In Which Isilie Rebels

Takalin for the win, anyone?

The English Major in me always kicks me when I blog, because writing in here never requires citations, or even in some cases proper grammar (yossy being awesome leaves no room for grammar!!) and those things have been ingrained for so long that there’s almost a sense of guilt. I feel like I should never write something like, “I read somewhere-” or “I heard that-” because statements like the require some sort of back up. Well, where did you read it? Whom did you hear it from? And so on.

So sometimes when I go to write something in here I have to stop because I start thinking about how I will have to arrange the post, whether I have any caps or pics for said post and so on. I am going to REBEL against MYSELF and just post whatever I feel like in this post.

Take THAT self!

Songs H!P Needs to stop Milking:

Love Machine

Ok, it was, and still is, their most popular and recognizable song.
Ok, so the dance is fun and nostalgic and reminds everybody of more “innocent” times when the economy didn’t suck quite so hard.

They do it every damn time.

Ditto Renai Revolution 21.

Yes, it is an awesome song, with an equally awesome dance…but you’re killing it.


Of course for these two I am mostly referring to the recent HEYHEYHEY special where the OGs performed with current Momusu. It was awesome to see everyone, particularly Kaori and Nacchi. And they gave Yaguchi the final line in LM, which made me squee. I still sort of rolled my eyes a little at the song choice though.

I feel like complaining about the OGs always doing the same songs while they totally and completely block out current Momusu is fighting a losing battle. Everyone will probably tell me that they are awesome songs and that is what the people want to see anyway. I realize this, but I still want to see my other favourites. I want to see Mr Moonlight again and I want to see Souda We Are Alive. Koko ni Iruzee would kick so much ass in the hands of the OGs and current Momusu, you know if they could actually get on the screen. I would love to see Nakazawa do that crazy dance.

Speaking of Nakazawa:

LOOK at that!!

She is promoting a protein drink now. After her protein diet she is now 90 lbs.

Take that all you who say Nakazawa is just an old maid!
She’s always been gorgeous, but it’s great to see her showing off like this.

Pwned. ALL of you.

And now for some more Takalin.



Linlin woves her riida.

Ok…think I’m done now.

Can we talk about the costumes for the Rival Survival Tour? Or what I assume are the costumes for it?


I love Momusu in green. Granny looks a little confused though. I wish Winky didn’t have the bow. She would look amazing without it. I’ve accepted that JJ and giant bows will just happen.

Linlin is AMAZING as is Mame. Ahem. Not Mame – Niigaki.



The sushi song…Meh. They’ve done the cartoon thing before. The costumes are as cute as the song is likely to be. I want a new album and I want a real single before they lose most of the girls.

AKA these girls.

C-ute is apparently going all cool again.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to expect coolness from a single entitled ‘I miss you on this Lonely Christmas’ (I paraphrase). Or is there a forthcoming single I don’t yet know about?

That is the only problem with raiding the pic board at Hello!Online; for a lot of the pictures, I have no idea what tour/single/event the costumes are from.

CHUUUuuu!!! Lovethemlovethemlovethemlovethem!!

That picture about sums it up, doesn’t it?

One more Takalin before we go.


The English major in me is a little shaken, but otherwise that was fun.


Here is the gif of the best moment in the Berryz Alo Hello:


2 thoughts on “In Which Isilie Rebels

  1. “Ok, so the dance is fun and nostalgic and reminds everybody of more “innocent” times when the economy didn’t suck quite so hard”

    Actually, part of the reason Love Machine was so revolutionarily popular was because Japan’s economy was in a huge slump at the time of the single’s release. Lyrics like “どんなに不景気だって
    恋はインフレーション (No matter how deep a recession,
    love is an inflation)” meant a lot to a country struggling with a stagnant market and a collapsed economic bubble. You could say that Love Machine is actually one of the most pertinent songs for MM to be performing with the economy like it is, as a kind of reminder that these things come in cycles.

    (That said, I agree that they ought to put the song on probation for a while, partially because I’ve never actually liked it all that much. :l )

  2. The C-ute outfits was for their latest tour photo sets. They weren’t used in the concert though. lol The concert was meant to look cool, and it’s indeed cool! Check their medley part.. =P

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