Nanchatte Renai – An Acquired Taste?

My initial reaction to the youtube radio rip of ‘Nanchatte Renai’ by Morning Musume was pretty much “…”

I honestly didn’t have a reaction at all, except maybe a mild “Oh…there’s a rap…kinda.” Then I saw the pv which for Isilie always means capping.

Let me guess: Makes you think of Roman My Dear Boy and/or Memory Seishun no Hikari?  The setting maybe…the song itself is a different story.

As I was saying, when I first heard the song it didn’t give me a strong reaction either way. That’s unusual for me. With Momusu, I always end up liking or not minding (HA) their songs, unless it’s instant love. Even if the reaction is a “oh this is kinda ok” at least that is something. Really all I got from hearing this was, “…”

Resonant Blue was instant love. As for One Day was instant love. Aruiteru initially made me think, “meh” and after awhile I started thinking, “damn this song is vlcsnap-2947128amazing”. With Mikan I sorta liked it, then one day I listened to it and found something beautiful there. It was sort of like that with this song.

I don’t know if I’d call it amazing, or beautiful quite yet, but for this group it’s extremely interesting. The piano is pretty  and I am thrilled to hear a rap moment there. Momusu hasn’t done rap in a single since…well Do it Now, isn’t it?

Is it odd that I’ve now name-dropped exactly eight singles in one entry (including this new one)?

I like this group way too much.

Once I know the translation of the lyrics, my opinion will really solidify. Until then, all I have to go on is how it sounds and looks. So shallow opinions are on the way. And lots of caps.

There are some great moments here.

So the dance:


So we got some ballet going on? You can tell Takahashi’s had some experience, while Winky’s a bit stiff. It’s so funny to see ballet in this setting.


What a great (lackof) expression on Winky and Mitsui.
“That was a spin…yep.”

The dance is hard to figure out as usual. But lately they seem to have them doing a lot of weaving in and out, spinning and then posing. It’s irritating, but I always want a dance to be more energetic. That’s a huge bias of mine. Not every dance can be or should be Tokaikko Junjou (I love that dance). This dance suits the song…from what little I can see anyway.


I love LOVE Niigaki and Michishige in this cap. Niigaki’s just getting herself swept away, while Shige tries to rap.

Momusu clearly is not used to rap moments. Winky stop your damn jazz-hands thing! I don’t know what she’s doing, but it looks really stupid, even when it’s not frozen in a cap. Takahashi, seems concerned about her mini hat.

Enough with those already. Give them proper fedoras. It’ll be hot.

Is there a person alive who couldn’t look good in one of those?
Just saying.

The raps aren’t too bad. Junjun and Linlin manage some attitude, as does Shige. Turning twenty has done wonders for our Usa-chan. Mitsui and Kusumi go for it, but still sound kinda like stiff three years olds.

Mitsui is intriguing me more and more lately. She has all kinds of expressions. She’ll go from absolutely adorable, to the extent that I beg her to stop (because I’m the kind of freak who yells things at the tv or computer screen when I feel the need), to being her old-granny-self, to being slightly bratty to being like she is in this cap.

I’m not even sure what that expression is. Granted, it’s in the middle of a line and screencaps can be very unfair (see any concert cap of Winky – sometimes they’re downright unfortunate), but I saw the same hint of bad-ass-ery in the last two pvs too. I think she’s really interesting. Not my favourite singer or performer, as she often fades into the background to me, but I’m interested in knowing more about her.

Koharu is really interesting lately too. I think stopping her insane anime show has really set her free. Think about it – she got tied to the Kira…rinrinsugarcrackwhateverherdamnnamewas image and so for a couple years she had to always be crack-tastic. I’ve said before that I didn’t think she could sing, and at the time it was true, but I think now that she’s able to just sing and doesn’t necessarily have to overdo it to maintain the image. She can slow down and really try to sing.

