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In which even Isilie doesn’t know…

I know some things very well. I know exactly why I love Morning Musume. I know why I love Arashi. I know why I love singing and why I’ve watched over sixty J-dramas in the past two years (What? They’re short!). I know why Kamei Eri photobooks make me squee and why Yossy turns me to mush.

But there are just some things I don’t get about my tastes. I don’t get why I love umeboshi even though they are all mushy and so sour they make my right eye close involuntarily (I can only eat about two in one sitting and I enjoy every eye-twitching second of it). I don’t get why I love Risako’s singing voice but can’t stand her personality.

And along those lines, I’ve discovered that there are some songs I love but have almost no idea why I love them. Most of the following were stumbled across some how or other and became favourites-in-spite-of-myself. Some I love even though most people don’t. Some I have mentioned before and some I haven’t.

I thought I would let you guys in on some of the things that I’ve taken a liking to that I never expected to take a liking to. Here are ten in no particular order.

(WARNING: Lots of youtube embeds.)

EDIT: Unfortunately, most of these videos have been removed. >_<
I wish I could direct you to better links. *sigh* If you are still curious, please look for them – and please still read this entry. m(_ _)m

This one I discovered a couple years ago and rediscovered a couple weeks ago. I loved it instantly, even though I have no idea who this group is. I still don’t. Canaria Club’s version of Sweet and Toughness,

It was the dance version for some reason. I tried watching the real one with all it’s stark whiteness and toothy smiles, but I like this one better. The dance is cute and so very young. That is another thing! This video has all those things that should annoy me: girls look far too young, extremely high-pitched vocals and a very repetitive chorus. To this day though, it makes me so happy.

Then there was I’m a Lady ~Jirettai Watshi from Tokito Ami.

Oddly enough I didn’t see the pv first. I was looking up information on the members of Gyaruru and I listened to the track. It was one of the only songs of hers that I liked. I had no idea that glasses were her trademark and that she was quite so young. She looks much older in Gyaruru to me. I don’t get this video at all. This kind of song doesn’t usually appeal to me, but I like something about her voice in this song.

Which of course brings us to Gyaruru and their only single (that I know of) Mecha Macho ~Boom Boom, etc.

We’ll go with the story version. It’s weird and crazy and annoying, but I love it. I love it now, I loved it when I first heard it and…yeah. It has to be the oddest lineup I’ve ever seen. You’ve got Nacchi’s sister, who looks kinda irritated to me, Ms. Eating Queen and Tokito who as I understand it, is a model when she isn’t singing about how she’s a lady. I can’t imagine Tsuji here.

This one scared me the first time I watched it. Aa! First Kiss.

You guys have to understand that it’s hard for me to get used to kids who are barely ten years old singing about how they want a lover. A sweetheart, whatever. Watching it for the first time, I just sorta gaped at the screen and yelled, “But she’s TWO!!” Even so Airiri sounds amazing. I don’t even mind Winky here. Oatbag is almost barely there for me, but even so she’s probably the best looking. That high note in the middle is what got me. It’s one of the coolest moments in H!P.

Another cool moment whether you admit it or not was Momusu’s Resonant Blue. I had to put it on this list because so many people seem to hate it, but I love it. Love it so much that I mention it almost once a post here. Any excuse to mention it. ANY!

I feel like this is one I shouldn’t like, because so many people who claim to love the group, hate this song. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe more people like it than I think. Even so. I realize that there is NO line distribution, you can barely see most of the girls and once again, it’s a repetitive song, BUT I still think it’s something unlike anything they’ve done before. The only way I could love it more is if there was some sort of DoitNow -esque rap in the middle. I chose the dance version because I love this dance and because you can see everyone in this version (if you squint). If you want the truth, I didn’t expect to like it because Yossy is not in it. But there you go. Momusu wins me over anyway.

Kitagami Mimi (CV Ogawa Mana) with MM Gakuen Gasshoubu – Oshare My Dream. This one is very new and I just heard it the other day, but I love it.

I love Ogawa Mana’s voice. I think that’s pretty much the only reason this appeals to me. I have no idea what Nice Girl Project is or who MM Gakuen Gasshoubu is. All I know is that I love this song a billion times more than Dead-fish-diamond-sucker Risako’s Elegant Girl song. I understand they are related in some way?

And now for something completely different: Koda Kumi’s Selfish.

The above video involves vampires (I think?), riding crops, leather, bats, half-naked men and a dance that I love, minus the last second, which is definitely TOO MUCH. It’s Koda. If you aren’t familiar with her…she ain’t H!P, basically. Even though it’s not my thing, I love this song.

This one I really, really don’t get: Milky Way’s Anataboshi.

Of COURSE the first time I hear bagpipes (or something that sounds like them) in a J-pop song, it’s freakin’ Nutjob and her two Egg friends. When you close your eyes, they sound a bit like Konkon and Niigaki to me. Before you start, I haven’t heard these two in anything else, so I mean, in THIS SONG they sound like Konkon and Niigaki to me. I hated TanTanTan, but this one just baffles me with how much I love it. I even think Nutjob sounds perfect in it. It suits her odd vocals. The video is a bit much, but what can one expect from an anime group? I don’t know…even the tambourine dance grew on me.

This one also makes me inexplicably happy: Athena & Robikerottsu’s Seishun LOVE Lunch.

I feel like I’m too old to like this as much as I do. Everything about this is cheese. Can I argue that Mame and Granny are too adorable?

Let’s wrap this up with some K-pop. I have no idea what is being said here, but Big Bang and 2NE1’s Lolipop is PURE WIN.

It’s…just insane. LOOK at it! T.O.P is hawt though. Man. Even in that suit…I don’t get sick of it. And this entire thing was for a cell phone!

I will have more soon, I’m sure. Are there any songs out there that you like in spite of yourself? Any songs you didn’t think you’d have any interest in?

I’m curious.


3 thoughts on “In which even Isilie doesn’t know…”

  1. Ahem, in regards to Resonant Blue~
    “If you want the truth, I didn’t expect to like it because Yossy is not in it.”
    You DO know that Yossy (with Ongaku Gatas) sang this song at their latest concert, right? xD And they gave Takahashi’s lines to Yossy so you know, main vocals? 8D

    1. Oh I know!! And I almost died with happiness. Initially though, I didn’t think I could get into anything Momusu without Yossy. Thank goodness for Gatas, eh!?

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