Pic Spam: Ehhh??

Sometimes you have to be grateful that fandom is so  loyal in Japan that when we get concert photos, we get photos of every possible moment – even the ones that make you cringe for the girls. Even the most gorgeous of the H!P girls have their days. I like what that says about this particular fandom. The girls are so loved that we love them just as much when they look ridiculous as when they look great.

So much of this picspam will be devoted to such moments. I always hesitate to stick to a theme, but most of these pics are those delightful moments where I just think, “Eh??”

This first photo though is merely adorable Linlin sleeping. I wish I could sleep in that position. I’m not sure I’d be half that cute though. Those three are dangerously cute, ne?

As for some of these other ones…
I honestly can’t believe some of these.

First of all, Risako. A supreme wtf.

First problem: Could you look any more miserable?
Second: Why the hell are you in a swamp, oh swamp-diva?
Third: Seriously, what the hell is the matter???
Fourth: Look at those nostrils. Wow.

Pure WHAT?? Swamp diva?
She’s pouring liquid OUT OF A SHOE!!! Even she thinks it’s disgusting!
Is this supposed to be some emo-drama concept that I just don’t get?

Miki accepted Eri’s love.

…Yossy did not want.

2nd Gen: Dude!!

Crazy-flying-backwards-butt-attack….some times you miss your target a bit.

Yummy face!

Yummy face!


Beware my wrath. It’s a really big wrath…

M: Naaaah, seriously, she’s just a marionette, see? Ya really think a human could be that skinny?

Ogawa’s gun pose. Makes me afraid.

This chick is ayl’aboutda blingbling!
(I kinda want to punch myself, just for typing that.)

Eri: “Isn’t that nice.”
Junjun: “Hrm. Don’t really get it.”
Linlin: “Holy freakin’ crap, did you SEE that!??” (she’s too adorable)

1st Gen Tanpopo Kaori. She’ll kill you…silently.

Neither of these two knows why they hell they are there.
I wonder if she turns around and starts screaming, “GIANT KITTY!! NOOOOOOOOoooo-”

I think Kamei knows exactly what’s happening.
Mame, it’ll take more than a giant lamp…

This pic sums up all three of these girls.
Ai= melting. Clearly she’s been crying steadily.
Risa= Mame. “I respect you so much…*sob**sob*”
Yossy= Prince. “Oh, come ere’ and gimme a hug, you.”

Takahashi: “Dude, what’s that face?”
Linlin: “I am busy right now. Being AWESOME. Don’t get in my way.”

L: “Now, if you’ll just point me in the right direction…”

And now for something completely different…

Adventures in Costuming.
Beginning with Kimagure Princess Fail.

T: “Yeah, sorry. You’ll have to use your imaginations…”

Nutjob: “Tee hee, oops! Nothin!”


L: “FWA! Take THAT!”

T: “Gaaaah, this is getting awkward.”

N: “Yeah? Well CHECK DIS OWT!!”

K: *growl*
(Is pointing really necessary in those pants?)

Takahashi is inspired and tries the chest thing again

(…oh dear.)

Eri is intensely hitting herself in the face…?
It’s that awkward.

*Jaws theme*
The bow is biding its time.

I can’t wait to see what the hell this is all about…

T; Guhuhuh, I don’t have laces on these shoes.

Giant invisible sandwich time!

Sometimes the giant invisible sandwich is hard to balance.

L: Love this song, or I’ll punch ya!

You know, Gaki makes me so happy…but when did she get eaten by a cow?

And when did Berryz get eaten by fish?

That costume seems terrifying. The giant fish head at the top keeps staring at you as you step into its mouth…

Ah well…they had a lot of plastic garbage bags lying around.

Annnnd we have another giant invisible sandwich…not sure what’s happening with her legs.

Crack – it’s never a good idea.

Michishige is there. The Force is with her.

Junjun: still a ninja.

Junjun: has you right where she wants you.

Let’s churn some butta’!!

And now…

Ishiguro and Ichii show us how its done.

Why yes, Abe IS in da house.
And da girls ARE goin’ wild.

…Or they’re just plain running away.

Mame tries to seduce from afar.

Aibon does not want.


Iida’s normal face for about fours years.

And the 2nd Gen circa Summer Night Town.
Miss them so.


Goto hasn’t masted the art of seduction yet.

Abe clearly has.
Well…except for Konno. She looks pretty unsure.

2nd Gen: Heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Takahashi!
T: Ahhhh, doooooomoooooo!

Iida is tall. Very tall.

So is Ichii…but she doesn’t know why.

Ichii: And then we’ll put your statue over here and it will shine like the SUN.
Nakazawa: Yes, yes. That’s right.

I: You a LOSE-A!

I: But I lub ya!

N: Eh? What was that?

N: You want some’a this!?

I: Oh noes!

Iida: Duuuuude, that’s a hell of a statue.
N: I know! I’m AMAZING!
Y: I don’t know about this…

Yossy gets saucy when she’s about to punch you.
Also: TUMMY!

R; Do ya think yo betta than me?

A beautiful moment in JKM when Yossy humours Mame about her hair.
(Icon by Garlix)

That’s a good place to stop.
I could keep going.


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    You have sold me. You’re site is now link from my site. Can ya link me back too? My blog is fairly new and may not much content in it. But i’d appreciate if you link mine to yours as well. my site is:

    I’m looking forward for your next pics spam~!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it.^_^
      I’ll check out your blog and comment as soon as I can. I’m having net issues lately.

  2. Wow… my hobby of following random links to random blogs can uncover some real gems like this! This picspam had me rofl-ing so hard! Especially ‘And then we’ll put your statue over here and it will shine like the SUN’ xD xD xD

    Mind if I link to your blog?

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