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In which Isilie loves ‘Fashionable’

Since I am sick and fatigued and (for once) taking a sick day, I decided to comb through all the H!P stuff I haven’t watched yet. That is no small task, but I finally landed on Fashionable, the last play to feature the 8nin Momusu of 2010. Forgive me if any of this review reads funny; I’m not exactly at my best.

I haven’t seen the whole Cinderella play yet, but from what little I did see, it seemed like there wasn’t that much for most of of the girls to do. There was a lot of emphasis on Takahashi Ai. Being the star, and completely awesome at plays, this makes sense, but after Ribbon no Kishi, I really wanted a play where everyone at least got a LINE.

Fashionable is about a little shop called Tresor; their business is failing and even though Coco (our heroine) tries her best, they want to call in outside help. But wait – this famous ‘fashionable’ man is someone from Coco’s past!? Of course the store is manned by Coco and her colourful friends. The cast is basically Momusu and five other actors, one of them Chompy from C-ute (Saki? Nakki? Whatever her name is?). I don’t know the names of the other actors, but the male lead is elegant, commanding and otherwise awesome. The two little Eggs manage to be sweet as pie and somehow real too. So what about Momusu then?

This might sound terrible, but I didn’t expect much from everyone. I don’t mean that I expected it to be bad, or boring, but I was dreading a play in which the other members were just decorations to Takahashi and the non-Momusu players. I was very pleasantly surprised to feel a wonderful friendly and warm atmosphere between all the players. Everything comes together so well.  For a musical, it has very few songs, but they are lovely little additions. I really think that everyone gave a lot to the play.

Takahashi got most of the lines, of course, but more about her later.

Winky and JJ are themselves, not exactly playing characters, but their banter is really funny. Kudos to JJ for her lovely English; I will miss her saying random things and getting scolded in real life too.

Linlin is her back-slappin’, giant smile, “YAAAY” self and it made me delighted every time she opened her mouth. When she yells, “I’ll teach him a lesson!” and tries to start punching the male lead, I was on the floor laughing, I’m not gonna lie.

“…I am also made of awesome! Yaaaaay!!” *peace sign*

Kamei is so kind and sweet. She really is/was the perfect, down-to-earth best friend. Mitsui is just adorable. She acts just like a petulant youngster, but in a charming way that makes me want to hug her.

Shige only has two appearances, but they are so SO good; She doesn’t even have to act, she just kicks it up a notch.


There you go. Cutest in the UNIVERSE. Yeesh…Try as I might, I just can’t hate her.

Now, let’s talk about Takahashi and Mame. These two are absolutely fantastic together.This is one of those plays that didn’t rely on costumes, or big musical numbers like some of their plays in the past. This is the first one I have seen that just used their natural chemistry as a group. One of the best things about the fifth gen is that mix of friendship and rivalry. I always get that sense, even from just these two. Mame and Ai play off each other perfectly as a result, because in this play they are working together with that same underlying sense of competition.

Perhaps a conversation they’ve had before?

Takahashi is perfect at the heart-on-her-sleeve heroine. She can change her expression in a very subtle way and I found myself teary more times than I expected to be. When she sings ‘Samishii hi’ it almost breaks your heart. Those are real tears she’s crying. After the climax of the play it looks like she’s still a bit teary from the scene. It’s not much of a departure, sure, but she plays it so well. You don’t root for her just because you have to, you really do want her to succeed. At least I did. I want to see more plays for her in the future. She really is an amazing presence.

Mame was gorgeous, first of all, but that is nothing new. I never expected her to play someone so aloof. Considering her usual character, I thought she did extremely well. When she tells Mitsui to hush, or looks down her nose at Coco because she is selling more clothing, she managed to be quite formidable. You root for her too, of course, but I loved that she was that character. She was Fujimoto-esque in some of her delivery. Remember Mikitty’s ‘you are a bug I will squash’ face? I saw a few of those during the course of the play.

Overall, this play will make you very happy if you are a Momusu fan. I think it’s a real testament to both how great of an actor Takahashi is and how fantastic 8nin’s unity was. I really miss everyone now.

On that note:

Some caps from the makingof:


Linlin: she’s the only one who knows what she’s talking about.

She just leaps into shot here.

It’s the real thing guys!!

She can rally them troops she can!

How can you be nervous in the presence of such a fruitcake awesome?

I think I just died from cute…

Uh oh.

Mame: the truth makes her stupid.

Seriously…the cute just about kills me.

Watch it.


4 thoughts on “In which Isilie loves ‘Fashionable’”

  1. Hi, I found your blog because you linked to mine. 🙂

    I watched Fashionable twice and I loved it, but for some reason I didn’t blog about it. This was a really nice review! You mentioned a lot of things that I noticed too. I particularly liked Aichan and Gakisan in this, and the ending where Sayu got to sing Tomo with everyone made me happy (Sayu being my favourite Momusu member and Tomo one of my favourite songs last year).

    Oh and thanks for mentioning the making of, I haven’t watched it yet. (Did it come with the DVD? I totally missed it…)

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