Elegant Girl lacks Diamonds.

So they finally did it. They gave Risako the Diamond Sucker a solo single. Yes, I understand it is part of some anime and therefore “doesn’t really count as a solo debut” but PUH-LEEZE. She may as well go solo. She doesn’t seem particularly happy in a group setting.

In fact, she doesn’t seem particularly happy at all.

Unless of course there are DIAMONDS AROUND.

So I watched the pv, expecting certain things and I got them. If you loved this pv and you were saying to yourself, “oh this is made of win. oh RISAKO IS SO AMAZING” etc, you might be angered by this review. The only amazing thing about this song is how incredibly Risako-like it is and how even with something so suited to her look-up-my-nostrils-for-I-am-a-princess persona, she can barely muster a smile.


I feel I should state once again that in the case of Risako, I don’t hate her as a performer. Often her voice will be one of my favourite parts of a Berryz song. She is absolutely beautiful when she wants to be and there are times when her snob persona is actually pretty funny. On the alohello dvd, for example, her unwillingness to shell out more money, even when the gifts are for the fans and the look she gives that crazy singer is quite funny.

But Risako has that face. You know the one.

This one! It’s a toss-up between pouting wounded puppy and snob who is disgusted by your very existence. AND THIS IS THE FIRST FACE SHE MAKES!

This picture is of Risako finally cracking a smile. And she looks beautiful and just as lovely as she must think she looks when she’s doing her stupid pout.

She should do THAT more often. I love this picture of her.

But anyway…

The visuals tend to be very…ahem….elegant, but they do contain way too much of the one piece of jewelery I can never stand-

Pearls. I just don’t like pearls. They give me images of snobby old people or snobby girls who are trying to act older. Besides this is Risako. You really couldn’t get some diamonds in here?

R: “Oh! The fail!”

I love this setting even though all she does here is sit or hug her lamb friend.


Another thing I love about Risako is that she is small and petite without being a wisp. She just seems to have curves and most H!P girls don’t have any. Look at her legs! And I think she has beautiful shoulders too.

Be honest: how many of you wish you were that stuffed animal right now?
I just realized, it’s a RAM!

Oooh, unfortunate.

The other settings are a bit…

I mean look at this:

It is an absolutely beautiful rose and the pv is full of images like this. I love blue, so any blue-washed lighting makes me squee from the pretty. The thing is, that rose, and our princess Risako are both in-

the bathroom. Granted, it’s a gorgeous…ahem…elegant bathroom, but she’s still sitting on a tub for no reason.Actually, that face she’s making is kinda hilarious, considering the circumstances.

R: “I thought he’d hidden my diamonds in the bathtub, but no!”

R: “Why do you hurt me, Director-san?”

Risako is gorgeous in most of these shots.

Oh yeah. She knows it too.

Then we have the obligatory anime cos-play shot, just in case you were getting worried and thought she was leaving Berryz to go solo.

R: “Leave!? Never. I AM Berryz, bitch!”

R: “No! NO! I was joking. GIVE ME BACK THE DIAMONDS!!!”

R: “Dude, seriously, don’t do that again. I’m begging you!”

There is nothing really spectacular about the song for me. It’s a nice song, with a nice melody and she sounds decent. It’s just not very catchy. There is a flatness about it that is prefect for listless Risako. She’s very good at sitting there being pretty and broody, but it gets annoying after awhile. Having her standing against a curtain, feigning dancing just hurts.

R: “You mean my lipsynching wasn’t elegant enough for you?”

I assume this is her costume in the anime, or some sort of school uniform they use in the anime. Either way I found it completely random. I mean, it’s nice and all, but it just shows up all of the sudden.

What is she brooding about anyway? Too many pearls? The…ahem….elegant look suits her perfectly, but those pearls are everywhere. I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone can pull off pearls until they are 60; it’s just too much.

R: “Wait, you mean these aren’t diamonds!??”

R: “Why, director-san? Why?”

I have no idea how Risako is as an actress, so I can’t wait to see if she is voicing a character or not. When I looked up the anime and it’s called something like, ‘Super Popular Class President’ I just couldn’t stop laughing. Could this be any more Risako? I mean, if that co-play uniform is any indication of her character type…

Why don’t you just call it, Diamond-Sucking-Rich-Girl-Gets-Everything-Because-She’s-Inexplicably-Loved/Admired-by-All (but-still-pouts-all-day-long)?

R: “Tsch. It’s a little on the nose, isn’t it?”

Um. Should you really be talking about noses, oh GIANT nostril-ed one?

R: “…”

That’s what I thought.

So anyway, there is nothing wrong with this song, if you like bland prettiness, and the pv is quite beautiful, if you don’t mind PEARLS. The point of this post wasn’t really to point out that it is a bad song (just boring), but more to revel in how hilariously suited it is to its singer.I guess it’s a silly observation to make, but it’s rare that a song and pv so closely fits to an idol, at least from what I’ve seen.

Other examples: Nacchi’s ‘Koi no Hana’ and Iida Kaori’s ‘Aegekai ni Dakarete’. Koi no Hana was Nacchi at her cheery, adorable best and Iida’s solo completely captured her dreamy, mysterious and above all…ahem…elegant persona.Could this Risako song be testing the waters for a real solo debut?

I don’t know if I could take a whole album of these, even with that lovely voice.

And that FACE!




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