Mano Erina: Three-piece Winter Love (?!??)

That little thing she keeps saying in her new single, is that it? Or maybe it’s ‘please, please with your love’.

‘Make peace with your love’?

‘Green peace winter love’?

‘Please fleece, winter love’ (you know, to keep warm)?

None of these particularly make sense, but when does random English ever? Anyone know what it actually is? I haven’t seen a set of lyrics yet.

I really love this new Mano single, ‘Onegai Dakara’. It’s in a range that is comfortable for her and it’s slightly techno-ish (is that the genre I’m looking for?), which is always win. I don’t know why I never liked the piano singles. Too much pink? Too much cuteness? Slightly sinister cuteness that wants to eat my soul?

Seriously. She’s dangerously adorable and pretty. This is the first time I’ve ever liked her music though.

I don’t know what it is about her. I understand that she is cute. Very cute. And pretty. Very pretty.

She has some sort of charm besides her looks that I’ve never picked up on though. Her little sections on Yorosen are really my only reference and they were just irritating.

It is really awesome that she has a talent and that they are trying to use it. I just think it will be hard to incorporate a piano bit in an otherwise energetic H!P concert. I know they’ve tried to, but I never watch the Mano bits of the concerts.

*dodges flying objects*

“But wait, she’s been doing some dancing lately! And let’s not forget the new Pucchi Moni!”

Yes. Fine.

She’s actually a nice edition to Pucchi Moni. I prefer her over Chompy (no offense, I just can’t handle that voice) and Brat (ugh! WHY do people love her!?). In my opinion she is the best looking of all of them, despite the fact that the other two have much stronger voices.

As far as dancing goes, she does fine in Pucchi Moni, but this new pv doesn’t inspire much confidence. All I’ve seen is that dance-shot that seems to be the official pv. S/mileage (what’s with the dash in that name, anyway?) does far more dancing than she does. She seems to do a lot of hand motions and some stepping and arm swinging. For a song like this, I wish she would have at least put a bit more into it. It almost feels like she’s one beat off for the entire thing.

Her voice is nice in this range, like I said before. She isn’t pushing it for those higher notes and some times her tone is nice and pure.

But I don’t think you can argue that it’s a strong voice. That’s why this song works for her. It’s just strong enough for what the song wants.

You know it’s funny, she’s this cute, beautiful young girl whom everyone seems to like, even though to me, she barely has any personality. She got a solo career really quickly too…

She’s not particularly good at singing or dancing, but there she is doing it anyway and people love her for it. She seems born to be in front of a camera. I don’t think I’ve seen a photo where she looks less than adorable.


Whom am I reminded of? Which two H!P girls come to mind…

Goto Maki – the cute, beautiful one everyone loves whom I don’t see any personality in.

Michishige Sayumi – also cute and beautiful, but who can barely hold a tune and can only kinda dance (but you love her anyway).

Combine the genes of both and what do we get?

She got some of Goto’s talent, the same smile and the ability to suddenly turn on the sexy.
But she also  got those Shige cheeks and trouble with dancing…but everyone loves her anyway.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know it’s not technically possible, but then…Tsunku is pretty nuts.

You never know…they do look pretty similar.

Aren’t they a beautiful family?


I know everyone keeps saying that Mano should stay at the piano (“That’s her THING!!”), but I just prefer this sort of song to her other stuff.

Maybe I’m not meant to really be a Mano fan-?

She’s very cute (like her mothers).
We can all agree on that much.


6 thoughts on “Mano Erina: Three-piece Winter Love (?!??)

  1. I think that she says “please please, give me love”
    I can’t be sure though, each time I listen to the line I start laughing

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