My insomnia is Resonant (whoa, whoa)

So it’s about 7AM and I’ve now seen the PV for Momusu’s ‘Resonant Blue’. And by seen, I mean repeatedly.
Far too many times. 

When I first heard ‘Mikan’ last year, I remember being happy with it. The PV was all bright and airy and I didn’t mind the green screen overuse. Nor even Winky’s last obnoxious “CHANCE” complete with eye twitch. I felt a nice rush of old Musume, the kind that bombarded you with ‘genki’ in a way that didn’t induce violence. For example, Go Girl Koi no Victory makes me feel happy, while Kirarin (Kusumi the nutjob) makes me want to hurt someone.
Which is terrible and why I avoid her.


Mikan made me happy and still does. So why do most people say that it bites? Well, anything sucks when you compare it to the so-called Golden Age and how much they sold/rocked back then. If you just look at it on its own, Mikan has a nice melody, some nice positive lyrics and an incomprehensible dance with matching outfits.
What more can we ask for from Morning Musume? Isn’t that basically what they’re all about?
Sure it was a rather generic offering but at least they aren’t singing about pizza and convienience strores anymore. I adore ‘The Peace’, but you and I both know that song is ridiculous

And now, we have Resonant Blue.

I hate that the preview was on Winky’s show, because for weeks I’ve had to hear her voice before and after my crackly radio ripped version. I listened over and over, trying to skip her, cause the song seeped into my head and I was humming it all over the place. I got the same excited feeling I had when I first heard Mikan with this. I got it for a different reason though.

I really, really like this song.

And I like it because it is nothing like what they have done before. It doesn’t remind me of anything Momusu: not Egao Yes Nude, or Summer Night Town (the two songs that are most often associated with it), not the same kind of rage as Onna, or Kanashimi, although the attitude is there.

It feels like a song written for this new line-up. It’s not trying to be an old Morning Musume song, like Mikan was, or unsure of exactly where it wants to go, like Onna.

After seeing this PV, it feels like they made it theirs.
They made it theirs because they like it.

And that makes me feel like in some small way they are united again. Morning Musume is their baby now and if they want to last another ten years they have to keep putting their all into it. That sort of feeling is what has been missing since Yossy graduated (and Miki decided she’d had enough).

That being said, I ACHE for Yossy to be in this PV. I really do…

On with the obsessive review! Forgive me, I’ve had to screencap from a subtitled version. So bonus! Free random lyrics for y’all!
Thanks to agreyrainbow from Hello!Online!

Is it just me, or does our little Aika look disturbingly emo?

After this first shot, that’s pretty much the last you see of the 8th Gen, with the exception of a few blurry, cursory shots halfway through. Granted, this is annoying, but they did this same three-people-leading-everyone-else-just-dancing-around-them-singing-‘whoa’-thing in Mr Moonlight, which was kick-ass.

This overabundance of Winky, Nutjob and Takahashi (I’ve got nothin against that one) doesn’t stop Niigaki and Kamei from rocking the hell out of each line they have.


I didn’t know which one to watch….they both just….wow. Everytime they jumped into frame and started with the hair flipping it just made me so happy…

Kamei has a wonderful way of flipping her entire head to one side and the resulting wave of hair is impressive. Niigaki on the other hand keeps reaching for the sky in frustration, which is also wonderful.


And apparently it’s very loud…

What I love most about Niigaki in this PV is how much it looks like she’s loving every second. She’s almost always in the back (even though she’s the freakin subleader) but she milks every little “whoa yeah” she has. The smile on her face during the dance interlude reminds me of Yossy at concerts every time I see it; it’s that unabashed enjoyment that makes me like her more and more.

And her “oooh baby” kicked Ai’s ass.
When I first heard the song I thought that was Ai and I was so very very happy to see it was mame…

Actually, it looks like everyone is enjoying things. I know Winky is, pouting and scowling and trying to be all yanki again. Ai does that sort of thing anyway, because she’s a little too serious. I gotta say, I love her new look though. Short hair makes her seem like she is actually 19, rather than 12. Everyone else who comes into shot just looks so happy that they get to look cool for once.

Now what is really interesting is that I thought even Winky looked good.
The costumes flatter everyone. Even the emo, Aika. I knew there was more going on underneath that constant smile…

I pretty much expected the lines to be given only to Winky, Nutjob and Ai. The only thing that really started to bother me about the three leads was that Winky is paired with Ai far too often. I’m sure that in real life (not the obsessive mind of a fan) the two of them get along really well and hang out a lot because they are the same age, blah blah blah…


1) I’ve said this before, but NIIGAKI IS THE FREAKING SUB-LEADER! Why the hell is she always in the back??
2) Niigaki is also the freakin same generation. They’ve known eachother so long they probably think a lot alike…and that has nothing to do with anything but dammitIwantmyfifthgentogether!!
3) Fifth gen were there before the reign of Winky the attention-whore. I keep wanting to just reach into the screen and shove her out of the way.

That’s right.
Just scowl on out of frame…

Ahem…where was I…

The dance. I love this dance. Most of it is them just picking a beat and rocking out with it, except for some air-slapping and this nifty little odore-morning-curry-tour-esque part in the middle:

odore, odore, mor…*cough*

Then they proceed to rock again:

woohooooo!! *flail* *flail*

Overall, I don’t have many complaints. Most have to do with the lack of 8th gen, too much Winky, why the hell they gave Nutjob the center AGAIN and…no that’s pretty much it.

Don’t get me wrong, Winky sounds good! She looks great. There are only a few moments when her side-fro makes her look like a grandmother with a bunt cake on her head.

Ai freaks me out a little during the middle dance…

Leeeedaaa dessssssssssu….mwahahahahaaaaaaaa

But other than those things, I don’t care that the PV is basically a dance-shot. I prefer dance-shot versions for most of their songs anyway. And for this particular song I don’t think you really need too much else.

I really hope they can sell this one. Even if they don’t I hope it at least makes them love what they’re doing again. Sometimes you do get to sing something you actually like in a costume that is actually flattering.


I don’t want them all to end up like Miki, who I don’t mean to pick on, but really, you get the sense with her that she liked being an idol until Tsunku put her in the group. Then she slowly became incapable of taking it seriously anymore. In her last few years in Morning Musume it was like she had to restrain herself from strangling everyone, except Yossy.
Good thing Yossy was there….

But if Morning Musume continues in the Mikan way, where they have to be excited about singles that even they don’t like, then of course they’re going to hate it.

I hope Resonant Blue sells a lot and gives this group the kick-start it needs.
And I don’t mean in a “hooray for money” sense.
I want them to love their job.

I also hope that Niigaki and Kamei get a duet or something on the next album. That pairing really works for me, purely because of this PV.
It’s like they got together before the PV shoot and said, “Ok, this is the Reina/Ai show, but this song is great anyway, so let’s just dance the crap out of it!”

And so they did.

Break down that wall, baby!


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