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In which Isilie is worried about Naichau Kamo~





So these are the costumes we can expect for the new single from Momusu.



I don’t think they’re that bad, with the exception of these things: Linlin’s little-miss-muffet hat, Mame’s ill-advised bow, Ai’s scarf (I just don’t get why it’s there) and Winky’s giant shirt with a belt.

[You don’t need a mumu Reina, you’re tiny. If anything you need to eat some bacon before somebody splits you in half.]

Everyone else looks great. I really love Aika’s hat and pose. Dare I say it, she’s getting a bit more attitude? Eri is just gorgeous. I don’t know what it is with her, but she’s just pwning all the time now.

So, even with seeing these costumes and pretty much feeling that the song is epic, albeit unevenly distributed YET AGAIN, I’m feeling more anxiety than anticipation for the PV.

The thing with hearing the song first and THEN seeing the PV is that I’ve now gotten a pretty good idea of what I’m wishing for. This song doesn’t seem to really remind me of anything. It probably should, but it really doesn’t.

That’s what I loved about Resonant Blue; it didn’t sound like anything I’d heard from Morning Musume before. I still think the “dakedo, ne ne dakedo” part is rather epic even though I’ve now heard it about a hundred times. I remember it hit me like, “fua! what’s that??” and I loved it instantly.

Say what you will about the original “pv” of RB, but it suited the song. The heavy eye makeup, the black costumes, the (duh) blue tinge of night…it was all good. And with all the other versions floating around, it just got better. My favourite is still the in-studio version. There’s something wonderful about the sunset feeling of that and how each girl really seems to be in her own world, concentrating on her own things.

vlcsnap-443606The theme of loneliness and isolation really hit me more as I watched more versions of it. It seemed like H!P was finally trying to be creative with their limited budget. Also, I enjoy when PVs have some sort of story and though you may have to dig a little deeper into it, I think the RB alternate PVs really do attempt to tell some little stories about each girl, or as the case may be, all of them together.

Also: tell me that actual eye makeup does NOT suit the group.
I’m not sure you can.

vlcsnap-5413901With Pepper Keibu, they sort of went back to their super-pop roots (if you will) because I’m sure Tsunku is a little busy with all the things he must be doing to prepare for the massive graduation that is the Elder Club. I think there was something about Mame and Ai being that drama as Pink Lady, but I saw it, and they were in it for maybe TWO minutes. And they didn’t get ANY dialogue at all. So really, they had a cameo, which does not require them to do a single + album to promote such an appearance.

I do love their version of PK, even so. Like I said in the post, the PV suited it just fine. And I enjoyed the Cover You album, with the exception of a few songs. Izakaya and Dou ni mo Tomarenai kick so much ass it’s not even funny. I LOVED actually hearing Junjun and Linlin at long last. Linlin’s voice is lovely. I can’t think of a better word than that. Junjun is stronger than you’d think. I can tell she loves singing. I just can.

So that being said, I was sure they’d get more lines in this song. At least ONE line even, where they weren’t smushed together so that neither voice really stood out. After the awesomeness that were their solo’s in ‘Ame wo…’ and even as far back as Onna ni Sachi Are, it’s a travesty that they get NO SOLO LINES OF ANY KIND in this song. None.

Michishige does get some solos, probably because she complained on Music Fighter quite seriously. She’s a smart girl. I’d like to think Eri does, but it’s probably Winky.

I love Ai’s voice. I really do. And Winky the squirrel is getting less and less like a squirrel. I don’t hear Nutjob at ALL which is a change (and a pleasant one).

But line distribution aside, as it will always be an issue that will be complained about far too much, I love the song.

To put it bluntly though, I’m worried that the PV will ruin it for me. I’m expecting something so epic and suiting the mood of the song. I’m expecting a kick ass dance, where Eri pwns her ass off and Ai makes even the weirder moves look cool.

If I get something like Mikan, that just makes no freakin sense and completely changes the mood of the song…

nai chau kamo.
I really think I will.

I realize I’ll probably like whatever it is, cause I always seem to. But as the selfish fan that I am, I really want something I can love straight away.

I’m feeling hopeful with this version of Morning Musume. I feel like their sense of unity is getting stronger because they’re been together for, I think, two or three years now, with no member changes. Apparently that’s never happened in the history of Morning Musume. Apparently there was always someone leaving or joining. I never knew that.

So can they carry off the image I’m wanting for this song?
I think they could…I just don’t know if they’ll get a chance to.



2 thoughts on “In which Isilie is worried about Naichau Kamo~”

  1. I completely agree! This song was so epic the first time I heard it, but i couldn’t imagine a full dance that could go with such a demanding beat…so I’m hoping a dance takes a back seat to an actual PV concept…MM hasn’t really released one of those since KT/Aruiteru
    I just the PV to be as epic as the song…I remember completely hating Osaka Koi no Uta at first because I hated the seemingly random PV

  2. I know what you mean. That pv still makes me go, “what? is this the damn ballet??” It’s a great song and the video just made no sense.
    I love danceshots so I’m kinda hoping there is one, but yes, concept pv would be much more interesting.

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