Majidesu suka!? XD FIN-ally!

In the spirit of moving forward, and because this single and pv is finally, FINALLY out, I will now look at Momusu’s latest single, and first to feature our Kyuukies: Majidesu desuka!

I’m late with this one, so I don’t know if there is anything I can say about it that hasn’t already been said, but I can pic-spam the hell out of it!

Some times I think that H!P exists on a different plane from the rest of the media at large. The things you find in a Momusu pv don’t look anything like the rest of the idols out there.  Whomever decides these things has stubbornly stuck to his style: stick the girls in outfits in front of some big back-drop and have them dance. And don’t make it anything like the other groups out there really. Instead of hip-hop-y moves, make them do a chorus line and spin and jump. If you can get in some reference to Japanese folk stories, DO IT!!

I love it when pvs make the jokes for me. MITSUI = GRANNY. Or in this case, something else.

This is why I love H!P though. I’ll admit that other acts have a lot more budget and creative teams that actually want to tell a story, but I think H!P exists for that small group of fans who just want to smile some times and embrace goofiness and happiness. Say what you want about H!P, but you wouldn’t stick around if it didn’t make you as happy as it does. Almost against your will, you find yourself sucked in and giggling at things like Majide. Sure, it’s the same dance-closeup-dance formula. It’s nothing new or different, unless you count their return to genki. All I know is that I watched a few pvs today and this one filled me a giddiness that none of the others could.

It’s interesting that C-ute and Berryz are continuing with their more mature, slightly rock-y image. I love Heroine ni Narou kai for that weirdo dance and all its techno glory and I love Aishiteru…well that’s a different post altogether, but let’s just say: C-ute = epic (that hajimete da mon line!! DUDE!). Momusu must now reconfigure to make room for the children Kyuukies. The age gap hasn’t been this large for a while now. And nowadays, at least as far back as the sixth generation, the newbies always get featured in some way on their debut singles, at least a little (regardless of singing ability). We finally have some new members!!

(up down left right: Mizuki, Eri-pon, Riho and Zukki)

Momusu has returned to what some have referred to as ska, ala Koko ni Iruzee. I liken this more to a S/mileage song. It has that same hopping manic energy that I find in their singles. Some of the members were ready for this and give the pv something wonderful. Others…

Fail. One can always count on Reina for some Winky fail.

I could talk all day about Momusu being a wonderful mix of genki/emo/kakkoii for this whole post, but let’s be honest here: everyone wanted to see this to see how the Kyuukies faired with their first pv.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve lapped up every Bijo Gaku that has featured them even a little because it’s so refreshing to actually see their progression from, “hey cool, I made it” to “Holy crap their are like 60 songs to learn in a month srslythisisinsanedwaaaaagh!”. Takahashi said it outright, that it’s harder to join now because the song catalogue has become so large. And there are so many styles, so many routines, lyrics and lines to learn, while establishing yourself as a member and idol in your own right. They are only twelve (ish). This is a lot while also being in school.Let’s not even mention that almost all the singles from 2007 on have been rather tongue-in-cheek, slightly mature/emo ventures that might be difficult for them.

So with that…let’s take a look at them one by one.

“Wut!? No love for the rest of us!?”

“Oh no! New cute members!!”

“I’m not worried. I’ve been cute since day one. I’ll just go at my own pace-”

“You! You’re much cuter than Reina, aren’t you?”
Z: “You betchya.”

Z: “Zuuuuu…”
Shige: “Oh, I’m gonna punch Gaki!”
Shige suddenly elbows Mame and she is DOWN! Takahashi tries to help and ends up punching Mizuki!

(I know this makes no sense, but LOOK at that picture and tell me it doesn’t look like a fist fight.)

Look! LOOK! Takahashi and Mitsui recover quickly, but Shige is still wailing on Mame, while Winky keeps slapping around the Kyuukies!!

“HOLD IT! Let’s stop this madness!! You have to talk about us first! It’s only fair!”

