Making a Fuss about ‘Lullaby Game

I love it when Momusu gets into my head. I haven’t been able to stop singing along to this new single since I heard it. I started humming it one day at work and that was it.

So I am going to make a fuss.

My poor brother is lucky he loves Momusu as much as I do. I have listened to this song an embarrassing amount. I’ve also pored over the various versions of the pv. Some of my caps might be lower quality than others. I am an impatient sort. I capped everything I could get my hands on regardless of quality. After how underwhelming Seishun Collection was, it was awesome to be excited about a single again. The B-side, Aisare Sugiru Koto wa nai no yo (could the damn title BE any longer!?), is fantastic. Everyone gets to shine, even Shige with her Perfume-esque vocal distortions (what is this called? there is a name and I can never remember it) that suit her so well. I almost like it better than the single, but I think they are pretty even in terms of how much I will listen and sing along to them.

It’s another interesting case with this one. I liked it when I heard it, but it was similar to Nanchatte Renai. My reaction was almost a non-reaction. This time I didn’t listen to a radio rip; I waited until I had the pv in front of me. The costumes didn’t suit at all and I was expecting pretty much…nothing from the sets. But I liked the white set and the black one is very dynamic and sets off the colours wonderfully. I didn’t think they’d suit the song this much.

Surprisingly, I found this pv and it’s variations pretty delightful.And the song wormed its way into my head. It’s very catchy, the chorus particularly. I am a big fan of dance-shots , so the emphasis on the dance was something I appreciated. Recently, Momusu dances are so much more interesting to me than the kidz. They keep recycling air-guitar and running in a circle clapping…and so on. I know dances are recycled all the time, and Momusu is guilty of this too (rather, the choreographers are), but they at least mix it up and have a little attitude about it! (I’m going to get flamed for this comment, aren’t I?)

Ok, fair enough. They recycled this one from Nanchatte, right?

Welcome back, random ballet!
And there is also that bicycle motion from Seishun Collection.

There are some awesome little touches here.

The little leg lift is cute.

The lead into the chorus looks awesome.

Momusu: women, just in case you forgot for a second.

They think you cra-zee!


Seriously though, I thought the dance was perfect, even if at times it could be unfortunate:

…Well, that depends on your point of view.

And I love the middle. It’s so aggressive all of the sudden, then it’s coy and then you have no idea what the hell is going on. And the hair flipping!! THE HAIR FLIPPING!

We’re dancing SO MUCH!!

Everyone keeps talking about Ai’s ponytail, and rightly so, because my WORD does she ever use it. The thing is, everyone is working her hair. That might sound odd, so let me give you an example.

…Should Shige’s neck even bend that way??

So much hair! HIDE YOUR EYES KAMEI!!!

The tunnel shots they used for the close-ups pwn. Once again, it’s the contrast between their colours, the shine off the plastic (or is it leather?) and the complete blackness. Finally, we have something interesting for the close-up version! I am not usually a fan of those. Standing in front of a green screen, barely moving and waiting till one’s line comes up? Awkward! But, as Nights4Blogging pointed out, “Varying camera angles, non-static frames, the girls aren’t stationary, frankly it’s just an all around much more dynamic production.” (Check out Night’s review here).

Also: Mame pwns. Every time she has a line she sounds amazing. She dances with an attitude that no one else has. She can look adorable and full of attitude while looking completely delighted. I saw this same Mame in Nanchatte (I am seeing so many parallels, it’s not even funny). There is an elegance and an edge to her that I don’t see in anyone else. Winky keeps trying to have it and it just doesn’t come out. I’m sure being the sub-leader (or papa-musume) has something to do with it. It comes out in concerts more than anywhere else, but I see it here and I love her in this pv.

I wasn’t expecting the graduating JunLin to get any special treatment here. They do get some lines and look lovely, but I knew the solos would go to Kamei. She’s the one everyone knows the best out of the three. Her voice is high, but it’s lovely too. Her last ‘jinsei’ is haunting and pretty. She makes the most of the dance, flipping that short style around and being elegant as always. I love that gap about her: she seems like a spazz, someone always in her own world and adorably amused by the strangest things. Then you get her on stage and she transforms. Let’s not forget how gorgeous she is.


Linlin alternates from mildly amused to complete attitude every five seconds if you watch her in the dance shots.