I’m not saying it very well, but what I mean is now she can be Koharu. Back when she first joined, I thought her voice was interesting. Right now, it’s still pretty weak, but it’s interesting again. I read another blog that mentioned she sounded like Ishikawa and I definitely hear some of that.

Some times her crack-tastic voice works, like in Guruguru Jump. I liked her a lot in that song. I’d like her to keep developing. It’s like she got stalled in the Nutjob persona. I feel like she’s growing up lately.

I acknowledge that Nutjob probably is that sort of character naturally. Everyone says she’s ‘noisy’ and such. BUT I do think that she was under pressure to always be a certain way…like a cartoon-version of herself?

Ah, I’m going on too much about her. Enough already, let’s move on.

Let’s look at some pwnage.


Linlin and Junjun = fierce. Almost inappropriately so. At least it comes across that way in the biased world of capping.


What the hell happened to Mame??? Seriously. What is she on lately that she’s so amazing? I mean, she’s alway sorta bubbling with joy at being able to perform, but she’s also randomly sexy-as-all-hell, ala this cap.


Yossy + Abe + Iida Kaori’s 1999 bangs = Niigaki lately.




Look! I’m being nice to Nutjob! She gets a pwn cap!
This little moment of hers was great…I couldn’t even really capture it.
It honestly was. Her dancing is not insane at all…for once.




Junjun and Kamei = making turning-around-then-posing sexy again.


Notice also that the expression is almost identical. Even the tilt of the hat.


Being nice to Winky too…she’s hot in this cap. This is the one moment in the pv where she didn’t annoy me, where she looked awesome and not the same as usual. Finally, she’s posing without looking like she’s POSING.




Man, this pimp gig is tiring…I’ll just hang out by this window and be AWESOME.

Yes. I’ve become rather a Junjun fangirl. At least I’m not mashing the keyboard, ala Yossy.


Linlin is an amazing performer.
Best of all she’s a complete freak.

I love the fact that it’s impossible to really get a handle on her personality, that she’s so clearly talented but modest enough to have no idea about it and that even when she gets maybe three cursory close-up shots per pv, she manages to pull out awesome expressions like this one.

Even though I love the ‘outdoor’-ish setting here and some of the interesting things they tried with the girls posing in the shadows and things…the lighting was annoying at times.

I mean, capping is biased, as I’ve said, because it can unearth really unfortunate moments that you’d never see normally, but even so, I found some things a little creepy about this video.

Firstly, the moments when the girls are grouped together, just looking at the camera as they sing.


Takahashi = totally absorbed.
Winky and Nutjob = pissed as hell.

It’s like one of those ancient photographs back when one had to sit perfectly still for four hours (exaggerating, but it was a long damn time to sit still) . The picture turned out well, but everyone looks miserable.

I’m sure Takahashi could hold this expression and Mitsui is taking it easy back there, but crack-tastic and posing-machine are NOT INTO IT.


Junjun and Linlin = they’ll @*&%$*% kill you.


Koharu looks like such a diva. “Tsch. I don’t need this crap, I’m freaking Kirarinrinsugarcrackwhateverthedamnnameis!”

It may be harsh to call it creepy, but really I think any moment where people are just looking at the camera and mouthing words with no expression is creepy enough without putting them half in the shadows.

The lighting makes it seem like they’re suddenly in prison. Well-dressed, certainly, but pissed and evil.


Michishige: “I know everything about you, Mr Bond.”


Kamei: “Do you like daisies? I plant them but they always die…”
(Kudos if you know what show that quote is from)


…I’m sorry, she just looks like a granny who has to pee really bad. The prison lighting is BAD for that costume. JUST LET HER GO TO THE BATHROOM!


Niigaki is preparing the rack. Someone has been naughty.


Michishige – she’ll @^&%*$# kill you.


Takahashi is so innocent. She has no idea what dastardly things are going on.


I couldn’t find a cap of Winky that didn’t look horribly blotchy (IMO) or make her look insipid in this lighting.


