H!P, pic spam

Pic Spam: 5 Days ’till Japan

That’s right folks – Isilie is going to Japan! WOOOOO!!!

*happy dance*

So, I am off work and full of energy and anticipation. I won’t get to see any concerts from H!P OR Arashi, but at least I can fangurl to my hearts content while actually being able to PURCHASE things. And eat amazing food.

So, SO excited.

Anyway, let’s get from my life and get to some pic spamming.

I thought I’d start with Niigaki and her shameless photobook pimping, here. She has always had that game-show-host/used-car-salesman smile. And hey, it works, cause I WANT THAT PHOTOBOOK!

And here we go.

Frat boys get drunk and fall down. It’s just a fact of life and it’s freakin’ funny.

Momoko and the Gun Show.
Don’t lie. She scares the willies out of you, doesn’t she?

Risako: Cannot be ASSED.

…There’s really nothing to say here, is there?

PERVE BAIT!  Really, try and caption this WITHOUT being a perve.

That’s what I thought.
You people are sick.

M: “Wait, are they being perves? I don’t mind that, as long as they think I’m cute.”

No. Seriously, do something stupid Shige! QUICK!

*Shige does her egg-layin’-drunk-dance while yodeling*

Yes. That should do it.

Risako: still stuck outside and extremely upset about it.

Did someone have an accident?

Maasa is in (hardcore) awe of Takahashi’s human-easter-egg stomp dance…
But Brat is not impressed.

M: “Imma git me some Riida! Straight up, yo!”

T: “Woa! Personal space!”

Riida realizes she should just let it happen.
Doesn’t Shige look like such the pimp there?

C: “Attention everyone! Shige is coming for you too!”
Captain: “No! IT’S TOO CUTE!”

*Jaws theme*

Gokkies FOR THE WIN!

JunRi for the win!

TakaLin for the win!

Konkon was trying to hug Makoto…then Rika saw the camera.

Mano: friends with zombies.

Captain: “Wooooaaaa!”

W: “See this? I can be pimp too!”
T: “Why is it always me?”

Winky…just…what are you doing!?

R: “I am a pineapple. And I’m smiling. Really. See?”
Actually somehow she’s managing to smile while frowning. See how her mouth is turned downwards even as she smiles? How does she DO that??

Run Konno! RUUUUUUN! Crazy Ishikawa is GAINING ON YOU!


My word…It’s adorable Nacchi…with an adorable BUNNY RABBIT!!
Are they trying to kill us?

You might think you’re pretty cool, but Chisato knows the truth. Frankly, she’s surprised you could be so confident.

C: “Nah, I’m just kiddin’. Really!”

Is she?

Yossy can’t figure this out either.

Matsuura – a smack means love.

Michishige – doesn’t count in volleyball games.

Kaori – doesn’t care what you think.

Even Miki had to get some Takahashi.
T: “Seriously. Why always ME?”

Linlin is a house…of POWER!

Yes you are.

Now I leave you with what we all came here to see…

Rika’s fanny.

H!P is such a fun place.


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