Princess is a Cowgirl?

No wonder she is confused…

I really wish I wasn’t so obsessive about listening to radio rips of new singles and then playing them over and over again until the pv has much less impact than if I’d JUST WAITED…

But such is me. And now Kimagure Princess is getting the tiniest bit old. Which is odd because it was Resonant Blue style instant-love when I heard it. Considering all the slower stuff we’re getting lately from Momusu, I didn’t think that the new single would be this bouncy.


Is bouncy the word I’m looking for?

You wouldn’t really know it from the dance. Now I seem to end up loving whatever Momusu does now, call me tasteless or absurdly loyal, but no matter how much I like the single, their dances keep disappointing me. Every time I picture something athletic or flaily, I get the girls standing there POUTING at me and twirling around listlessly (I’m glaring at YOU Nanchatte…dance).

I guess the coreographers just don’t want to bother anymore. Where is the energy? If they are trying to modernize Momusu, turning them into pouting, expressionless pretty things is not the way to do it.

At best, they all just look smug. Which on some is charming.


Ok,  this is not so much smug as A-MAZING, but work with me. Kamei is hawt. With a ‘w’.

But on some is downright scary.



There are parts of the dance that I like. Ish. I’m mildly amused by the kicking. I love their random arm motions, like this one:


There are always a few nifty things in there. It’s not entirely a fail.

But mostly it feels like they are cheating. They should be (in my opinion) jumping around like in Go Girl Koi no Victory (for example) but instead they just HOP and turn and ass-grab.
Which, because we’re all maniacs, we don’t really mind.


Mame, the best of all the ass-grabbers. You gotta love how Winky can’t help but look for the camera, even though Mame clearly pwns the world in this moment.


I pictured so much movement and life in this moment. Instead they are smugly kicking away, like there isn’t an insane beat begging them to move a little more.

I like the set. At least they are attempting to give the usual green-screen studio set some depth with these camera angles. For some reason I like the orange lighting too.

Why though, do they keep giving them these black and white costumes? Yes, they look good in black and white, but who doesn’t? I don’t think they need to look like princesses (that might be disturbing, going with this song), but I don’t get the cowgirl bit. I’ve really wanted to see Momusu do a cowgirl thing, but this is just not the song for it.

Why not splash some colours around and really bring out the crazy in that Balalaika-esque melody? Was that the name of that Koharu song? It’s been said that this song is similar, if not completely ripped off.

Which is funny, as it is Nutjob’s exit single.


“I did that song when I was like THREE. Tsch. I am SO outta here.”

It’s also funny that there are so many similarities to her debut single.

I cannot wait to see a subbed version of this pv. All I keep hearing when I listen is, “big-chested sexy princess”, “sexy-ass princess”, “erotic tears” (supreme wtf), “sexy smile” etc and so on (ass grab!).

Ahem. My Japanese is limited; I could be completely off. Still. There is mature and then there is ENOUGH ALREADY. And anyway, if she is so sexy, why is she alone yet again? Because she is too whimsical to decide on someone? Because no one can put up with her constant ass-grabbing?

Or wait, is it that she’s not sexy and that’s why she’s always ass-grabbing, to get some attention already?

See? Need lyrics.

Once again though, the girls look good.


Riida. Always hot. But this time, not with a ‘w’.

Is it just me, or did she look pretty tired in this pv? She’s starting to look older. Either that or her face is a bit thinner. Maybe it’s the entire lack of colour? Love her in hats. Love her voice as always.


Meh. *grumble* Why doesn’t SHE graduate?


I love that Mitsui is not quite tall enough to see over the gate here. She looks scary but cool. She does that surprisingly well for a girl who so often puts me in a coma from all the unexpected cute.

I’m exaggerating ever so slightly…but man, that girl can be adorable.




And then comes the impatient-cool. “Can we move this along, please?”


Sayu looks really vulnerable here. She doesn’t like being all caged. She’d rather put you in the cage…

Maybe it’s just cause she doesn’t really have any lines. Neither does Nutjob and it’s her last single. But they’ve done that many times before. Where exactly was Ichii in Happy Summer Wedding, huh?


