Pic Spam: in the middle of a heat-wave

It is hot. So hot in fact that I have two fans on me and I’m still sweating. I hope those of you with air conditioning and an unlimited supply of sno-cones, or beer, or reasonably-warm-weather-conditions enjoy this little picspam.

YOSSY PWNS!!! Gif made by my brother, who recognizes Yossy’s absolute awesomeness (because I converted him myself). YOSSY@*(YWEFVSFG&*EAHAUH!!!!!!!!!!

Just to remind you all:

The family portrait. So much cute…

And now…

A lie.

The horror.

The fail.

The wacky pimp.

And the fairy pimp.

When faced with a Winky-safety-pants flash…

…you either laugh or CRY!

When you’re small, doors surprise you.

When you’re Riida, everyone wants a piece of you…but you DON’T WANT THAT!!!

Look! You’re shocking the children!!

R: Hey, um…it’s cold here. And it smells funny. Why am I in a swamp again??

Winky: “Wow, your armpits smell like short-cake!”
T: “It’s cause I’m leader now.”

Captain: “Uh, yeah…WHATEVER!”

Hey, when you’re thirsty, there’s no point in doing things half-way, right?

Flaily: “Airiri…I think I’m falling backwards.”
Airiri: “The walls are melting again…”

Kumai is tall. And she demands ALL your pollen!!

Fairy-Riida will eat you.

Risako: the diamond-sucking queen of the ‘bitch please!’ face.

Riida: bored with her flowers.
“I wanted lilies!!”

Frat-boy Riida laughs at Mame’s pimp attempt.
M: “Duhhuh, I knoooow.”

Ok, C-ute…pose!
Chisato: “I’m judging you.”

Flaily the Rabbit wuvs her little children.
One is delighted…and one is judging you.

Shige has discovered all her mirrors have been confiscated.

Winky, why do you fail so hard?


Again, made by my brother, who is a total Shige fanboy.
That’s why it’s so huge and why you’ll probably have to open it in a new window.

When Chisato says ‘peace’ you damn well better listen.
Don’t forget, she’s judging you.

She just can’t figure out what it is.
Why does she so often feel like judging people?

Hard-core Maasa: “It’s because of these stupid fish costumes, isn’t it?”

Captain: “Want me to kick her ass?”

T: “Ma, ma. Let’s all calm down here.”
M: “Now she won’t notice where my hand is.”

Chisato: “Yeah, that’s really going to stop me from judging you.”

Y: “Listen, this is my BOOT. Do you want to have it where the sun don’t shine??”

M: “Quick! Heart sign!”
T: “How does it go again?”

The truth comes out!

Granny likes Hawaii…a LOT!!!


Crap. I made it HOTTER!



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