And why do Morning Musume look so incredibly pissed??

Yes. My sub-leaders post has been delayed.
Stop glaring at me!!!

About this pic…Mako, Konkon and Eri…I’m a little scared of them. Winky just looks confused and Miki can’t seem to get over how awesome she is (check out that smirk she’s got going on).

Tsuji and Yossy are just plain punk, but Rika can’t quite make it. She looks like an old man.

Gaki, back there, is a little frightened with all the tension… Especially since Michishige’s face is basically saying, “Hey you! I’ll kill you!!” in a really rough, slurry accent.

Kago and Yaguchi seem to be the only ones with some semblance of calm.
And I can’t figure out Kaori at all.
It’s like someone just shook her really hard and now she’s going, “Why’d you shake me??”

This is a great capture.
Kudos to whomever got it.

Roman ~ My Dear Boy is a kick ass song. I’m rediscovering how much I love it. I’ll post something soon.

Which songs are giving you strength right now?


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