PikaPika ~ A Mini Review

This is another one of those concerts I was waiting for, because I still wait with baited breath for every Momusu release. I felt the same way about the last one, but this one seemed to be particularly fun for them. I remember reading blog entries about how fun the tour was and how sad the girls were that it was ending. It’s the first without Nutjob, which…I didn’t really notice, to be honest. As you can tell by the less-than-affectionate nickname, I was never really a fan. She’s one of those performers that I think would be fun to hang out with (after a few energy drinks and some pop-rox), but that I don’t want to watch in concert.

With the entire lack of new members coming in, it feels like Momusu has slowed down enough to really enjoy each other. I feel like the more they do together, the more they get into it. This concert was kinda like that.

Some of the numbers weren’t what I expected, like Moonlight Night. It wasn’t a bad performance I just wasn’t expecting bunny-fairies. The fact that these girls can pull off such costumes is astonishing enough, but then to watch them HOP around the stage-

It actually took me a little while to understand that connection: all the hoppping in the dance…because they are BUNNIES?!?

Isilie = slow.

I think as far as an opening number goes, Songs was better. It just has more of a ceremonial feel to it than Moonlight Night, probably because of the random brass and that amazing last few seconds. But hey, this song is still awesome and it gave me moments like this:

Riida wants you to dance! Granny looks ADORABLE. I love her with crimped hair. And I’m not a fan of Winky, but that face she’s making in the bottom corner really does look like a bunny. Kudos!

Is it wrong that this made me squee?

I started squealing, “Shoganai! Shoganai!”
To which my brother replied, “What the hell are you yelling about?”

I recognized that  because I’ve watched the dance-shot to Shoganai Yume Oibito that much.

In my defense…it’s awesome.

The costumes in this concert were almost exclusive win, with the exception of those in the medley section and Junjun’s bow. That thing is just HUGE.

JJ, sweetie, let Sayu have the head-devouring bows, ok? You’re too pretty to let accessories eat your face.

Speaking of accessories, I’ve decided they should only allow Granny to wear the mini-hat, because on her tiny head it actually looks cute.

This isn’t the best picture of it, but it was hard to cap a pic of her where she didn’t look crazy.

That girl can be so adorable, but so frightening…She has some real bad luck with caps, same as Winky (although no one can fail quite like she does).

I loved the set list and I loved that Koko ni Iruzee made an appearance. That song is one I’d forgotten about, believe it or not. Can you imagine? No one really stood out to me in this concert, but I think that is because everyone seemed to be putting forth equal efforts. They got into a lot of the songs and that is really all I ask. Even if the coreography continues to baffle me, I don’t care as long as they look like they’re enjoying themselves.

The Split-Group songs

The strongest in terms of vocals was also the least interesting.

This is really all there is to it.

It is just awesome vocals, in granny dresses, with cute umbrellas and the usual emote-a-thon from Riida, while Mame makes love to the audience (in that classy way she’s been doing since 2007). I love the song, but I wish we could actually see their legs.

(Tell me you aren’t thinking the same thing. I won’t believe you.)

I can’t figure out the eighth gen performance one way or the other.

Anything with Linlin is going to rock, because she is a freakin’ powerhouse.
Granny is adorable and this sort of song suits her because she looks like she’s twelve (despite my ironic nickname).
JJ seems to fit in anywhere. I can see her doing this and then turning around and doing a slow, sultry number in the same concert. She strikes me as versatile and so laid back that she’d do any number just to be onstage.

I don’t know though. Maybe I’m just not as fond of the song as I was of Guruguru Jump. Osaka-whatever-it-is seems even less coherent than that one, I wish they’d let the 8th gen be serious and genuine once in awhile. I’d enjoy something along the lines of Suki no Senpai. Does the eighth gen have some kind of defining song? The quintessential theme?

They should have one.

The sixth gen song is pretty awesome, even though Winky is there.

