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Pic Spam: The Important Points

There are some things that for one reason or another, I’ve not covered on this blog. You know how that happens. You say, “ok, I’ll blog about this after I do these five other things” and next thing you know it’s five months later and you’re wondering, “what is it that I’ve forgotten-OH CRAP!”

Well…that might just be me.

Since it’s (pretty much) a DAY until I leave for Japan ( XD ), I can’t concentrate on much of anything for more than five minutes (unless it’s Mizushima Hiro with no shirt – I’m not made of stone: HANA KIMI FTW!). But there are a few things we need to cover before I go.

The first being Yossy. In FISHNETS!!!

Pimpin’ in Thailand! LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! *(@#$YQ*(O)YPFEGASDIEGHKJ!!!

  • Which leads me to the Odore! Morning Curry Concert and why you should watch it right now (aside from the awesome costumes):

Yossy is hawt.

  • The important point about Bravo!Bravo, aside from how happy the song makes me:

Airiri suddenly discovered her awesome. I LOVE her in this video.

  • Like most, I love the new C-ute song, ‘Dancing for Bacon’ or whatever you call it. You’ve got the flaily energetic dance back, the girls are divided (in my opinion) perfectly and everyone pwns in her own way. The important points however are:

They look hawt again.

Chisato, when she’s not judging you, is the cutest thing in the world.

  • Berryz has yet to show me that they have personality, but when I watched their Alo Hello dvd, I was pleasantly surprised to see them being delightful together. Most of the dvd is rather bland, even the prank that makes Momo cry, but by the end, when they are frolicking on the beach together and when their banner painting degenerates into ‘who can paint on who’s butt without getting caught’, I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Loved for instance, how Captain was holding everyone’s hand and telling them to look both ways as they were crossing the street. However, the important point is:

“SANK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!” (Chinami loves her some discount!)

Chinami and Miyabi FTW! They were hilarious. Chinami is probably the cutest ever, with her broken English and hand signals and how loud she constantly is. I think her reaction to the water during the beach-frolic was one the funniest I’ve ever seen: Stand. Wait. “DWAAAAAGH!!!”

Gotta go get some things ready.
I am so, SO excited.

I will leave you with one more thing that is very important:

The Odore! Morning Curry Concert is hawt.


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