, only one of which is long, but I would love it if you’d check it out. It’s a non-H!P related blog, so expect Arashi. I broke down because there are so many things I wanted to write about that weren’t H!P related. More posts are coming. I’m excited.

*blush* Thanks!


One thought on “Shamelss Plug Post.

  1. I checked out your new blog yesterday, it’s nice. I actually really enjoy your posts. And as a casual Arashi fan, but who’s best fried is a “Jun Lover” (haha MM plug) I will enjoy following your new blog and reading your posts.

    And actually I think your Mom’s nicknames for the guys might help me out. I know most of their names, but some reason I can’t remember Aiba’s. Perhaps now I can, bahhhhhhh. ^___^

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