Well that ruins that fun.

Winky you know I’m just going to rag on you for failing.


I’m not a fan, but I honestly think she sounds better on the b-side Motto Aishite Hoshii no. I’ve never heard Winky sound that good. When she stops squirrelling and stops with her weird vibrato, she sounds…well, pretty. One of her lines near the end stopped me in my tracks. The b-side is more along the lines of the last b-side. It’s was epic instant love for me and while this wasn’t a surprise, I was disappointed that the 9th gen didn’t really get to do anything in it.

“Ah, it’s gotten noisy again!”

Now Mame isn’t in this review a whole lot because, while she is a delight, I have a beef with her. I’ve said this before and I will say it again as many times as it takes: GO SOLO! RIGHT NOW! Seriously. You’re beautiful and adorable, your voice is gorgeous and strong and you have a unique stage presence that the others do not have (except Takahashi, but she is your fellow Gokkie, so that is only natural).

Start giving her solos within H!P like you did for Goto and the rest of them. Do it now.

Ah Granny. She really does go at her own pace, doesn’t she? All through this she refuses to stop her pursed-lip smile and her languid style of movement. Don’t mistake me here, I still think she is the cutest thing since Nacchi with a bunny (I’d post that pic, but the cute-gasm would destroy the internet), but on some of these shots she looks a bit like a school-master shaking her finger. Give in to the genki! Come on!

“Is it my turn yet?”

“No, don’t panic, Sayu. You’re still the cutest. There are only four others.”

“You’ve heard of Dark Sayu, right? You’d best just say it…”

Shige is very cute.

“Oh! Thank you!”

I really like her tights actually.


Moving on now. Don’t you think it’s about time for the Kyuukies?

“Waaaait a sec, brosef! It’s Ai-tyme!!”

Has anyone ever looked this happy? Ever?

I was initially going to rag on her for looking older, but that is really bound to happen when you’re surrounded by people ten years younger and smaller than cup-poodles. Honestly…she looks pretty much ecstatic throughout this whole pv, even when she is punching the camera (which happens a few times). I love her voice, which is nothing new, but she keeps up the energy the same as the new members. Mame does something similar but not quite as energetically. Her smile looks like it will break her face though. You gotta love the bubbly joy of the 5th gen, even ten years later.

Ok. NOW!

Let’s start with Riho. I tried to find caps that summed up each girl.

Riho is scary.

Seriously. Even in a pv like this one she always has a sort of serene smirk on her face and when she does smile it doesn’t quite reach her eyes.

Her voice has that empty flatness that all of them have, but it’s there. With more experience she’ll probably get stronger and stronger. She already has the confidence gained from what looks like a lifetime of performance school, plus the dancing experience to pick things up quickly and give it some flair. You know what this means, right?

Soloist in the making. People love this sort of girl, don’t they? She’s cute and small and can dance really well. Plus she’s quiet right now, but absurdly confident. Tsunku described her as “ready for battle” and she already has her sights set on the center position. In the pv she gets a lot of screen time. It’s happening people. Watch for it.

She’s coming for you. Make sure you don’t underestimate her.

I’m not picking on her. Confidence is great, as long as it doesn’t go to your head. I don’t think she’s that sort of girl, but it would be really fun if she turned out to be ruthlessly trying to move up the ranks, wouldn’t it? Think of the fanfic possibilities!

And on the other end of the spectrum is Eri-pon.

Eri-pon is concentrating. Very hard.

Before we go into it, I just want to point out that she has the most adorable speaking voice and her smile lights up the room. I’m not kidding, that smile is killer. It’s not quite as bright as Zukki’s, but look at how cute that is!

She has her moments all through this pv, but for the most part she has this stiff, unblinking concentrated look, like someone is off-camera, feeding her cues. It’s almost painful, or it would be if it weren’t completely understandable. I think she is a little overwhelmed right now. She definitely doesn’t seem that comfortable with the camera yet.