Of course they get the dance number. I won’t even talk about Winky, You all should know my issues with her: too many accessories, moments of squirrel voice, general fail…we just won’t go there this time (I’m not a fan *shrug*). I actually love watching Shige in energetic numbers. This time my eyes were on her, rather than on Eri. She really uses that long hair of hers and as we all know, hair-flippy action pwns my socks right off.


They used the sixth gen perfectly in this song. I’ve always found that their voices are similar. There were times when I was new to Momusu when I wasn’t sure if Winky or Kamei was singing. You can always tell when it’s Shige, bless her heart. Their skills are completely different, as are their styles of singing, but they all have that same girly, nasally tone. It really works in this song.


The best part of the concert for me was the encore.


I could not have been happier with all the sweating and the hair flipping and the head-banging and….the costumes….man, I just loved it.

I’m sorry, I know a lot of you hate this song, but How do You Like Japan just kicks so much ass in concert you can pretty much bite me.

And Niigaki pwns the entire world whenever she sings this one.

She rocks so hard.

Now we come to the special part of this post.


My brother was kind enough to gif some of those awesome moments, particularly from this amazing encore. Too many adjectives? Well, too bad, cause it was super mega FANTASTIC ON A STICK TWICE!!

In all seriousness, it really is one of the best encores I’ve seen them do. I don’t know if I am biased because of the frat-boy-pimp costumes or because I always love the high-energy songs the most, but I don’t think I am the only fan who gets so happy when Momusu tries to rock.

‘Try’ being the word. Some can merely flail along helplessly, but it STILL PWNS!

Niigakii = always successful. Werd!

Linlin and JJ = singing seriously.

Kamei was so SO into this encore. She was the ultimate crazy-drunken-frat-boy.

Look at that. She could barely keep her shirts on! WHERE THE KEG BROSEPH!?

Doin’ the Shige-sway. Say WUT!

Linlin is a house. Of POWER! I love frat-boy-Linlin.

And now we have some random moments.

Like Riida crying.

She’s so happy they did the tour. She gets through her thank yous and manages to hold it together. She’s getting better at that.

But she still needs her fellow Gokkie to get her through.

N: “What? Oh-Oh, OK! HANG IN THERE!”

Ok. This one is from the medley (the Peace) and it made my brother and I laugh for far too long.

Watch Takahashi. Seriously. What the hell is that, except HILARIOUS!?

Some times Isilie’s couples come true. JUNRI! ❤

And Shige’s quest finally succeeds!

Why is Riida surprised anymore? Shige has been talking about how much she loves Riida for awhile now and how she is so cute that Shige wants to smooch her every time. Takahashi, if you stop being so kissable and they will stop attacking!

More gifs if they become available. And they just might because this concert was very gif-able.

I love this group so much. Watch the concert. It’s just fun. Forget about what they USED to be and what you think they should be and just bask in how happy the music makes you feel and how hilarious they all are.

Yes, even Winky.

Stupid Winky.


7 thoughts on “PikaPika ~ A Mini Review

  1. Great review! It was fun to read even though I don’t much appreciate the Granny nickname but I’m glad that she earned so many nice words from you XD
    I luvv the gifs! What program do you use? I made mine in Gimp but yours are better. Especially the second one.

  2. The nicknames are out of love – except for Winky, who is just irritating. I think Mitsui is adorable and I really appreciate her in this group, even if I am the only one. Don’t let the granny nickname fool you. I just think that there are times when she sounds like a granny…

    My brother uses a program called Mirage for gif-ing. All credit goes to him. The best I can do is cap and caption. So glad you’re still reading this! ❤

  3. I compare EVERY concert to the Platinum 9 Disc tour, so there’s a lot of measuring up to do. In the end, I just didn’t like this concert all that much. It was too cartoony (I like my Momusu extra cool!). I did love some parts (like LInlni being adorable at the beginning and end of Osaka Oishinen and Kamei being boyish and genki and great during the encore).

  4. Ha the final frames with Junjun’s face at the end of the Takahashi gif of The Peace bit is just lol. I didn’t even notice I was supposed to see Takahashi.

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