She still manages to get her pwn on. さすが。Love those gloves.


Oh Gaki. How you’ve grown. It’s as if Niigaki is constantly telling the camera to eat its heart out. And then she’ll turn around a be adorable Mame-chan again.


She’s so delightful here. Notice the Gokkies grinning at eachother while Koharu glares at Winky to stop looking for the camera already.

And then there is Junjun.


She looks like a princess here. A bit of a dominatrix too, but certainly royal in her air. I don’t know what it is, but she looks mature, like she is not trying to be sexy, she just IS.




LOOK at that! Where does that go when she’s onstage?? It’s like she suddenly becomes a sixteen year old, when in pvs like this she can suddenly just force you to notice her. She is virtually non-existant in the dance-shot, as far I could see, but she really knows how to present herself in her closeups.

Or in the extremely half-assed (grab!) “dance-break” where no one actually dances, they all just shake around in slow-mo. That would have worked so much better if it had been more of close-up. This wide-shot give it kind of a stagnant feel for me.

I only capped two of those moments and the best was Junjun:


Take that EVERYONE.

I just have to include Takahashi though, because it’s hilarious when you realize she’s actually doing something unfortunate.


Here’s mah AYSS!!


Linlin, baby, you are so unsung. She can be so beautiful in her own awkward way, but she’s always sort of cast aside. She is awkward a lot, but I think that will straighten out with age. She’s fairly young, isn’t she? Eighteen, maybe? She will find her way with a camera, but until then it feels like she’s experimenting and not quite sure she can pull it off.


But I like this smile. A lot.


Look, it’s the same pic, two seconds later…with a different background.
Hey, she’s trying.


And Linlin has been captured by Winky’s side-fro. *chomp!*
Baby, get your hand away from your pretty face. You’re not Takahashi. You are an awesome singer in your own right and your dancing keeps getting better. You are one of the few remaining Musumes who strikes me as down-to-earth and natural. Mari-esque, in some way. You don’t want to develop a habit of constantly caressing your own face for NO REASON. Just be kooky like you always are.

I think Linlin would be fun to hang out with. She gives me a strong little sister feeling, like you’d want to take care of her, but also joke around with her. Like there is all this potential inside of her but she just doesn’t believe it is there.

*fans self* I’m getting choked up here…


EEEEEWWWW! Winky butt-grab! Ok, I’ll stop, I’ll stop.

Let’s move on.


Kamei pwns.


Kamei pwns in a hat.


Kamei is feelin’ lucky. How bout you, pilgrim?

I love that they finally used Kamei in the chorus and gave Takahashi a bit of a break. Her ‘ii jya nai’ is just high enough that you can tell it’s her, but not high enough that your ears bleed. Her voice is sweet.

I wonder if they’ll hand over the vocals to her and Winky when Takahashi finally leaves. I’d hope for Kamei and Niigaki as leads, because they blend beautifully, but since when does Tsunku ever utalize all the ranges he has at his disposal? Right now, you’ve got the grounded vocals of Riida, the sweetness of Kamei, Winky’s nasally inbetween and Niigaki’s awesome throaty low tones. He could do a lot with them. Let’s not forget the powerhouse that is Linlin. I’m sure the rest of them (not to sound too dismissive here) could harmonize in some way. I don’t really know their ranges because we only every really hear those five. Well, not so much Linlin, but still.

On Fire:

There is a good way and a silly way to do fire in a pv.


Junjun can’t even save this.

See, you could stand there, like a doof, and listlessly draw a circle of fire in the air, like you really couldn’t care less, OR you could pwn unbelievably by flashing your firey power at us as if you’re saying, “You KNOW you wish you were as AWESOME as me.”

Like you did in Iroppoi Jirettai.

This first way is frustrating for the audience, because it SUCKS.

They just stand there. With almost no expression.

Look at this one now:


There is life and colour and movement (not to mention Yossy who is KAKKOIIEIOW&*TR#G%RFVTDEIFVU!!!).

Think about it?


