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In Which Isilie’s world explodes from Awesome…

Recently two of my great loves combined (for the second time, but arguably the MOST awesome time) and absolutely murdered one of my favourite variety shows. It was so epic and so completely perfect…

Yossy on VS Arashi. My WORD!!!!

(Prepare for squee and a slight Arashi detour…)

And Ohno (well, all of Arashi, but mostly Ohno).

I know she was on Shukudaikun too, but this isn’t quite the same. For one thing, this show (for those of you who don’t know) involves games, like the insane box of doom game in the above cap and Rolling-Coin Tower and other insanity that one could only find on a Japanese “game show”. It can get pretty intense. It also makes for some very hilarious interactions.

Yes, Ishikawa Rika was there too, although she really didn’t have the best time.

Getting spit on. Nuff said.

BUT! Yossy!! XD

I don’t talk about my Arashi-love here, since this blog was always for H!P, but since they’ve come together in such an awesome way, I thought I would take this post to squee about it properly. Aside from the general awesome of seeing Yossy even in the same room as my other favourite group, she completely murdered the games. The scores were very close to the end, even though the Arashi team had Oguri Shun, who was quite adorably useless the whole time.

Let’s focus in on ONE event, because otherwise this will just be a collection of caps with the word PWN underneath each one (you know…moreso).

Kicking Sniper

This game is pretty straightforward: three team members have to kick huge yellow balls at the moving targets. No points for hitting the silver ones, but the red ones are worth twenty points and you get an extra 50 for knocking down the whole thing.

As you all should know, Yossy is captain of her futsal team Gatas Brilliantes and consequently has awesome form and confidence for this game.

“Yes. It’s true. I am, in fact, made of awesome.”

This cap about sums it up. Yossy = perfect.

Look at that form.
No, really. Here:


Yossy is the only one who hits the 20 cans. The ONLY ONE!! By the end, she is the only one hitting ANYTHING.

“Guys, seriously, come OOON!!!”

*cough* *cough*
*uncomfortable silence follows*

And Yossy claims the 110pts for her team.

Arashi Team: pwned. And they know it.

Wait, wait a second here. Ohno wants to interrupt the Yossy Love to inform you that he is also, in fact, made of awesome.

Even though, these three aren’t exactly excited about this game. I mean, how do you follow that?

Well, Ohno gives a lame, half-assed kick…

…Which gives them the only score they end up with. It’s only twenty points, but Ohno doesn’t care what you think. He’s made his point.

Especially since Nino keeps kicking it so hard it entirely misses the target and comes back to hit him. This happens twice.

Oh Nino…why do you fail so hard?

It’s ok. Only your team mates are laughing at you.

And hey, it further proves that Ohno is made of awesome.

Like Yossy.

She needs to stop pwning so hard. It’s just not fair.

Combining her with Ohno…two totally different kinds of awesome mixed together with the added awesome of VS Arashi and all the antics and…

UGH! Go watch it.
I’m more convinced than ever that she knows exactly what she’s doing to me.


7 thoughts on “In Which Isilie’s world explodes from Awesome…”

  1. This was a cool episode. My friend loves Arashi, so I am familiar with them. I miss seeing the girls playing games.

    And I didn’t realize until your post that the guest on the Arashi team was Oguri Shun. So that’s the guy that got Friday’ed with Yaguchi. I never really knew what he looked like.

    1. Ah, I didn’t even remember that until you said it – weird. And I miss it too. It’s so great to see the girls playing again, rather than just sitting and smiling.

    1. I believe it’s on the Hello!Online tracker. It’s not subbed, but it’s not hard to follow and is still completely epic.

  2. Yossy is not made of awesome. Awesome is made of Yossy!

    Seriously, she’s so fab that I’ll even watch an unsubbed TV show for her!

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