Isilie Rankings 2010

So check out Hello!Blog and the nifty poll that happens each year. I don’t know why I do these. Honestly, it’s impossible to rank these girls/groups without massive anxiety. I have trouble declaring things to be my favourite, because I never know when it will change.

Except how much I adore Yossy. She’d have to do something pretty horrible for me to even start to dislike her. I can say she’s my favourite former-Musume and feel good about that.

But then there is the (not so) small matter of Nacchi and how giddy happy she makes me.



Well at least this year I’m limited to only the non-graduated girls.

And Units.

Is anyone surprised really?

My top five kinda surprise me a little. I mean first place was fairly easy, as Mame’s stage antics and general bubbly-Nacchi-like…ness make me so happy.

Leader I’m just getting more and more into and not just because her of her performance, although her voice is still one of my favourites. People constantly talk about how boring it is that she’s consistently strong. That seems a little strange to complain about, doesn’t it (Why can’t she suuuuck???)? Or they complain about how she’s helpless when left on her own and that she can barely muster up any personality. Well, what about the fact that she’s inexplicably insecure, but tries anyway, or how she laughs at herself in that weird “BWAHEAHEA” grizzled way (see their Mujack appearance, when she guffaws at her own attempt to appeal to the audience). What about how she screams like an old man, how she rambles on endlessly when Mame is trying to have a serious conversation and cannot be taken away from her french fries (see their joint Futarigoto). I find her shyness endearing. She’s a sensitive girl who takes her job seriously and seems to find it hard to let herself go. There’s plenty of personality in someone who does a job like this even though her insecurity tells her she’s always short of good-enough. Keep being humble and our little cry-baby Leader. Gokkies forever!!

Linlin is a born performer and she’s your spastic little sister. Anyone else see her PWN the world when she performs with guitar on the new H!P show? Maybe guitar unfairly biases me for people, but I know how difficult it is to play (for me at least), forget about singing while you play it. She seems so natural when she sings this. Leaving aside her singing voice, I am a sucker for someone who is just plain weird and doesn’t seem to notice. Linlin just strikes me as someone who cheerfully accepts that you might not like her but isn’t interested in being anyone else but herself.  She still speaks with an accent which should annoy me, but I really just find cute. I’m sure she has plenty of insecurity and Japan must be terrifying at times. In the most recent pocket morning she said that when she is in Japan, “she always feels like she is lost”. Understandable. But so far, we’ve never seen her act homesick or frustrated. She shows us her smile and her goofiness and lets her singing talent speak for itself.

Yeah. I want to hug her to bits.

I don’t mean to bypass Eri here, but she’s just so pretty, all I can say right now is that I like to look at her. I want her new photo book. Pretty is just the perfect word for her. Some times her voice is soothing and lovely and sometimes it’s a little too much, but her dancing always pwns.

Junjun has moved up a lot and I’ll tell you why.

She’s the new Kaori. Now before you all freak out at me, let me explain. Junjun is pimptastic at times and at others is Shige-esque ‘I’m-the-cutest-no-matter-what-you-say’. Her voice could be a lot stronger. I find her dancing a little inconsistent, but she’s capable. On variety shows though…have you noticed that she’s often one of the only ones who speaks up?

Those of you who agree with me that Utaban has been an important part of Momusu history will know that ‘Johnson’ will always be the best part of any appearance. This is partly because the hosts won’t leave her alone and also because it just didn’t matter to Kaori who was speaking. If she thought something was off, she’d tell you. She had the air of an elementary school student who got her toy taken away because some other kid was making too much noise with it. Nothing was fair and the hosts were “mean” and so on. And it was hilarious.

Junjun is not quite Johnson-level yet, but I like that she isn’t afraid to say something. Back in the day, Momusu would be scolded if they didn’t speak at least once on any appearance. That rule has clearly fallen by the wayside. Now, you’re lucky if the 8th gen does any more than say ‘hello’. When they were finally on Utaban again, with the OGs of course, Junjun and Linlin were the only ones to speak up. “Hey, can we talk now?” “Why doesn’t Nakai come over here?” etc. The other girls really just sat there laughing and agreeing with everything that was going on. They tried to shush them. And it was hilarious.

Some may find it annoying, but I hope Junjun just keeps speaking up. It doesn’t matter to me if she’s Shige-esque or not. Just don’t keep totally silent all the time! It’s so much more entertaining.

I laugh when I see the bottom of the ranker here: the members of Smilage are ranked before Winky. And I don’t even know their names. That isn’t likely to change.

Momusu and Buono are the highest for me right now. Maybe it’s because I became a fan so late in the game, but Momusu would have to do something pretty bad to get me to stop caring about them altogether. Berryz is on the radar now. And I actually love Guardians 4 for some reason. C-ute fading away. Let’s hope their new single is a bit more whole-hearted. Give us something like FOREVER LOVE or Shines? Please? Mano isn’t even on my radar. It’s not even that I dislike her; I still just don’t get it.

This rankings post is much longer than last years, eh?

Mame, I’m not sure why either.



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