Hangry/Angry = a supreme wtf…

…Or is it really just a supreme FUCK YEAH?

Let me explain in more decent language.





As you can see, by my header, I quite love these costumes. Really anything that Yossy wears is great because I am spectacularly biased, but I honestly think both of them pull this off. Yes, even Charmy.

Let me preface the rest of this entry by saying that I know nothing about the Lolita/Punk/Goth “culture”. Frankly, I think the Lolita character is pretty much the worst person you could base your clothing/personality on. Has anyone actually read that novel? Read it seriously? Goth fashion is nice, as is punk, but again, in terms of culture I know nothing about it. So I cannot comment on whether people can seriously pull off the look based on personality.

They look good. That’s where I’ll start.

I cannot say whether this venture is a bad idea for Yossy and Rika. Really, anything that H!P does nowadays could be called a bad move, simply because no one can possibly determine what the Japanese public will like.

Seriously. I mean, how can Nutjob (Koharu) sell MORE than Morning Musume? How can people adore her and ignore people like Nakazawa Yuuko, who started the whole damn thing in the first place? In terms of songs they liked, ‘Aruiteru’ was a number one, and rightly so, while ‘Mikan’ (see this post) didn’t really make much of a dent (and I adore that song now).

This kind of reasoning really only applies if we’re basing the ‘goodness’ of an idea like H/A on how much money it will generate.

I despise that sort of crap.

Yes, it is only pop music.
Yes, it is first and foremost a business.
I understand that.

BUT as a fan, I don’t care if lots of other people want to buy it. I care that the song is a good one, that it says something to me, that the people involved are giving their best performances (or at least trying – which is the best one can hope for in some cases)…I will never stop/begin loving a song or trying out a new group simply because of sales. I do realize that good sales will keep these artists in the public eye. [I’m not a freakin moron] It’s naive to think that sales don’t matter at all. I just think that judging something new and different because it may not sell is…well, just complete crap.

The other objection people have had about this is that the image is not believeable at all. I mean, it’s Charmy, right? The addition of her just seems silly, next to Yossy. It feels almost contrived, like she’s latching on to someone yet again so they can have another thinly vieled excuse to put her in the spotlight – like Biyuuden was always about putting Rika in the center…this should not be another Rika spotlight. Yossy can pull off this image, of course, but we don’t want to see her get pushed to the back.

This is a bunch of CRAP.

Grrrr – it’s DAMN CRAP!!! @#^%& panda!!!

It’s Yossy! Yoshizawa Hitomi. She’s been rivals with Rika since they were 15 and she has always always held her own, even when Rika went insane (around the time of the Icecream/Pudding song) and started doing her manical grin every eight seconds (Maybe she’s the one who gave Koharu all the crack-?). There has never been a time when Rika was overpowering Yossy. Not completely. And certainly not since about 2005 when the pwn-age of Yossy became almost overpowering.

So we’ve got two different but equal partners, who get along fantastically, despite their differences. We’ve got completely different images from their H!P counterparts and we’ve got a different style of song. The disadvantages appear to be that it may not sell and that the clothing style that it is trying to sell doesn’t appeal to everyone.

It’s not H!P, so I can’t blame Tsunku. It looks like if anything goes wrong we’ll have to blame the girls themselves. This seems very much to me like something they both decided they wanted to do. Did they know that all of the OG was getting [fired] released from H!P? Did they plan this well ahead of time so that they’d jump headfirst into a new image that they’ve maybe been wishing for since they both graduated from Musume? Who know? All I do know is that they are taking risks and that is something that H!P has really stopped doing.

I love that they are doing something so different. It’s just what I’d expect from Yossy. As far as Charmy goes, I have no idea if she can pull off such an image. So far, she looks good. 

Actually, I really do love pandas – but don’t tell Hangry!!

Rather than this being something completely out of the blue for her, I think in a way this is keeping with her image. From the start Yossy has been the kind of person that people want to follow and Rika definitely followed her in many ways. If you look at it, they’ve worked together almost non-stop, even when Rika was no longer in Morning Musume. They were either in the same concerts, or the same plays and when that was no longer the case, they were in Gatas together.

I’m not suggesting Charmy does not make her own moves at all, or simply follows where Yossy leads. She’s definitely her own person with her own goals.

I’d like to think it’s as simple as the two girls liking each other. They have great chemistry together because they have such different personalities. Yossy is the one who more obviously takes risks and isn’t afraid to do so, but I think that Rika, in her own way, has always jumped headfirst into new challenges, just like Yossy. How many girls would say, “why the hell not?” when faced with that bunny costume and go on to enjoy the hell out of shooting what could have been a terribly embarressing pv? I have always admired that 4th gen spirit of “why the hell not! let’s try it”.

So let’s try Hangry/Angry, shall we? Let’s see how it goes.

Be excited. The spirit of the 4th Gen keeps on going! XD


2 thoughts on “Hangry/Angry = a supreme wtf…”

  1. I can’t really se this being a long term thing. Matsuura’s done her share of endorsements. It does show off their versatility as entertainers. They were raised well in MM. 4th gen was the last to have Nakazawa as leader^_- As for Charmy, we need a balance. Just think of Ishibashi with out Nakai or Noritake.

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