Pic Spam: Because I feel like it

I chose this pic as an opening one partly because Mari is always win, but also because I love the fact that she was in a magazine actually titled, ‘Bros’.

She’s still my hero…

Anyway, one of the reasons I love my blog so much is that it is an outlet for my entirely random sense of humour. And since H!P pics are a goldmine for parody, I always have way too many great shots that exercise the caption part of my brain.

I wonder if anyone still enjoys these?

If you remember my post on Onna ni Medatte Naze Ikenai (how does one shorten that title?), I decided to give some of the couples my own nicknames.

For some reason, I really like these nicknames. And now I really like random couplings.

H!P is a place for couples after all.

Like cute-as-a-button-gropey-gropey-super-BFFs Aya and Miki.

And shmexy Hangry Angry.
Otherwise known as IshiYoshi. Always great in all its forms.

Ma and Pa Riida.
AKA AiGaki.

Konkon and Makochin. The other half of the Gokkies.
And always a joy.

But what about those unheard of couples?

Like JunRi?

Beautiful and cute.

TakaLin! Sisters 4eva! Ah, so much love.

Really. She’s touched. Truly.

M: “You’re MINE, Riida!”
T: “Bwaaa!!”

M: “I got me Riida…because I’m so cute.”
T: “She ain’t lyin’!”

Getting stuck with Winky makes Linlin a sad panda.

Mitsui: “What if I step in here?”
L: “A…little better, I guess.”

Winky: “I switched over to Junjun.”
J: “I can’t help it if I’m pimptastic.”

Sometimes the couples don’t make any sense at all.
Chisato: “Yeaaah. Not sure about this one.”
T: “…Aren’t you eleven? And a boy?”

Sometimes the couples are on totally different wavelengths…
Or…you know…planets.

And sometimes they are cheating on each other without even knowing it.

Or maybe she does know it and is too cute to care?

Some couples should not be questioned because one of them is tall. Very tall.

Or they happen because someone is tired…

…And scary as hell.

See? You really want to argue with THAT?

Couplings also happen because one of them is pushy. Very pushy.

F: “Yeah, ‘ONE’ of them.”

Some couples are just hideous.

And some don’t give a @#$%* what you think!

Some couples work together…

…To ignore Mano.

(Nobody likes Mano.)

Or to admire Takahashi.
Mitsui: “She smells so sweet.”
L: “Look at her perdy hair!”

They also work together to feed Linlin her chocolates.

Some couples should just NOT ever have guns.

Shige: “Can we talk about my two belts here?”

Shige: “I am SOOOOOOOoooooo cute-”

Yossy: “Shut iiiiiiiit!”

Random Egg (I assume) Hirano Tomomi.
She’ll @#$%^&* kill you.

The OGs always knew how to work the camera.
Konkon had different priorities.

There’s laying an egg onstage and then there is YOSSY laying an egg onstage.

Maasa’s giving you a ticket…to the gun show.
Hardcore, man. All the way.

Mame: “Oh no she DID-ent!”

When you retire from H!P, you get into some strange, strange things.

Like pitching so hard you lose a leg.


Speaking of insane…

Being a soloist in H!P doesn’t mean quite what it used to.

Momusu + lots o’ booze = super-happy-kareoke-fun-time!

I thought I’d end with current Momusu looking super beautiful…even though they still aren’t sure how to use sunglasses.


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