As far as her singing goes, it’s hard to tell. All the Kyuukies, at this point don’t have much distinction. As with all of them, I’m sure she will get better with every opportunity. This concentration thing is going to have to get more subtle though. We’ll all be watching her while wringing our hands and breathe sighs of relief when she’s done.

The former(?) H!P egg with all the experience is Mizuki!

Mizuki is just…lovely.

That is the best adjective I’ve been able to come up with. I feel like she’s one of those girls that is so beautiful you just keep staring at her. I think both Tsunku and Takahashi have mentioned that there is a sensual feeling about her that you don’t get from the others. It feels like she is older than her age, like she has this secret… I don’t know how to put it without sounding like a stalker. It might only be her appearance, but she is just lovely in every way. Her singing is about the same as the others (as far as I can hear) and her dancing seems pretty relaxed. I really tried to find a cap where she didn’t look lovely and I couldn’t do it. All her little poses and smiles are just…they just kill me.

“So…you aren’t stalking me, right?”


And now, Zukki.

Try to hate this girl. I dare you. I think her constant smile and the fact that she is the only one without previous experience makes her feel (to me) a little like the underdog. It’s always easier to relate to the one who has to put in that extra bit of effort, but grins all the way through it. Honestly, she just shines. She isn’t afraid to be goofy, she isn’t afraid of the camera and she dances like she just adores everything about it, even how hard it is. It helps that for her audition she did a comedy skit and has continued to be a goofball with very little embarrassment. We haven’t had a truly comic member since Kamei and even with her it took a while to manifest itself (that isn’t to say that I’ve forgotten Linlin, but with her it was a little different). Face it, you love a girl who makes you giggle. And the fact that she was so happy she got through the dance-shot that she started cheering and jumping around after wards (watch BG, seriously)….

That is not just cute, that is ADORABLE.
That is not just laughing, that is SHINING!!

As I mentioned before, she doesn’t have any experience with dancing and performing (unless you count being funny) and so it feels, perhaps even more than with the others, that she really is just an ordinary girl who is getting her chance to shine. Momusu is a place where that can happen after all.

I cite Kamei as an example again: she could barely talk to people when she entered and by the time she graduated she was an awesome dancer, great singer and all around joyous performer. I’ve mentioned her photobooks being complete eye-candy before, haven’t I? I really think Zukki will rival Riho for the girl who shines the most. I guess it all depends on what you’re looking for in an idol, right?

Let’s look at some of their close-ups:

Riho: “Seriously, I totally got this…”

Eri-pon: “Ok…now hands here and bend and, OH smile, and-”

Zukki: “Dancing is so much FUN, man!”

Mizuki: “Peace!”

T: “So that’s the 9th gen, everybody…(man I’m old).”

W: “I’M not old! I’m completely awesome!”

*everyone ignores her*
W: “…WHUUUUT!???”

Just a short word on the visuals: Like. Like a lot.
(Take that however you want.)

Zukki: having SO much fun.

So is Riida. PUN-CHI!

Eri-pon…well, she’ll get there eventually.

I have no idea how to end this review. There are so many caps I want to put in here. It really was a joy to sift through them. I love the new members and I’m curious to see how they integrate. The b-side to this single is much like Momusu’s recent style, so I’m not sure Tsunku is entirely ready to let it go.

Lucky for me, I love Momusu either way.

See you next time!


6 thoughts on “Majidesu suka!? XD FIN-ally!

  1. Haha cute post, just as fun as the song itself. ^^ H!P really is from a different planet and that’s why I love it. Also great analysis on the kyuukies. I have a similar impression of them. For me personally, Zukki already shines more than Riho.

  2. I loved the cap with the fisticuffs. You seriously had me laughing out loud with that one!

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Eri-pon. She just looks like she’s trying so hard all the time. Hopefully by the end of this concert tour she’ll have enough experience to relax a little and gain a bit of confidence.

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