The Shifty World of ‘Buono!’

Just in case any of you doubted that Buono are the bad-asses of H!P’s anime sect, observe their new video where these part-time gangsters play bad-ass games like Jenga.

The loser has to go make pancakes with Kirarin…a fate worse than death…
She won’t even let you eat them!!! NOOOOooooooooooo…

This video and song ‘Gachinko de Ikou’ is pure win.

I don’t even know why I like it. As with most H!P videos, the ones that try to have some sort of plot, it makes no sense at all. They frolic around a band and then suddenly they’re playing cards and etc in a dark room in gangster wear. I love those costumes actually, but that doesn’t mean that it makes any sense. Maybe I’m just not getting the title? Apparently, in their spare time, Buono likes to gamble…in a cute, we-just-got-into-high-school-squeaksempaiisoverthereyatta-way. 

Buono has always blended so well, but as with certain voices in Momusu (namely Miki – you could always always tell when it was her line), Miyabi sounded just a little bit stronger than the other two. Now she’s toning it down it seems and the lines have a certain softness that they didn’t before.

Buono initially made me really happy. I came across ‘Honto no Jibun’ quite by accident and liked it right away, in spite of myself and my absolute fright of H!P kids. To this day I still can’t take Berryz or C-ute entirely seriously, but I’ve always liked Buono. With their next two singles though, I was bored. On the album, some of the songs were really good, particularly ‘Last Forever’, I just got bored fast with the Rider song and Kiss(x3) I didn’t even listen to for more than a moment. Also, if they talk about ‘kokoro no tamago’ once more!? I might destroy something. I see that line in just about every song of theirs.

You’re young and CHO-innocent.
If you’re trying to overemphasize that fact, then maybe you shouldn’t have taken their hair down for this one, eh? Maybe you should have skipped all the kanashimi-twilight knock-off costumes for their last couple singles, eh? They cannot pull off Yossy.

I think they look so much better now that they’ve lost the damn pigtails.

Especially Miyabi (at the end). Her red/brown hair kicks so much. [When Yossy has red hair, I unashamedly girl-crush like mad. What is it about red-hair anyway?] She looks much more mature. Momoko (middle) tends to always look like a five year old, as does Airi (is that her name?). I can take that, because unlike Nut-job (Kusumi) she doesn’t sing like one.

Their voices are gorgeous to me in this song. Pure pop. It’s not really that different from everything else they’ve been doing since they started, but I’m not bored with it somehow. That’s the real shifty-ness for me. They aren’t innocent and then punk – they make me amazingly genki and then just…bore me.

Like these costumes a lot:

Still freakin’ children, but at least we got Miyabi’s hat.

I was going to do a much longer post, with screencaps, but since the tracker copy refuses to work, we’ll have to be content with you watching it yourself.

I’m off to don my fedora and cheat some tweens out of their candy – Jenga is totally my game.

Let’s end this with the real Yossy, shall we?



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