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I won’t cry, actually…

Because Naichau Kamo’s pv really kicks.

Yes, even with Winky in the center, yet again.

It’s honestly freaking me out that I pictured these exact costumes, right down to those awesome boots. When I saw the preview, I did a double-take.

“Wait…those white jackets…the fishnets…this is what I pictured!!?”

H!P is an interesting place.

I don’t have a problem with line distribution here, unless we want to open the whole underused-8th Gen can of worms. I don’t think I need to. It seems the policy with this version of Momusu is that if you don’t get a whole lot of singing lines, you pwn everyone with your dancing.

Case and point?


bad-ass pwn!

I’m-hurt-but-will-kick-your-ass pwn!

Ok, so that last cap wasn’t the dance, but hey, basically whenever I saw her she pwned my socks right off. It was the closest I’ve ever been to keyboard-mashery for someone other than Yossy. That takes some doing.

Admittedly this newfound love for Junjun has come from viewing the recently subbed AloHello3 (which you should all watch – thanks to the subbers also, you guys rock!), where she just reminded me so much of Yossy, I couldn’t believe it. She’s very much her own person within the group. She’s goofy, but classy. Cute, but beautiful. Skinny, but healthy.

Her dancing was just a lot more focused and sharp in this pv than I’ve seen in others. My eyes were consistently drawn to her.

They should always keep her hair down. Always. The side-ponytail makes her look less mature than she is.

In terms of Winky rantings, I don’t really mind her as a lead, because I resigned myself to the inevitability of it long before I even heard the song, and I love the song, even so. That being said, I’ll complain about one thing and then say something nice.

One thing:
Side-fro and loopy-heart earrings…AGAIN!

I know this is a shallow thing to complain about, especially when I adore these costumes, but why does Winky always look exactly the freakin same?

Ok, maybe her company won’t allow her to finally try something new with her hair. Maybe they won’t allow her to get rid of the two ponytails or the side-fro she seems so fond of, because it’s “her image”. But honestly, she’s getting older now. Every single one of the girls has changed her hair at least a little. Here’s an idea: just wear it down for once. I think she’d look gorgeous with her hair just simply out of ponytails.

She’d definitely look more mature.

Ok. To make this fair, the good thing:

In her crying shots, she looks absolutely wrecked.

To put it another way: someone has just killed her puppy.

This will sound ridiculous coming from someone who complains about her so consistently, but I really appreciated her crying shots. They seemed very genuine. So much so that I got a lump in my throat at one point.

So kudos to Winky for that.

Although, this moment made me laugh really hard:

Wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! I wanted all the lines!!!

I love how she scrunched up her face a little bit. Way to go, Winky.

Also doing well at crying? Takahashi.

But really, is that surprising?

Who hurt you!?? WHOOOOOOO!???

Man…this woman is gorgeous, no matter what expression.

And I love her hair. LOVE it. I will always love her short style.


Let’s look at how the others do at this crying thing, shall we?

Kamei – the dreamy, melancholy look, a la ‘As For One Day’

Michishige: the ‘I’ve forgotten my umbrella and I’m cold’ look

Aika: the ‘that’s a damn shame’ look


Nutjob: the crack-free and surprisingly distraught look


Linlin: the ‘ouch my heart’ look, a la ‘Shiawase desu ka’
(also: she always reminds me of Ayaka…always)


Mame: the dazed ‘communicating’ look, a la Iida Kaori

So, within all these variations of sad, we get a pretty good variety of expressions. I think everyone did their best and it was great to have three different perpectives, including the dance-shot.

I like the dance, but it took getting used to. At the outset, I was kinda bewildered by the clapping, (copy Irroppoi Jirettai much? ) but it’s grown on me. There’s actually a lot of variety in the dance, as far as I can see. Even with the simple movements, there’s a crackling of energy that I really liked.

I found myself staring mostly at the right side of the dance-shot. So these girls in particular, although the girls switch around a lot:

pwn, pwn, pwn, SUPER-pwn!!!

As expected, Takahashi made it look very cool and Eri pwned her arse off. What was not expected was Junjun knocking me over with her cool-ness. As a lead, leader is always cool. Eri pwned her line to bits. It was the line that I thought was Winky, but to my pleasant surprise, it wasn’t.

I find Michishige really cool in this also. The smart, smart girl finally gets her solos in this. And you can tell she’s satisfied.

“Hells YEAH I got solos! Take that bitches!”
*Junjun is focusing her ninja power right now and cannot answer*

Mame and Linlin, although I love em, didn’t particularly stand out to me in this one. Neither did Nutjob, although she was nicely and appropriately reserved this time around. You can’t win em all.

Aika deserves a mention though.

Is…that a corset on our little Mitsui??

I don’t know why, because you barely see her in the dance-shot and in the crying shots, she looks more like she’s disappointed in someone than heartbroken. However, the tiny tiny girl looks awesome in this outfit. And I love her hair this way. Her face while she’s dancing seems a lot more confident and definitely more at ease with her surroundings. Attitude is always a good thing.

It would be really interesting if she turned out to be this huge brat, cause she seems loveable anyway.

These boots are yum.
I want them.

Random Shots:

*la sigh*

Step off…for I am a NINJA!
*her power is now focused and ready*

Where everyone slowly creeps away from Nutjob…
“Ah! I’ve been caught!”

So all in all, as per usual, I like this pv. I like it a lot. They don’t have a huge budget, I assume, but they’re being creative within their limits.


I want a danceshot now. And the single.
Gotta wonder what the b-side will be like. Hopefully we’ll have another Kanashimi Twilight on our hands.

Momusu and the gangstas…WUT!


7 thoughts on “I won’t cry, actually…”

  1. Usa-chan: Nutjob is an affectionate nickname…I swear…;P

    SxY: Thanks! It *was* awkward. I thought she did well, but when I capped that picture it just looked so much like five year old about to throw a tantrum that I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Daki-Suki: Thanks!

  2. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I’ve always loved Junjun, but after Alo-hello3, she SHOT UP to my top 3 momusu girls. Just like that. That girl is officially, my new best friend. She’s hillarious, and cracked me up when she was speaking english, and then “hohoho”ed about it, haha.

    But your PV review was great, I was laughing through the entire thing~ And I agree with you on everything. I was surprised by Reina’s acting, and not surprised but still impressed with Aichan. The girls looked great, and the PV was good! =D So Good review! ❤

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