H!P, Morning Musume, pic spam

Remember this?

I’ve been blog-surfing for most of this unproductive morning and I’ve landed on True Life Seek. I’m enjoying it immensely, but as a result of some spectacular captures, (and because anything is better than writing an essay) I am now in the mood to post some pics. Some of these are from various places, but most are from TLS. Kudos, btw. Love your blog.

Let’s start off with a punch.

LOVE MACHINE, bitches!!

This picture makes me so happy. Particularly because it looks like Winky is going to recieve a very emphatic elbow.
Right in the back of the head.
Don’t mess with Yuuko’s spotlight.

Anybody remember when Nutjob was just plain adorable?

Remember when Eri got so sodding hot?
Seriously, when was it?

Remember when Yuuko was the pimp of Musume?
Yes, she is looking where you think she is.

Yossy still takes the title.

Remember when people’s last singles rocked this hard?
And we had Nacchi and Kemeko to classy-up the place?

Remember people who weren’t afraid to tell others they were disgusting?
No words are neccesary. Just a look of supreme, “wtf?”

And finally, don’t mix Nacchi with whiskey.

You gotta love it.


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