In Which Isilie Muses some More…

Morning Musume is really beautiful.

I was watching the pv for Onna ni Medatte (etc) and just thinking, ‘wow, even with the hideous tutus…they’re all just beautiful’.

I get all mushy and nostalgic when I think about this group though. The title of my blog describes my personality very well – except add a bit of sarcasm and the occasional rant. I tend to laugh my way through life, because I can see the humour in just about any situation. I don’t get all teary and emotional very often. I’m usually the one laughing at the teary ones and making them smile again. I only get teary when I am talking about or thinking about something, or someone, that I truly love.

And I truly love this group. So I’m thinking about how it’s going to be split even further apart after (five, four?) years of the same line-up and getting a little sad. I was never the biggest fan of Eri, although JunLin grew on me very fast. Koharu’s grad just seemed right some how, sad though it was. Even with this, I can see the good things about the grad and why it is better to do it sooner than later.

I guess it is the fact that three are going at once. That’s never happened before. Tsunku likes to make history in the weirdest ways, eh?

I made the mistake of reading the H!P blogs. Not all of them. I read bits of them now and then because of the adorable pictures and because of the adorable anecdotes (I disregard about 85% of the entries because we get things like, “I ate this pudding….See it? Cuuuuuuuute riiiiiiiiight?”…Well, yes, but I’m strangely unsatisfied…). I find that Linlin and JJ’s are a bit more emotional during times like this. Their sense of gratitude to the fans and the group is something I always find touching.

Klay @ Hello!Online translated JJ’s reaction to the announcement.

“Even though I had some mental preparation…This day came so suddenly…Junjun is still unable to cope.”

JJ understands Momusu needs to be perpetually youthful, hence the graduations after one turns twenty. I think she knew it wouldn’t be forever. Still.

She doesn’t regret it though. She calls her time with Momusu  ‘the most precious experience’. It’s amazing to watch her stumble all over her Japanese back when she was introducing herself for the first time and watch her now, pimping it up and making the others laugh.

JJ also says that she’d rather be sent off than see others go. I can understand that. The members have said she is  a cry baby, so I wonder how bad it will be when she’s saying goodbye to everyone. The current Momusu doesn’t do too well with graduations.

Someone mentioned that this graduation is similar to Ogawa’s in that everyone may get wrapped up in Kamei leaving more than JunLin. Those two might be overshadowed by all the fuss about her, since she has been with Momusu much longer.

I don’t know, seeing how close they all are, I don’t think they’d just send those two off with a handshake. I think they worked the hardest to get to this point with JunLin.

I wonder who Junjun feels closest to. I want to say Shige, but I’d hope that it is Mame, because I love me some JunRi.I guess it would really be Captain, wouldn’t it? She did confess her love to Captain, for all the wota to hear. Who can resist Captain?

“Cupu deeeeeeeeeeesu!”

Ah, Linlin…muffin. You’re so sweet. Stop making me teary! She gets me every time, this girl. Hyakupa has translated her entry on this. Her phrasing implies that she was “informed” about it, not that she made the choice herself.

Isn’t this the normal way of things? People seem surprised about this.

It’s because it’s Linlin, though. She turns you into mush because she’s so earnest. She says beautiful things in her entry.

I always thought of myself as a tough person, but I couldn’t stop crying today, and I don’t want to stop either…I want to take in everyone’s sadness. So please don’t cry. You happiness is my greatest blessing.”

Linlin has never really hid the fact that she was lonely when she came to Japan. Never mind the culture shock and the language barrier…she was leaving home for the first time, at sixteen. When I moved out of my home for the first time, I felt a terror that I can’t even properly articulate. I’ve felt nothing like it since. I try to add a foreign country to that fear and my brain begins to melt. I try adding ‘you’re now an idol’ and I approach coma…

I exaggerate, only a little. I think Linlin has done really well. She’s a good-natured spazz and she’s an earnest performer, with a great voice. And I think the fact that she still has that accent is adorable. I always have. Do we also recall that she plays guitar? That clip made me want to learn to sing that song. I will miss her voice so much…

I think she will miss everyone, but I feel like she will miss Takahashi the most.

Her blog pics consist of about 2% self-portraits, 25% group shots and 73% Takahashi Ai. There are so many photos of her snuggling up to Ai, or doing silly things with her. Ai mentioned that she would talk with Linlin when she first joined and she would sit with Linlin when she felt lonely and cried. She didn’t elaborate too much, but she did say that bonds are “tight” in the group.

Kamei Eri has given us some great moments. Most of them consist of Kamezou corner when she would do her spazz dances and baffle Nakazawa week to week. The ones that got me however are completely shallow:



Her photobooks stop me in my tracks. I bought one of her photobooks on a whim and suddenly I realized, “wait a minute, she’s completely beautiful!!” Now I want all of them. Even though H!P is such a visual place, I usually fall for a voice or a personality before I fall for looks…it sorta worked the other way this time. I noticed her voice and personality after I was completely pwned by her photobooks.

