Isilie Rankings~~

What a surprise...all from Momusu
What a surprise...all from Momusu

Thanks Hello!Blog. This poll seems like a lot of fun.

I don’t think I have time to explain my reasoning behind all these choices. The first two should be obvious to anyone who has ever read any post in this place. With the rest, I think the girls speak for themselves, Yaguchi being my hero, Yuuko being generally bad-ass (and classy as all hell) and Niigaki being Nacchi-the-Second.

Yossy pwns all. Always. She will always be my favourite…if I could be half that cool…



Abe’s the only soloist in H!P whose albums I would happily buy. All of them. I love her voice. And I love that she’s motherly and sweet, but just a little scary.

Although, Takahashi and Kamei were a surprise even to me. As I was choosing I realized how much I really like them both. Takahashi seems extremely modest even though she’s basically a powerhouse and has one of my favourite voices in all of H!P. Kamei is getting more and more gorgeous, both in her appearance and dancing, but also in her singing. Her solo on the new album is wonderfully soothing. Also, she just seems very weird and down-to-earth. She’s the kind of person I’d want to go have tea with to relax.

Kemeko, Rika and Konno. Need I say more?

Choosing wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.
I pretty much knew it would all be from Momusu.

What can I say?


One thought on “Isilie Rankings~~

  1. What I can say is that your blog has instantly moved to the top of my favorites 😉

    As much as I might like the other H!P groups, my 10 favorite members could not come from another group than Morning Musume.
    In my opinion MM. has had the best singers and personalities. It helps that the girls were more often put forward on TV shows etc, but no matter how you look at it, they were chosen to be in MM. because they had something more in the first place (be it cuteness, genkiness, dancing skills, personaility) [and I am not denying here the soloists’ singing skills, I just want to point out that MM. girls are more “likeable” in general].

    And btw, I recently watched the early episodes of “Until the bus comes” and Yossie was hilarious as the returnee student with her weird english. Check it out if you haven’t already ^^ Another proof of Yossie’s greatness.

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