H!P, Morning Musume

It happened one morning…

The oddest thing happened when I was on my hellish bus trip the other day. When this happened I was listening to some H!P as the sun came up.
It had been a long night. I was reaching the end of my rope. I cannot sleep on a bus to save my life and I’d been travelling since the night before. I slumped against the window, flipping through songs that I’ve heard a thousand times, looking for something to pic up my spirits a little…that’s when ‘Mikan’ came on. I sorta shrugged and thought, What the hell. I haven’t heard it in awhile.

I listened to it once. Then again. Then again.
And I’ve come to realize that as a song, Mikan RULES…

…they just did the PV wrong.

You see that delightful picture of Morning Musume laughing together? Granted, Koharu has apparently been at the crackpipe again, but the rest of them have obviously found that hilarious. This sort of picture makes me happy. It looks unposed, spontaneous and sweet.

Which is what the PV should have looked like.

When I heard it that morning, watching the sun come up, I didn’t suddenly see a bunch of girls in silver suits, prancing around a giant tangerine. I didn’t see them at all, really. I got lost in the song itself.

If you listen closely, there is a lot going on. Even though Koharu still can’t sing and Winky’s still crackling away, they’re both drowned out by harmonies that are fuller than I’ve heard from these girls in a long time. Near the end, someone in the back begins to sing a refrain (it’s very faint but lovely). It’s one of those songs where their feelings reach me…whether the girls believe what they’re singing or not, they must have been feeling something because it was there. Did I mention the harmonies? I’m sorry, I can’t get over them…

The PV…what is Tsunku on? Does anyone in the WORLD know where he gets this stuff?

The green screen and the very VERY choreographed dance is fine now and then, but matching outfits – AGAIN? A giant tangerine floating somewhere in the back? Baby pics of crazy-ass Winky with her beginners fro?

What we needed for this PV, or what I have decided would be better (let’s be honest here, this is entirely my own opinion), is something along the lines of ‘Aruiteru’. Get them outside. Maybe at a carnival. Have them interacting as a group, doing silly things. If you must have the windmill dance, then have them meet on stage at the end of a lot of hijinx and do it.

Granted Winky would…wink. Ai wouldn’t really know what to do with herself and Koharu would just plain have a seizure, but wouldn’t it be so much more fun?

And dim the lights a little! My word, that PV is is bright! Yes, it’s a bright kind of song, but come ON! WE CAN SEE THEM ALREADY!!!

The slight dimness of early evening is what they need for this song. It worked for ‘Aruiteru’. They didn’t need floodlights and reflective uniforms for that one. No dance-shot either. They all just got together at the end and rocked out. It seemed spontaneous. It worked with the song.

Why the obsession with the dance?

Besides, Tsunku has done other editions of PVs before. ‘The Manpower’ anyone?

So have the regular mischief-at-the-carnival one, then dance-shot it up to your hearts content. But let us have something real for once. I’d like to see them just be silly together. Genuine. Having all this green-screen, windmill craziness just makes it look like one big cartoon. It cheapens it a little.

Just listen to Mikan again, without watching the PV. Listen for the harmonies. Pay attention to what they’re trying to put across. Maybe picture them outside, being friends, instead of posing idols.

I’m telling you…it’s something special.


3 thoughts on “It happened one morning…”

  1. That picture is beyond adorable. It’s… happy-making. Yes. I made up a word using two preexisting ones, yet it’s not a portmanteau.

    And the answer to the crazy PV is that Tsunku can afford better drugs than most.

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