H!P, Morning Musume

Hajimarimasu, ne?

It’s time to start this thing. I had no idea how to really, so I just went into dork-mode and thought about why I like or dislike certain H!P people. Forgive any awkwardness in form. I am entirely new to WordPress. 

But this is my fourth blog, so I should pick things up pretty fast. 

And now
…my top favourite and top, uh, unfavourite of all H!P women: Yossy or Yoshizawa Hitomi and Winky. Also known as Tanaka Reina.

I may rant a LOT about her…

First, Yossy. Yossie. Yocchan. Yoshizawa-san. HITOMI CHAN!


I have to allow myself a moment to squee over this picture….
Random Isilie trivia: Yossy and I have the same birthday. She’s just a year older than me.

In all seriousness though, Yossy is the person who has stood out to me the most over the two years I’ve been into H!P. I got into it really late in the game. The first pv I ever saw by Morning Musume was Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari and the first person who caught my eye was Mari, for her presence and then her kick-ass dancing. But suddenly I was drawn to Yossy. I started searching for her in every subsequent song, watching everything I could that featured her. I’ve followed her since about December, 2005.

I could bore you all day, preening about how lovely she is and why she’s so damn “kakkoiiii!!!”, but in the interest of not alienating you, let’s do this properly.

My Reasons
1) Her confidence.
This is what makes her attractive in more ways than just one. Look at how she’s developed.  She accepted the fact that she was basically labelled the “manly” one, because she likes sport and is more composed that most, and she used it to distinguish herself from everyone else in the group. I’m sure that it was limiting, but I think she rose above it.  Notice how she hit 20 and suddenly everyone finally noticed how damn sexy she is? She became a beautiful, sophistocated woman, as well as being the sporty-leader.

For some reason, that inspires me.

2) Her voice. Self-explanatory. Just like it.
3) Her performances.
I think it was towards the end of 2004 that I noticed. It was like something held her back before and now it was gone. She kicks the ass of so many performances because she loves it so much. She cannot stop grinning. I find that so endearing. Also, I love how much I see her engage with the audience. It’s like she can’t take her eyes off them, while so many others are searching for the cameras…

And now…

Squirrel-singing, Winky. Ahem. Tanaka.

Ok, I have my reasons for my dislike of Tanaka. Dislike. Let’s not confuse things. I don’t hate her. Her presence does not cause me to projectile vomit (or else my viewing of makings-of would always end in disaster) and I don’t think she’s necessarily a bad singer/dancer.


I always forgot and continue to forget that she is there.
That, and she annoys me when I do notice her.

I’m serious. I’d watch any given Musume PV and see her pop up, then go, “Oh. Her. Which one is she again?”

I didn’t dislike her initially. She’s just become so grating that I don’t have the patience to sit through a Making-Of and watch her fondle her sparkly hair and wink, while ignoring the younger members she should be putting forward (I wanna see more 8th Gen!!).

In the beginning her voice was such that I forgot she was there in a song, but I enjoyed how clumsy she was when talking in TV appearances. For instance, on two separate occaisons she manages to insult two of her senpais – calling Kaori “not cute” and Konno “chubby”.

Now she must have been nervous, so I doubt she was trying to really insult anybody, but the fact that she’d try to ramble her way out of it made me laugh. It was funny. Endearing, almost.

And then came Otome Gumi.
And the squirrel singing.

Her voice annoyed me so much in Ai no Sono (although I love that song), that my support always went to Sakura Gumi. Also, they had Yossy and Nacchi (who I can post about later).

Then with the winking. The constant, uncalled for winkage.


Reina also really needs to stop camera-whoring it up in the making-ofs. Honestly, we CAN SEE YOUR HAIR HAS SPARKLES. It did last time. WOW! Unfreaking REAL!


I’m sure many people love Reina and think Yossy is awful. More power to ya. In fact, to please both Reina and Yossy lovers, here is a pic from Kanashimi Twilight (a largely underrated song and PV). Thanks to whichever site I got it from…


Sexy, non?

3 thoughts on “Hajimarimasu, ne?”

  1. i love it to death i am quite found of her by the way your bro plays the music videos over again and again. Anyway i love the blog keep up your sense of indeoendence

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