…No, YO face!

Ok, I’ve been away for a couple weeks. I’ve missed a few things. H!P waits for no one, of course and so many things have gone past my radar – like the new Momusu single. For you all, it’s probably not new anymore, but I just heard it last week and saw the pv for the first time too. I’m the kind of fan who usually gets radio rips and so on so this was a different sort of experience than I was used to.

But even if the pv and song have already been reviewed exhaustively at much better sites than this little one, I still need to do my picspamming gush-fest about it. I chose to focus on the ‘stage version’, because…well, it just kicks.

A bit before the caps: This was one of those songs that failed to wow me much on first listen. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all based on the caps I’d seen. Don’t get me wrong – the girls look gorgeous, but the song felt at first like it was rushing forward too fast and the girls didn’t know how to keep up. Then the chorus hit me. I think it’s my favourite part of the song, with one exception: When they suddenly say “my FACE”. It makes me laugh every time. It’s just the worst way they could have used the random English that Jpop is so fond of. I’m the kind of lame person who LOVES a good “yo’ FACE” joke (because they’re so stupid they are funny….like yo’ FACE) and so it’s hard not to snort with laughter each time Takahashi so passionately bellows “MY FACE”.

The lack-of Koharu  really does make a difference. Nine is such an odd (no pun intended) number for a group. There is more of a sense of balance now. This feeling has nothing to do with my dislike of Nutjob, it’s just the reality.

The direction that Momusu is heading didn’t really match with her. The nine member line up really did create a new Momusu. I think Resonant Blue was another one of those turning-point singles, like, for example, Love Machine. I’m not comparing the two in terms of quality, just in terms of the “ages” they began. LM entered Momusu into their genki period and RB entered them into the more “modern” and a little tongue-in-cheek stage.

I like this single, but it’s one of those singles that has grown on me, especially now that I’ve learned (most of) the lyrics and their meaning. Tsunku is really on a theme of girl-dom right now, isn’t he? Like, this is what it means to be a woman: wanting to wear make-up, because, hey, why the hell not? I kinda like that attitude though. Let’s not apologize for wanting to look pretty – make-up = squee!

Tsunku’s B-side songs are getting better and better. Junjun gets a lot of lines and her voice, while not as strong as it could be, suits the music. The song ends with a gorgeous little bit of piano. I just really like the mood. Need to see translated lyrics. That little rap part at the end should have been sprinkled through the whole song though. Momusu doing raps in that style would pretty much pwn.

And now, let us see the gorgeousness of the stage version. This is a very short pic-spam, compared to the monsters I usually have. This is ONLY because I just started a new job and I’m dead on my feet when I get home.

Here we go!


“We, Morning Musume, do solemnly vow…”

“…That we are little tea-pots!”

I actually like these costumes, which is odd considering how sick I am of giant hair accessories and tutus. These are pretty though. Maybe it’s all that red and white makin’ me feel a little patriotic? Man, Momusu is manipulating me!

Ok, let’s start the fashion show. Be sexy now, Morning Musume.

First Leader:

Erm…oh dear.

“Tsch. Whatevs!”

Ah, that’s the way Linlin! You look amazing!

“That’s right. You’d betta recognize!”

“Uwa, I slipped on my laces…”

“…Wait, was I wearing laces?”

Well, Kamei’s gonna go figure that out. Winky is ready to ROCK.

…Oh dear. Winky, why do you fail so hard?

Ah…Subleader, how are you so adorable?

“It’s all about da pearls, bitches!”

“Where the hell am I in this song, anyway?”

“Hey, yeah! Where am I? LINES!?”

Well, that’s why we gave you that pretty bow.

“No, the way you do it is, you make no expression at all…you know, like you’re staring at some informercial and feel ever so slightly disgusted by it?”

What, for the whole video?

“Well…yeah. This video just bores me. I’m outta here…”


Ok then. So runways, not really their thing.

So let’s move on to something all us Jpop maniacs love to indulge in.

COUPLINGS! With those horrible short-form mushed-together names! WOO!

(Yes, they are supposed to be this bad.)

TakaLin. Cute as a pair of buttons, wrapped in whipped cream and roses.

Don’t you start thinkin’ naughty things, now…

KaNaka: CHO happy!!

K: “I finally figured out my shoes!”
R: “And I helped. Because I’m so completely awesome.”

MitsuiShige: a battle of cuteness!

M: “Ugh! Can’t take it anymore!!”
Shige: “See? I told you I was cuter! Now be my armrest!”

Shige: “Ahhh, I’m CHO happy!!!”
M: “Yep. Whatevs there, Shige.”

JunRi: The pimp and her adorable prey. Mame thinks that there’s no way Junjun will get her.

N: “Alright, gimme your best shot.”
J:*wordless pimp-stare*

J: “And that’s how it’s done, people.”

Alright, let’s applaud for a job…well….done.

Everyone: “Hoo-ray!!”

Stage version. All kinds of awesome.

I wish they’d do a song like the B-side to this one and forego the tutus for something a little more rough around the edges. Hmm. Maybe that’s not the right phrase. Something like what Berryz has done for their new video? I guess the flashiness fits the song, right?



3 thoughts on “…No, YO face!

  1. Oh, you think 9 is a strange number for a group? I always thought it was just right 😀 SNSD fans would know, they’re always going on about ‘the power of 9’ and stuff. I don’t like it when Momusu is at an even number though. I think someone has to be able to be in the center.

    Hmmm yeah they pretty much failed at the catwalk part! I haven’t seen the stage version, but from what I’ve seen in the original PV I thought the best one was actually Junjun. Also, I thought Risa’s was really bad, but there you go.

    Reina is all kinds of awesome.

  2. I love this review! You put a lot of effort and thought in it. The caps are fantastic. Just like your captions underneath them XD I lol’d. GIVE ME MOAR REVIEWS LIKE THIS ONE ! XD

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