From Nacchi’s blog: March 12th

“In the end, I stayed up cleaning until the morning while watching TV, thinking
This thing that just happened
Is this real?

I wish it was a lie or‥
the images are hard to believe..and that I could do nothing but watch

Being alive and
now, having survived..

I thought about these things for some time..
The things happening in this world right now.
This is reality.. When I realized this, I became scared again‥
Disheartened, anxious..
even closing my eyes felt scary‥

But, compared to me there are many people carrying unimaginable anxiety and sorrow‥

So at this moment at a time when I have to think about what I can do to help‥

I felt so small‥

So today again I will be heading to the filming site..

Even though I have all kinds of worries and all kinds of thoughts, you know? I’m going to do the things I CAN do right now, the things I should do right now with all my might‥

because I consider it to be my duty or like my fate

Right now, perhaps it might be difficult for me
to do something for you directly


I always think I can give you all just a little bit of power in this way ..

Though it is REALLY insignificant..
I believe I can send you my thoughts and hopes as they take this shape

At a time like this, to support and encourage each other..
is living, isn’t it

Thought I can’t express myself fully in words
I’ll always be with you.
(Full Translation from Blog!Project here; Pics added by me)

Posting this in no way indicates that I am more concerned about idols than I am about all the ordinary people affected by this. Far from it. Hello Online posted some translated tweets from Japan and reading them made me cry. Everyone is holding together, helping each other and I am so happy and grateful for that.

I posted this because I was touched to see Nacchi honestly reaching out, saying how scared she is and how helpless she feels. I love that she is trying to do her best somehow, even though life is completely surreal and frightening to her right now.

Do your best, everyone. Hang in there.
Our thoughts, our prayers, are with you Japan.


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