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Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!!

Happy 25th Yossy!!

And Happy 24th to me! In celebration, I’ve got a small Yossy pic spam. I’m so happy that I share my birthday with my favourite (former) Musume! We’re only one year apart. I’ll always love Yossy.

I love her in concerts,

I love her in her jersey,

I love her in dresses,

I love her in hats,

And I love her with a guitar.

I love me some tough-girl Yossy,

I love me some boy-ish Yossy,

I love me some Hangry Angry Yossy,

I love me some pretty Yossy,

And I adore some cute-as-a-button-Yossy.

I love that she still challenges herself,

That she isn’t afraid to look silly if it makes people happy,

And that she was part of the only generation of Musumes to do basically whatever they wanted and still be adorable.


Strong, cool, goofy, humble, pimptastic and beautiful all at once.

And she loves ya!

Have a great day Ms Yoshizawa. Don’t ever change!



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