Then there was Resonant Blue. It is barely even mentioned anymore, because so many people hate it (I still, STILL love it), but I don’t think one can dispute that RB was the video that informed everyone Eri can DANCE. People often cite this clip as early proof, or even that epic performance of Shabondama, when Yossy slapped her around for three extremely hawt minutes (I love you, Morning Curry Tour). Honestly though, it didn’t register with me until she hair-flipped her way to the center in Resonant Blue.

I WISH I could gif…cause thst rules so much. I’m not just focusing on how much hair she flips. The woman just pwned every single move, even the ones that looked totally ridiculous. You remember that move where she suddenly decides she’s in a mosh pit but her hair is on fire and she’s trying to shake it out, but it’s making the ground too hot, so she has to keep hopping?

…Yeah. Need gifs.

Look at this cap though:

Confidence shone from her the entire pv and I couldn’t stop watching her. Still can’t. I love long-haired Eri.

I love that she is the only H!P member, as far as I know, that has done a photobook in Canada. The fact that Canada is a mysterious place to ANYONE makes me laugh a hearty-self-deprecating laugh, but it seems Japan doesn’t really know we exist. If they do, they don’t seem to care, so the fact that she went to my country just boggles my mind (and makes me a little giddy). They sent Eri to British Columbia (I assume) and took advantage of the scenery. There are some really beautiful photos in this book.

Look at all the beauty in this photo. Canada is so pretty!!!!!

Look at those mountains…not just beautiful, adorable Kamei in her little shorts.

I could bombard you with photos all night, but I wanted to talk about Eri a little in terms of her personality. There have been a few blog entries on Kamei in both JJ and Linlin’s blogs. One common story is when they were having trouble communicating something to the group. Eri was the one who tried to understand what they were trying to say, when others were giving up. It’s not easy to be patient in times like that; it’s frustrating for both parties, but it seems Eri was able to understand that they weren’t just talking nonsense. They wanted to be understood and Eri noticed these times more than anyone.They describe her as weird and random, but warm and sweet.She does seem like a sweetheart, eh?

Mame will have a hard time. Who will confuse her during their radio show? Who will she get to scold on an hourly basis? Those two are hilarious together. Michishige will have it the worst though. Poor Shige probably won’t know what to do with herself. Her best friend, whose cookies she used to steal, will be gone.

Shige addressed this in her blog (also translated by Hyakupa): “My extra great friend…Sayumi without Eri, honestly, even now I can’t imagine it.” Shige was bad enough at Koharu’s grad. I can’t imagine how she will hold up with Eri leaving. She did another entry about it, saying that she will support her friend, of course, but it still really doesn’t seem real.

Junjun, LinLin, Eri, you’re always giving Sayumi all kinds of things, but what can Sayumi give to them? …Anyway, right now I want to be together with them.

I’d give you a retrospective of the Shige-Kamei friendship, but I’m really not familiar with it. I know that they’ve always been close and that they meet often outside of work. There seems to be a lot of trust between them. I hope they will still meet, even as Eri begins to recover.

The sixth gen has never really held a lot of interest for me. At least, not until Winky began her quest to irritate the hell out of me, Eri began to pwn and Shige began to bewilder me with her commitment to self-worship. They’ve never been split up though. All the other generations with more than one girl have been split up.

It’s a weird thought, eh? Stuck with Shige and Winky-the-accessory-monster. This probably means Winky will get EVEN MORE LINES as both Eri and Linlin are now going to be gone.


Come on Ninth gen! Be aggressive and talented and make us all believe that Tsunku still cares enough to choose someone based on talent than on a whim (that was not a crack at any particular generation, just so you know).

I hope it is more than one person. I think it would be so interesting. Give Mitsui a best friend, someone who will stick up for her if she gets shot down during variety shows. I think that would be hilarious.

I’m getting off-topic.

I may have to Eri pic spam, simply because she is so lovely. I’m sure there will be more musings to come. Each of these girls has brought so much to the group; They will be missed.

I love Momusu, even though the group turns me into idiot-mush.

I’m going to go watch Resonant Blue again.
And then Resonant Live.


3 thoughts on “In Which Isilie Muses some More…

  1. Sniff. That’s a very beautiful and teary post. I’m not sure that the girls are aware of the fact that they are so important to the fans, especially non-japanese fans.
    Those girls definitely will be missed

  2. Daaaaamn, you made me get all mopey again…

    There are just so many emotions running around because of these graduations. Each girl is an individually valuable member to the group, but the sum of their loss is much more than just Lin’s voice, Eri’s beauty or Jun’s personality.

  3. Pssst, as for closeness, didn’t Jun used to say that she and Tanaka went on dates often, and that she felt like Tanaka’s boyfriend?

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