H!P, Morning Musume

Curses: A sign one has too much time to spare…

The infamous ‘Love Machine’ curse.

I forget how this goes exactly. I think something like, because Sayaka and Aya are on the end, they’re the first ones to go. Then goes Yuuko and Goto. The “safe” side is apparently the left side, as those four were in Morning Musume the longest.

But beware the right side of the cover!!
*cue jarring chord*

I started thinking about this curse when I noticed something about the placement of girls on the cover for ‘Manatsu no Kousen’.


Notice how Abe, Yaguchi, Iida and Yasuda are off to their own side once again?

*jarring chord*

Also notice that Aya and Yasuda are slightly cut-off, indicating that on the unsafe side, she’d be gone first, but on the safe one that Yasuda would be teased mercilessly. Notice that Sayaka and Yuuko are close to each other, indicating their friendship in real life. In fact, maybe they were lovers. You can tell by the impish looks Sayaka’s giving the camera…little minx. And look how happy Kaori is, because she’s placed above everyone else. We can tell she’s liking the superior feeling because her bangs are still in that severe line. Abe is smirking to indicate that she pwns this song no matter how tall Iida is. She’s in the middle and slightly apart from the rest of them. This indicates that she is still the most popular. Yaguchi is slightly perturbed because she’s at the end, which is never a good sign and might possibly indicate that she will someday ‘fall off the edge’.

*pauses for breath*

OH! What about this one!??

Notice how Abe is on there twice!? She’s cut off on the one side, only indicating that her popularity has been cut in half by the arrival of Goto who is in the center. Yuuko and Sayaka are still going strong, but it looks like they might be having a fight on this particular day, as Yuuko looks rather angry and Sayaka is refusing to look at her. Yuuko is clearly thinking about leaving the group because of this, but Sayaka is saying “not before me, wench!” Then there is Iida who is just plain pissed that she’s in the background again, even if she is still the tallest. Yasuda is happy not to be on the end, but notice how different her clothing is from everyone else. The black and white pattern suggests that she is probably colourblind, which is why she’s being covered up by Goto, who is about to punch the photographer who keep orchestrating these bizarre messages….

*thinks a moment*

Wait a sec…

This is stupid!

The people on the covers are arranged the way they are because the photographers did it. Not because the company got together with psychics and predicted who would bite it first and then acted accordingly.

Calm down, people.

But over analysis is fun, ain’t it?
I think I’ll go see what the cover for ‘Furusato’ can tell me.


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