Tsunku you ol’ rascal!

I love these Momusu related announcements Tsunku likes to make in the middle of concerts. He always looks so smug, like he can barely restrain his glee. You can tell he is picturing us all leaning forward in anticipation, beads of sweat glistening, hands clenched in nervous fists… then he finally, finally gets to the point.

10th Gen Morning Musume auditions…like a MINUTE after the ninth gen was chosen.

You know what, Tsunku? BRING IT ON!!!

I honestly don’t care why you’re doing this: because you seriously need new talent so that you won’t have to give every line to Winky when Takahashi leaves (nobody wants that, let’s be honest here); because you believe younger members will revitalize the group/last longer/make more money/cheer up Japan etc.; because the giddy thrill of the ninth gen auditions made you hungry for more power want to do it all again as soon as possible; because you really want Winky to leave soon (and hey, so do a LOT of us…I can’t be the only one)…yeah, the reason doesn’t matter.

You just make damn sure you give it a lot of coverage like the last audition. Make us CARE about the girls before you get them into the line up and suddenly decide that three out of four aren’t worth the marketing. Hire talent and personality, not one or the other. You’ve done it before. I know you have it in ya.

And hey, even if you don’t do these things, BRING IT ON!!!! A lot of the so-called talentless girls you’ve taken a chance on have managed to shine somehow, whether you gave her the chance or she took it herself. After the year we’ve had so far, there really isn’t much you can do to shock us anymore.

So yeah. I’m ready. Bring it, Tsunku.

PS: I hope we get at least two more girls. And I hope they aren’t ten. I’m sorry, TEN!? 


3 thoughts on “Tsunku you ol’ rascal!

  1. ROFl great post 😀 I agree with every single word and pic (AIBOOOON ^^). I like that Tsunku can still surprise us and we need less Winky in Momusu. I mean, c’mon, even she looks irritated in most PVs. She probably begs to graduate at this point 😀
    The idea to make the auditions last longer and make us care more about the girls is great. It’s exactly what we need. What about a voting system or something?

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