In the tunnel scenes she really isn’t sure if she’s smiling or upset, but she is so down-to-earth beautiful that I don’t even mind the awkwardness.

JJ seems to always have her mouth open. It’s like she is constantly amazed by the dancing.

JJ: “Woa, dude! Riida just totally grabbed her own butt!”

I wish JunLin had been featured more and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I guess I will have to content myself with their grad dvd. I am so relieved they got that at least.

I think the prom dresses (let’s be honest here – that’s what most of them are) suit the song more than their tiny, vibrant minis.They didn’t use these scenes nearly as much as they could have. The background is beautiful, if not an overemphasis. Yes, they are female. Yeesh.

I am never a fan of giant bows with tutus, but I feel I am going to have to accept them the same way I’ve had to accept that Winky will get almost every line and make the same weird expressions every single time.

I swear, you Winky fans have it made. I mean, it’s bad enough now, but think of how many lines she will get once the three have graduated! It isn’t likely that the new member(s) will get that much singing time at first, unless, by some miracle, Tsunku chooses someone with an awesome voice.

Could we please acknowledge though, that while her voice is…fine, and she looks very pretty…

THIS is just freakin’ hilarious!???

Can you say over-doing it? Can you say GIANT FEATHER DUSTER!!? Seriously, Winky, sweetheart, just…come back to earth would you???

And now, sing it with me!

Safety dance! Safety daa-UNCE!
(Seriously. That made me laugh so much.)

M: “Presenting…JJ’s fanny!!”
JJ: “Don’t pretend you don’t like it!”

Granny wants you to straighten up! None of this fannie nonsense!

Because she’s so SAUCY!
S: “But I’m cute.”

Poor Mitsui. I wish they would feature her even a little.

Seriously. She’s been there longer than Junlin. Give her some credit! I think she is cute as a button and we’ve had MUCH worse in terms of vocals. Which is not to say she can’t sing. She just has a certain range and Tsunku doesn’t use it too much.

I need to show you one more shot of Mame because she pwns so hard.

N: “Oh you are NOT trying to moon me, biyach!”

So for a last single of the year, this kicked all kinds of ass. As always line distribution leaves something to be desired, but everyone gets to sing a little and everyone looks great (even Ms FeatherDuster, when she isn’t getting eaten by her enormous accessories).

Or Ai’s ponytail.

I was happy to see different sets here. The editing is sharp and each set works well, with the possible exception of the prom dresses. Although, I’m not sure how they could have been used beyond that. Besides, those tiny dresses for the dance shots grow on you after awhile.

This sort of song is characteristic of the new Momusu sound, isn’t it? It isn’t nostalgic, but it’s fun, it’s catchy and it’s just a little tongue in cheek.

Nothing wrong with that.


4 thoughts on “Making a Fuss about ‘Lullaby Game

  1. Love the caps. The one with Sayu flipping her hair? YES.

    I have to agree with you, Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game is awesome. I really love nearly everything about it. I’ve even grown to like those brightly colored minis they wear for the majority of the PV. I don’t really like them on the girls individually, but I love the contrast they give to the stark black background in the solo shots and how they all look together in the dance shots.

    Oh, and if you haven’t yet checked out the solo versions, definitely take a look at Mame’s. Darn that woman needs more lines. >=[

  2. Mame = Papa Musume. I’m learning new names everytime im here (Ms FeatherDuster LOL)

    I too agree that this single was a much more stronger hit than SC (but currently ranked not so hot right now). For me, what stood out was the song, choreography (the ‘manpower, smash! smash!’ part and leg lift) an d some of the chosen backgrounds. I find the flower set a bit tacky : \

    Say, any chance of you reviewing Fantasy Juuichi anytime soon? I’d like to read your review about it.

      1. i have listened tot he mp3 rips while waiting for my copy of the album to arrive. About the album, without spoiling anything, the new tracks are good (but takes a while for me to ‘absorb it’) and makes me humm some of the melodies while i’m work. So you know thats always a good sign~ What stood out for me in the album is the song ‘”Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni’. Most probably taht Eri is the lead of the song. If she is, then, she made this song sound heavenly for me. To be honest, the new album is good, but it doesnt hold up to 10 My Me. My favorite song in 10 My Me (and possibly my favorite song in h!p in general) is Namidacchi. I was trying to find the ‘Namidacchi’ in fantasy juuichi but havent found it:\ So yeah, review it when you get the chance~! and more random pic spam plz XD

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