BUT: As far as the song goes, I am extremely annoyed that my favourite part is probably the moment just before the rap that is entirely Winky’s line.

It’s really cool and suits the squirrelly thing she does perfectly.

Does this humble me a little? No. It just pisses me off.

Grr! I wanted to complain!

If you’re going to put them in the shadows, just do it. Don’t place half their face in the sun, especially if they’re all in black and white. In Roman ~My Dear Boy, they all had different outfits in the shadowy moments. Somehow it makes a difference.

I did like the sillouette moments. Some of those worked really well.

I tried to get a best-shot of each girl, but there were times when I wasn’t sure who it was I had capped.

So let’s play Who is this Musume?


Takahashi or…Linlin?


No wait. This one is Linlin.


Michishige or…Niigaki?


Definitely Kamei.


Definitely Junjun…and also AWESOME.


I honestly have no idea who this is…Linlin???

Whatever. Even if the girls had no idea how to pose, these moments were pretty.

And now the illuminated version.

Pre-crack Koharu…#$%*&@# unhappy.


Kamei…injured her neck.


Riida…always so damn serious.
She looks beautiful, but you can’t stop the drama.

Mitsui…making sure her head is screwed on right…she looks pretty scared.


Winky…posing. At least there is no side-fro.


Linlin…happy to no longer have the sun in her eyes.

Shige…looks fragile…


…but will @#$*&^% kill you.


Say it ain’t so, Shige-chan!!


It’s too late for me…after what I did to Mr Bond…


Look, look! Kamei’s going there too!

So yes. Let’s try and wrap this up, shall we? I’ve not talked about the song that much in all my capping frenzy, but in my defense, there are always so many awesome things happening with these girls that I don’t think one can blame me. I did warn you that the most I could talk about without knowing the translation would be shallow things like, “the lighting makes them look creepy at times” or “enough with the mini-hats”. In terms of the music itself, the title of this post might make it seem like I don’t care for the song.

Since it’s Momusu we’re talking about, you should never assume I don’t like the song. If it’s them, I’ll end up liking it (with the exception of things along the lines of Rainbow Pink – Rainbow 7’s incomprehensible sugar/crack/pink fest that no one will ever convince me to take seriously). It’s just that with this particular song, it took a few listens. I think I needed to get used to it. There is a certain flavour to Momusu singles that is always present. I wish I could describe it for you better. Though, if you’re a fan, you probably have some sense of what I’m referring to. This flavour is something that always hooks me. It took me awhile to find it in this song.

I think that’s what it was.

This song is different for them. Everything feels just a little bit understated, like they’re toning down the uber-pop and trying to make things a little more up to date. Not that this isn’t completely a Momusu song. You wouldn’t see something like this outside of H!P…I find it hard to gather my thoughts completely. Like I said, once I know the lyrics, it will be easier. I say it’s ‘an acquired taste’ because I had to listen to it a few times before I could feel anything about it.

And that’s really weird.

The lyrics to the last single really made me think. That’s probably what will happen with this one. Maybe Shige really does want to kill Mr Bond and the rest of them are just trying to get her to stop.Maybe it’s another one of those mature love-is-ending songs in which no one is actually tortured on a rack (and Kamei can successfully plant daisies). Either way, the video has lots of sexy moments, some scarier than others, and a dance that is interesting and makes me want to see the rest of it.

But, hey, don’t I always say that?

There is something really cool about understated lighting, but I don’t think anyone looks good in an abandoned factory with a giant studio light shining directly in her face. That would piss anyone off.

Am I wrong?


5 thoughts on “Nanchatte Renai – An Acquired Taste?

  1. The silhouette you weren’t sure of is Reina! I’m pretty sure, anyways…

    I’d say more, but I’m sleepy… -_-lll

  2. Actually I translated the lyrics on my own and it’s actually pretty meaningful in a my-life-is-meaningless sort of way. And I’m explaining it badly. Lmao.

    Great caps and captions though. XD Definitely liking the lighting too.

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