Gokkies = having a blast.
Junjun = pwn.
Winky = lookin’ for that blasted camera…


Kamei = pwn.
Shige = Wheeee!
Nutjob = still crazy after all these years…


I got nothing. I just like this shot.

It’s my own fault that this song needs to take a rest. It’s extremely fun to sing, which is always dangerous. It guarantees that Isilie will replay it too much and annoy everyone while simultaneously destroying the newness of the song. In my defense though, Momusu songs don’t usually get old for me. My oft cited example is Resonant Blue, which is just as repetitive as this song is, with way less variety, in terms of vocals. I was really excited about this song because of how bouncy it seemed. I’m trying not to be disappointed now that I know it’s not a happy song, despite all the ass-grabbery, and now that I know the coreography is nothing like what I pictured.

I want a danceshot. Maybe I’m just missing large chunks of it? Wouldn’t it be cool if the dance shot made use of the whole set, giving us depth and more than just front shots? Then we might actually see Linlin and Junjun, pwning away back there or Nutjob in her last cracktastic hurrah.

You gotta wonder what she thinks of this song.


7 thoughts on “Princess is a Cowgirl?

  1. Isn’t that Eri in the cap that you labeled as Aichan…? It’s under the Junjun one. Eri has the two gloves if I’m not mistaken…

    Great review, I had fun reading it~ :3 I’m gonna miss Koharu and her cracky-self, but oh well… And I agree, Tsunku needs to make a GakiKame lead. XD

    I have to agree, the fire effects this time around suck. Something like Iroppoi Jirettai would have been MUCH better, especially with the image they’re going for. The wave-and-make-a-circle-of-fire just isn’t working for me. =\

  2. I had the chorus stuck in my head this morning, but it was more because of the bass-thing that when played by itself, resembles lots of spiders crawling around. Ahem. But it’s in the Tokkaiko intro, if that helps.

    Whenever I see just random fire shots, it’s like “lol, Someone just got introduced to AfterEffects,” but the fire in this one is actually better than Iroppoi in terms of effects quality ONLY. Other than the emotions thing, which you got spot on, I think the problem was that the camera was stationary on a full-body shot. No no NO. Especially for a faux-widescreen. This also decreased the effectiveness of the twirl shots.

    As for the dancing, I think a great deal of the problem is that MM’s dances can only be as strong as their weakest dancer. And boy, they are no SNSD. Even if they got something as simple as Gee’s dance, there wouldn’t be as much sync, or all the little touches that made it so nice.
    Sayumi’s even commented on how the dances are really hard now for her. The twitchy bits at the end of the first phrase in Naichau were probably the hardest things they had ever done. And the last person that displayed dancing skills in audition was Kamei. (Yeah, Koharu got awesome, but there’s no way they could have predicted that.)

    I think they’ve gotten complacent with the rising sales. They’re sliding back into bad habits for the PV shoots, using more stationary shots, only having variations of closeups with a dance shot, etc. But at least they’re still varying the lighting with backgrounds other than backdrops.

  3. “And anyway, if she is so sexy, why is she alone yet again?”

    Because she’s a bitch.


    My Japanese certainly isn’t perfect, but that’s the idea I get about this song, that it’s about this girl who is super hot but acts like a princess/stuck-up bitch all the time. I might be wrong; just wanted to try and shed some light on that for you.

    And say that your blog is hilarious. I always have a great time reading your posts 🙂

  4. You know, the lyrics remind me of a spiritual successor to Nanchatte Renai, when taken into context what both are talking about. XD But whereas Nanchatte was all about indulging in fake love but wanting to have more, Kimagure was all like “I’m hot and I know it, but SOMEHOW I’M ALONE!”. There seems to be a running theme here. Hmm. XD

    Oh and that was a fun review. XD Did you laugh at the video as much as I did? Because while yes, the girls were hot, but at the same time the whole thing was somehow hilarious. XD Agreed, Aichan’s vocals are much love, and yes you’re right, she looks thinner and more drawn out here. She needs a break. :/ And now I’m rambling. XD

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